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The Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service has officially released the 2015 KCSE Candidates placement list for Meru University of Science and Technology


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MicroNet is software developed by Eric Kirimi (Left) and Kelvin Kipruto (Right) which helps you in controlling and billing your customers for the Internet usage. MicroNet does not require any Client software installations. It uses captive portal technology to show login page in customer browser. Upon connecting to your network (using wireless cards or UTP cable), …..Read More


Sheila Nyaboke(Left) and David Kanjiri(Right)  have developed an innovation to cater for the rising motorist accidents in Kenya due to poor reflectors on their motorbikes and poor lighting systems on the Kenyan roads. The LED Cloth Ware became a promising project as to cater for the lighting problems experienced; with this the motorist will be identified from a far……..Read More


Reporting Date for KUCCPS Students 6th Sep 2016








Continuing Students Reporting Dates 8th Sept,2016









Sensor based Automatic Irrigation System

A team of technology geeks from Meru University of Science and Technology has developed an automatic irrigation system that uses soil moisture sensors to detect when the soil is dry so that the system can channel water to crops and when enough water has been delivered the system can shut down the water supply. A farmer can ……...Read More

Electronic Device for Real Time Monitoring of Crop Disease and Pests

A team of scientist from Meru University of Science and Technology has developed an electronic gadget for real time monitoring of crop diseases and pests in the field. The goal of the device is to alert a farmer during the onset of a crop disease or pest attack. The alert signal is in form of a sms message to his/her mobile phone..……Read More

Raspberry Pi Project

Meru University of Science and Technology won a KENET Raspberry mini grant. This project is geared towards using a credit size gadget called Raspberry Pi (RPI) to teach computational units in the university.
About the Project
Project Presentation Report at Safari Park Hotel-Nairobi
Other information about the project

Smart Home Automation Kit

A team of technologists from Meru University of Science and Technology (MUST) has developed a home automation kit dubbed “Smart home” capable of monitoring the status of appliances installed in either residential or business premises and remotely notify the owner when something is wrong through his/her phone ……Read More

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