1. Mr. Abkul Orto 2012 Designing and implementing an architecture from delivering mobile information services to the pastrolist communities of Marsabit County Staff 368,500
2. Dr. Guyo Huka 2012 From herding to commerce: Investigation into pastrolists youth enterprises sustainability challeges in Marsabit County Staff 233,750
3. Dr. Charles Ibuathu Njati 2012 Youth unemployment in Kenya: possible case of poor response of youth employment programmes to the demands of the job market Staff 209,000
4. Mr. Victor Mugambi Akwalu 2012 Group farming: effect on farm productivity and incomes: Case of small holder farmers in Meru North District Kenya Staff 299,750
5. Mr. Kenneth Munene Mbae 2012 Potential role of kachumbari offered by roast meat eateries in transmission of pathogenic enteric bacteria Staff 500,000
6. Mr. John Paul Syaywa 2012 Group screening with generalized mixed models: Application to infectious diseases(HIV AIDS) Staff 341,000



1. Ms. Cecilia Wanjau 2014 Insects pests and diseases of (Catha edulis) (Miraa) in major growing zones of Meru Staff 349,624
2. Dr. Eric Mworia Gituma 2014 Identification and evaluation of tomato root stocks resistant to bacteria wilt (ralstonia solanacearum) Staff 311,150
3. Mr. Peter Biu Ngigi 2014 Assessment optimization of dietary selenium intake in Mt Kenya: Exploration of Bio  fortification as a solution to the’ hidden hunger’ Staff 412,000
4. Mr. Bernard Mwai Wahome 2014 Developing appropriate nutrients enriched substrate for  green house tomatoes Staff 498,080
5. Dr. Kennedy Gachoka 2014 Biological characterization of sweet potato white fly populations in Meru County Kenya Staff 400,000
6. Dr. Rebecca Ebere 2014 The association between diet and the risk of diabetes in Amagoro Division Busia County Staff 349,060
7. Dr. Domenic Sammy Kiogora 2014 In activation and repair threats of enteric pathogens following UV disinfection in artificially contaminated water Staff 399,480
8. Dr. Maryjoy Kaimuri 2014 Epidemiology of hypertension and its associated risk factors among women of reproductive age on contraceptives in Meru County Staff 341,190
9. Mr. Syaywa John Paul 2014 A study on academic performance of University students: Meru University of Science and Technology Staff 150,000
10. Dr. Sarah A. Wandili 2014 Prevalence, genetic diversity and antimicrobial susceptibility pattern of non typhoidal salmonella isolates from Meru Level 5 Hospital Kenya Staff 400,000
11. Ms. Caroline Karani 2014 Effect of Lifestyle factors on prevalence of metabolic syndrome among adults in North Imenti constituency of Meru County. Staff 229,360
12. Dr. Robert Muriungi 2014 Evaluation of performance and cost analysis of low cost parabolic solar concentrators. Staff 249,795



1. Mr. Rukariah Joel Mwenda 2016 Development and analysis of Biogas-Solar hybrid for powering centrifugal water pumps Staff 435,000
2. Ms. Eunice Kinanu  Mboroki 2016 Barriers to uptake of prostate cancer screening among males in Central Imenti Staff 280,500
3. Mr. Daniel Maitethia 2016 Computer vision kit for real-time detection of crop pests and diseases Staff 498,500
4. Dr. Robert Muriungi Gitunga 2016 The use of simplex-centroid designs in formulation of optimum dairy meal concentrates Staff 343,795
5. Prof. Gabriel Mbugua 2016 A pilot study to investigate the extent of cancer cases in Meru Staff 469,758
6. Dr. Elijah Walubuka 2017 Analysis of the effectiveness of recruitment and selection practices on the performance of the public universities in Kenya Staff 500,000
7. Dr. Hilda Omae 2017 Readiness for computer based teaching in lower primary schools in Meru County Staff 500,000
8. Dr. Eunice Marete 2017 Research and research output in universities: A case study of Meru University of Science and Technology Staff 387,000
9. Dr. Rita Lyria 2016 External environmental factors affecting growth of MSMES by entrepreneurs with disability in rural areas in Meru County Staff 499,000
10. Dr. Ibuathu Charles Njati 2017 Uwezo funds usability by women groups; overcoming the constraints Staff 500,000



