January 20, 2020 to January 25, 2020

The department of Physical Sciences is planning to hold a 5-day workshop titled “Hands-on Training in Astro-physics” from 20th to 24th January 2020. The keynote presenters are Dr. Rosa Ma Ros Ferré, Dr. Ederlinda Viñuales Gavín and Prof. Mirjana Povic, scientists from Network of Astronomy for Schools Education (NASE), based in Spain. The workshop is aimed at equipping final year physics students, invited secondary school physics teachers and MUST physics lecturers with hands on skills in:

  1. Assembly of basic apparatus used for space observation – model telescope.
  2. Astronomical image data reduction techniques
  3. Scholarships, fellowships and grant opportunities in physics and astrophysics

Additionally, the guest presenters will assist in development of the M.Sc Physics curriculum in the area of astrophysics.

Contact Persons

Dr. Julius Ratumo Toeri

Dr. Dismus Simiyu Wamalwa