2020 Orientation Vice Chancellor Message

Prof. Romanus Odhiambo, Ph.D Vice Chancellor

Matriculation Speech


  • Email: vc@must.ac.ke
  • Address: Meru University of Science and Technology O. Box 972- 60200 Meru Kenya

main administration block


  • The Deputy Vice chancellor (ASA), the DVC (AFP), registrars, deputy registrars, deans and directors, heads of departments, faculty, members of staff, Matriculating students, Parents, guardians watching us from home, ladies and gentlemen. As we officially begin the academic year 2020/2021 we welcome to this induction. It is a great honour and privilege to greet you on this occasion

Meru University Location

  • Meru University of Science and Technology is the only public University in Meru County whose location is at the center of Kenya
  • This is on the slopes of Mount Kenya: the second highest mountain in Africa after Kilimanjaro and is the source of the name of the Country Kenya
  • The climate is favorable as it is neither too hot nor too cold as temperatures range from 26o to 12o
  • Part of Meru County is on the equator. We have beautiful scenery, great forest cover, clean air and many more positives.
Scenic Meru County

Scenic Meru County

Meru County Infrastructure


  • It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to this 2020 matriculation ceremony of the Meru University of Science and Technology.
  • This ceremony, marks the official entry of every student into a higher institution of learning and serves to admit every deserving and qualified student who has been offered admission to this esteemed institution.
  • This is the first gathering I will address you specifically as a group of students in the same cohort. The next time this will happen will be when you are graduating and leaving the university.
  • I am excited to welcome you to our great university. Congratulations to you for earning a place in this prestigious university.
  • Many of you present here today selected Meru University of Science and Technology and we want to thank you for this and reassure you that you did not make a mistake.
  • Here, we practice very high standards of professionalism both in academics and in your social welfare

Mission and Vision MUST

• Vision: A world class University of excellence in Science and Technology.
• Mission: To provide quality University Education, Training and Research in Science Technology and Innovation.

Core values:

• Competitiveness
• Integrity
• Professionalism
• Quality
• Innovation

  • You have a great adventure ahead of you
  • You will be taught in a novel manner with teaching methods that involve both face to face and online instruction. This is largely due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic
  • You will come across a wide range of activities on and off the campus
  • You will also be exposed to opportunities to explore areas completely new to you


MUST offers various academic programs at Ph.D., Masters, Bachelors, Diploma and Certificate level distributed across the following 8 (eight) schools and one directorate.

1. School of Agriculture & Food Science
2. School of Business & Economics
3. School of Computing & Informatics
4. School of Education
5. School of Engineering & Architecture
6. School of Health Sciences
7. School of Nursing
8. School of Pure & Applied Sciences
9. Open Distance and e-Learning (ODeL)

Study Programs
Market-driven Programs at Various Levels

Program Number

Gateway into the University

Teaching and Learning rooms

Food Science Complex

Tuition Blocks

The Library


  • 1500 sitting capacity
  • 20 seater resource user capacity
  • 24,750 print books,
  • over 100,000 e-books
  • 38 databases for e- journals

Nursing Labs

Academic Community

• The academic community you are entering is truly broad and collegial
• MUST is defined by people who care deeply about each other and also care about the world they live in.
• We also take great pride in the academic vision and mission and core values of the university
• Ensure to work closely with the community both near and far from the university

Other facilties

Innovation Centre

Food Science Lab


Strengths of the University

• Adequate financial management system
• Organization structure is clear
• Courses offered are accredited by the CUE as well as the relevant professional bodies
• Clear understanding of the requirements of the stakeholders
• The programmes on offer at the University have clearly formulated learning outcomes to meet the expectations of the stakeholders
• University has a budget for research activities
• Well established system of internal quality assurance

Word of Encouragement

• I would like to encourage you to put your academics first at all times because that is the main reason why you are here.
• Work hard, strive for excellence and do all in your power to become a real professional.
• That way, you will be making not only a name for yourself but also for the university.

Research and Innovation

• Any university is judged by the quality of programmes as well as the kind of research and innovation outputs it has.
• We encourage you to ensure you participate in research as well as innovation.
• We have an innovation centre at the university which was put up for us at a cost of Kshs. 100 Million by the Chancellor of our university Dr. James Mwangi.
• Make use of this unique asset that you are lucky to have


  •  As I conclude, I would like to let you know that, our purpose as the Meru University of Science and Technology is to equip you not just with education but with something broader.
  • We will equip you with a deep curiosity, the spirit of intellectual inquiry, and the resources to make you go out into the world and make a difference.
  • It is now up to you to take up all these.
  • Thank you and may God bless you

Vice-Chancellor’s Message (PDF Version)