1. Mr. Daniel Maitethia 2017 Photoacoustic modulated optical scattering (PAMOUS) technique for in vivo malaria diagnosis Staff 500,000
2. Mr. Richard Kirigiah 2017 Growth yield and quality of transplanted baby corn(zea mays L) under varying agronomic conditions in meru county Kenya Staff 489,000
3. Ms. Mary Walowe Mwadulo 2017 A decision support system to aid supplier evaluation and selection process; case study of ministry of health Meru County Staff 320,000
4. Dr. Guyo S. Huka 2017 Effect of business training inputs on attitudinal changes towards business culture of trainees of Isiolo County Kenya Staff 499,700
5. Ms. Florence Mwobobia 2017 Development of value added camel milk products to enhance food security in arid and semi-arid areas Staff 515,844
6. Mr. Joshua M. Thambura 2017 Evaluation of food security in agro-ecological zones in Meru county Staff 500,000
7. Dr. Kennedy Gachoka 2017 Morphological characterization if Bemisia Tabaci WHITEFLY populations in Meru County Staff 498,600
8. Dr. Cynthia Nyambura Mugo 2017 Evaluation of medicinal properties of Chia (Salvia Hispanica)extracts Staff 439,200



1. Prof.Peter Masinde,

Mr. Bernard Mwai,

Mr.  Peter Biu

2018 Enhancing Production and Nutritional Quality of Vegetable Crops through use of Fortified Biochar Staff 1,812,800
2. Ms. Munene Halldess Nguta 2018 Influence of corporate governance on financial distress in SASRA regulated Sacco’s in Kenya Staff 500,000
3. Dr. Hilda Nyougo Omae

Dr. Kageni Njagi

2018 Role of teaching practice fostering students teachers’ self -efficacy Staff 500,000
4. Dr. Joseph Mwiti Marangu 2018 Effects of selected bacteria on performance of limestone calcined clay cement Staff 500,000
5. Dr. Ibuathu Charles Njati


2018 Enhancing business ventures in rural areas of Nyambene region through women entrepreneurs


Staff 500,000
6. Dr. Gabriel Waweru 2018 Impact financial outreach on financial sustainability of savings and credit cooperative societies in Kenya. Staff 500,000
7. Ms. Beatrice Sauline Nyakira 2018 Effects Cutting Intervalg on Nutritive Value of Sorghum-Moringa Oleifera and Sorghum-Gliricidia Based Silages Staff 500,000
8. Mr. Anthony Muriungi Mugambi 2018 Effect Of Ownership Concentration And Firm Size On Firm Value

With Intervening Effect Of Dividend Policy: A Study Of Firms At

Nairobi Securities Exchange

Staff 500,000
9. Mr. Kipkorir Kirui,

Mr. Joshua Thambura

2018 Effect of Storage Period and Temperature on Quality Parameters for Liquid Organic Fertilizer from Mexican Sunflower (Tithonia diversifolia Staff 500,000
10. Ms. Esther Waithira


Dr. Eric Mworia

2018 Profiling of Biochemicals in crude extracts of warburgia Ugandensis  active against phytophthora infestans and alternaria solani in tomatoes Student 500,000
11. Ms. Esther Muriuki,

Dr. Joshua Arimi

2018 Use of Mobile Health (mHealth) Technology to introduce nutrition at early childhood in Kenya Staff 484,490
12. Mr. Mwenda Johnstone Gichuru 2018 Determining the changing role of information and communication technology for competitive advantage in hotels in Meru county Staff 499,000
13. Ms. Cecilia Wanjau 2018 Isolation, Characterization and Potential Biocontrol of Plant-parasitic Nematodes of Finger millet in Meru and Tharaka Nithi Counties Staff 499,999
14. Dr. Mohamed Shano Dawe


2018 Leveraging NHIF uptake for pastoro-nomadic communities: a case of pastoro-nomadic communities in marsabit county Staff 500,000
15. Mr. Oliver Libese Lideke


Dr. Eric Mworia

2018 Use of Warbugia ugandesis extract as a soil fumigant to control bacterial wilt in tomato Student 499,965
16. Mr. Francis Karanja Waweru


Dr. Eric Mworia

2018 Comparative studies of three plants extracts obtained from Azadirachta indica, Plectranthus barbatus and Datura stramonium in the control of late blight (Phytophthora infestans) in tomatoes.


