Research Projects

  • Development of point of care diagnostics for early breast cancer screening and diagnosis based on optical Nano-bio sensing by Cynthia Mugo (2020-2023) – National Research Fund
  • Understanding spatial distribution of epiphyllous bryophytes in Mt. Kenya for monitoring climate change by George Mugambi (2019) – National Geographic
  • Towards Circular Economy-Based Sanitation Provision: An entry point to Cleaner, Healthier Cities: Co-PI in a collaboration between Meru University of Science and Technology/Aston University, UK, by Mr. Domenic Kiogora (2021)
  • The effectiveness of education as an important vehicle for community empowerment on CO2 compensation projects in response to the Sustainable Development Goals by Domenic Kiogora (2021) – Engagement Global
  • Development of Value-added Camel Milk Products to Enhance Food Security in Arid and Semi-Arid Areas of Northern Kenya by Dr. Eunice Marete (2020 – 2023) – National Research Fund
  • Erasmus Exchange grant; Principal applicant and partner institution, University College Dublin-Ireland by Dr. Eunice Marete (2021 – 2023) – National Research Fund
  • Solar Powered Foot-activated Hand Washing Water Dispensers by Dr. Simiyu Wamalwa (2020) – IAU-OAD

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