Research Projects

  • NRF Infrastructural fund- Regional Echinococcosis Research Centre – Principal Investigator (PI) Prof Japhet Magambo- 2019- 2020 KE 57,279,248
  • CESSARI-Project: Transmission ecology and risk factors for cystic echinococcosis in sub-Saharan Africa. (PHASE III)- 2015-2018 Prof. Japhet Magambo- KES 19,912230
  • Digital Pathology and Medical Laboratory Teaching – IDRC- PI- Prof. Charity Gichuki working with Mr. Mutharia- 2020 -2021 KE 4,117,920
  • Utilization of Health-Related Quality of Life Data to Assess the well-being of residents bordering Meru National Park, Kenya- RSTMH – PI Mr. Gervase Miriti- 2021 £5,000
  • Assessment of multi-institutional model for uptake of livestock input technologies to enhance production and marketing in ASALS 2019- 2023- World Bank- PI Mr. Kidali of KARLO working with Dr. Ruto- KE 17,433,966
  • Community Engagement related projects – Medical Camps with St. Theresa Mission Hospital
  • UTI among Asymptomatic Males at MTRH- MUST funded- PI Patrick Mutharia- KES 499,000
  • The Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Maternal and Child Health Services in Meru County, Kenya- MUST funded PI Gervase Miriti- KES 499,700
  • Characterization of non-Tuberculous mycobacteria among TB negative patients in Kenya- MUST funded- PI Zakayo Mwangi-KES 498,586
  • Characterization and antimicrobial Profile of Salmonella Isolates from Food Sources in Meru Municipality- MUST funded- PI Dorothy Kagendo- KES 496,850
  • Physiochemical removal of selected heavy metals from contaminated water using recyclable clay-cellulose nanocomposite- MUST funded – PI Dr. Ruto- KES 1,000,000