Student 499,750
17. Mr. Eli Kang’aru 2018 Portable Computer Network Engineering Lab for Competency Based Curriculums Staff 496,990



1. Dr. Fredrick Ojiambo Obonyo 2019 Studies on prevalence and molecular characterization of toxoplasma gondii infection in domestic donkeys from Meru and Tharaka Nithi Counties, Kenya Staff 500,000


2. Dr. Rebecca Ebere 2019 Glycemic indices of thick porridge (ugali) meals prepared from various raw materials:  Which one for diabetics? Staff 500,000
3. Dr. Joshua Arimi 2019 Development of a complete meal from indigenous under-utilized foods to fight food insecurity Staff 456,000
4. Dr. Mariga Alfred Mugambi,

Ms. Elmelda Atieno Awour,

Dr. Erick Otieno

2019 Evaluation of noise pollution Level and it effects on  “jua kali” industry workers in Homabay town Staff 500,000
5. Mr. Fredrick Gatobu,

Dr. Erick Awuoche

2019 Effect of nutritional knowledge, attitude, and practice of mothers or caregivers with children aged 0-5 years on malnutrition and prevalence. Staff 500,000
6. Dr. Richard Boiyo Kipkemboi,

Mr. Daniel Maitethia Memeu

2019 Real time Airborne particulate matter monitoring and detection of hazardous limit using low-cost sensor module in Kenya Staff 500,000
7. Dr. Cyprian Muturia,

Dr. Joseph Mwiti

2019 Effects Rice Husk and Wood Ashes on Physicochemical properties of Portland cement. Staff 500,000
8. Mr. Francis Hasborn Gatobu


2019 Influence of procurement process on the performance of public entities(A case study of Nairobi County Government) Staff 494,500
9. Mr. Samuel Kamau Maina SC410/3002/17,

Dr. Sarah Wandili

2019 Food quality and safety; PCR assay investigation of adulterated sausages and smokies in Meru and Isiolo Municipality Student 500,000
10. Mr. Zakayo Maingi Mwangi 2019 Characterization of non tuberculous mycobacteria among presumptive TB patients from selected high TB burden counties in Kenya. Staff 494,586
11. Mr. Patrick Mutharia

Geredine Jemuge Kandie (Post Graduate Student, MUST),

Dinah Moraa Ondari,

Isiah Kirimi Anampiu

2019 Evaluation of urinary tract infections and antibiotic sensitivity patterns among symptomatic male patients visiting Meru teaching and referral hospital, Kenya Staff 499,900
12. Mr. Michael Ngugi Mugambi,

Mr. Clarence Mang’era,

Dr. Erick Awuoche

2019 Effect of Genetic variability of Murraya Koenigii (curry leaf) tree from Eastern and Coastal Kenya on repellent bioactivity of plant volatiles to Anopheles gambiae mosquito Staff 500,000
13. Dr. Mutua Makau,

Dr. Naomi Kathure,

Ms. Mary Walowe

2019 A guided- crowdsourcing approach for breast cancer data and computer aided detection Staff 1,701,000
14. Ms. Elizabeth Kalondu 2019 Evaluation of laboratory presentation and clinical implications of anaemia in a well-characterized population of HIV-1 sero-positive individuals at a large HIV clinic in Nairobi: a Cross sectional Study Staff 493,000


1. Ms. Dorothy Kagendo

Mr. Brian Mwangi Machua

SC 410/3001/2017

2021 Characterization and antimicrobial profile of salmonella isolates from food sources in Meru municipality, Kenya Student 496,850
2. Ms. Rose Gacheri Ndegwa 2021 Exploration of the nexus of communication skills to productivity of automotive mechanics working in formal and informal garages. A case study of Meru, Nanyuki and Nyeri townships. Staff 500,000
3. Mr. Julius K. Ithai 2021 Financial constraints, firm size and investment cash flow sensitivity of non-financial firms listed at the Nairobi securities exchange Staff 499,000
4. Mr. Gervase Miriti 2021 Impact of covid-19 pandemic on maternal and child health (MCH) services in Meru County, Kenya Staff 499,700
5. Mr. Geoffrey BarongoOmosa 2021 Determination of Physio-Chemical Properties of Locally Made Ceramic Tiles Staff 500,000
6. Dr. Jane Rutto

Mr. Julius Mutiria Muriungi

2021 Physicochemical Removal of Selected Heavy Metals from Contaminated Water Using Recyclable Clay – Cellulose Nanocomposite Staff 1,000,000
7. Dr. Robert Muriungi

Mr. Kelvin Wanjohi Nyawira


2021 Modeling the survival of stomach cancer treatment patients using the cox proportional hazard model: A case of Meru County, Kenya Student 498,400
8. Dr. Julius RatumoToeri

