Meru Town Campus

MUST’s Meru Town Campus is located in Meru Town with the Campus’ main office at Hart Tower Building, Njuri Ncheke Street (Opposite Meru Police Station). The Campus has appreciable facilities necessary for both academic and administrative purposes. This campus serves full time and part time (weekend/evening) students.

The physical facilities and established offices include:

  1. 24 spacious lecture halls at Hart Towers, Alexander House and KCB Building.
  2. Library (at Hart Tower)
  3. Computer laboratory – with a capacity of 70 Computers
  4. Wireless internet

The following offices have been established and operationalised;

  1. Director’s Office
  2. Administrator’s Office
  3. Health Service Unit
  4. Student Counselling
  5. Student Finance
  6. Security

Currently the following programmes are being offered in the campus;

  1. Master of Business Administration
  2. Master of Science in Entrepreneurship
  3. Master of Science in Applied Mathematics
  4. Master of Science in Applied Statistics
  5. Bachelor of Commerce
  6. Bachelor of Business Administration
  7. Bachelor of Purchasing and Supplies Management
  8. Bachelor of Science in Public Health
  9. Diploma in Business Administration
  10. Diploma in Purchasing and Supplies Management
  11. Diploma in County Governance
  12. Certificate in Business Administration
  13. Certificate in County Governance

In addition, the Campus intends to roll out several academic programmes which include:

  1. KASNEB Courses (-ATC 1 & 11 and CPA Part I, II &III)
  2. Bachelor of Business and Front Office Management
  3. Bachelor of Science in Economics
  4. Bachelor of Cooperative Management

Short courses/Trainings will include:

  1. Leadership & management
  2. Environment impact Assessment & Audit
  3. Security management
  4. SPSS for project management
  5. Small Enterprise management
  6. Peace Building, conflict management and Resolution
  7. Corporate Leadership & Governance

Meru University Town Campus is geared towards offering courses that are highly competitive, affordable and adaptive to the changing market needs and trends. The curricula for the Programmes mounted at the Campus have been revised in line with the Education and Training requirements under the Social Pillar as envisaged in the Kenya Vision 2030.


Phone: +254 719575764