Mr. Bethuel Kimani Kamau

2021 Effects of ternary binder on geotechnical performance of stabilized sub-grade soil Staff 1,000,000
9. Ms. Mercy Shidemburi Musungu 2021 Factors Affecting the Accessibility and Utilization of Information Resources in the Post Covid-19 Staff 500,000
10. Dr. Thiaine S. Kubaison 2021 Entreching public-private partnership in public schools Staff 500,000
11. Mr. Patrick Mworia Kireria 2021 Cutting Construction Costs with Scissors: Exploring Possibilities of Recycling Plastic Waste Staff 499,800
12. Mr. Nyabuto Onderi Andrew 2021 Effects of Aloe Vera Mucilage as a Superplasticizer on the Performance of Self Consolidating Concrete Staff 500,000





1. Mr. Daniel Mwangi Waweru


Mr. Kenneth M. Mbae

2021 Nutritional and Phytochemical Characterization of Dovyalis caffra and Dovyalis abyssinica Fruits Student 320,000
2. Ms. Peninah Ngugi


Mr. Richard Kirigia

2021 Participatory screening of selected sweet potato lines, (ipomea batatas (L.) LAM,), under varied soil moisture and nutrient management levels in the drier regions of Meru County. Student 390,000
3. Ms. Roba Qabale Tari


Mr. Simon Mirara

2021 Assessment of fecal exposure pathways in low-income urban neighborhoods in Meru, Kenya-sanipath study Student 350,000
4. Mr. Julius Munene Magana


2021 An analysis of the mediating role of Universities in the achievement of industrialization in Kenya. Staff 200,000
5. Dr. Florence Karimi Thiakunu 2021 Peri parturient diseases of the one humped camel (camelus dromedaries) in Northern Kenya Staff 400,000
6. Mr. Clinton Nyakang’i


Mr. Pius Kanda

2021 Utilization of avocado (P.americana) seeds waste as a source of starch for food products and other applications Student 400,000
7. Mr. Oselu Stephen Owino


Ms. Jacqueline Mwikali Peter

2021 Development of a functional beverage infusion using underutilized herbal plants to boost food security, well-being, and good health Student 350,000
8. Dr   Erastus S.   Mwangi 2021 The effect of purple tea extract activity on metabolic syndrome Staff 450,000
9.  Mr. Lalai Samuel Ntongai 2021 Animal monitoring and tracking system Staff 250,000
10. Mr. Charles Kinuthia Mugi 2021 Effects of quarry dust on performance of hollow interlocking concrete blocks Staff 400,000
11. Dr. Halldess Nguta Munene

Mr. Pius Kanda

2021 Value Addition and Commercialization of Tharaka Honey in Kenya Staff 1,200,000
12. Ms. Shalyne G. Nyambura 2021 Multiple change point analysis of the trend in Covid-19 infection rate in Kenya to evaluate the effectiveness of government policy measures for controlling the pandemic Staff 250,000
13. Mr. Ben Asiago Moywaywa

Mr. George Njeru Njagi


2021 Design, fabrication and performance analysis of a mixed mode solar dryer for black soldier fly larvae Staff 300,000
14. Mr. Rutere Yusuf 2021 Moderating effect of collaborative capability on the relationship between green supply chain management and performance of manufacturing firms in Kenya Staff 190,000
15. Ms. Jedidah Waithera Waweru


Ms. Cecilia Wanjau

2021 Potential of Bacillus subtilis Isolates in Biocontrol of Root-Knot Nematodes of Finger Millet (Eleusinecoracana L.) Student 400,000
16. Ms. Lorraine Moindi Amwoma


Ms. Lydia Kalachia Ngeera

2021 Assessment of hygiene and microbial safety of fermented beverages in Meru County Student 300,000
17. Mr. Josphat Kiplangat Koech


Ms. Jacqueline Mwikali

2021 Evaluation of beef safety in Meru County Student 350,000
18. Dr. Cyprian Muturia 2021 Development and Characterization of Geopolymer Synthesized from Volcanic Ash Staff 350,000
19. Dr. John Thuita

Mr. Walter Gitonga

2021 Blue economy: Evaluation of Trout fish farming as an alternative source of protein in Marimba, an upper cold regions of Meru county. Staff 350,000
20. Mr. Philip Kinyua AG502/200020/18

Mr. Pius Kanda

2021 Sustainable utilization of pumpkin seeds through nutritional profiling and value addition to promote food security and income generation in Kenya Student 350,000
21. Mr. Zablon Kimathi 2021 Green energy: Evaluation of possibility of producing biogas and biofertilizer from camel waste Staff 350,000
22. Mr. Joel Mwenda Rukariah 2021 Hybridization of solar and biogas energy sources to power 2

horsepower small agricultural machinery.

Staff 350,000