In order to eliminate complaints from students concerning delays in updating of their accounts, students are advised to deposit their fees in the following two bank accounts ONLY and University pay bill:

a) COOPERATIVE BANK OF KENYA               A/C NO. 01129378440000

b) EQUITY BANK OF KENYA                           A/C NO. 1040297858661


The students’ accounts will be updated within 12 hours. Students who deposit their fees in any other bank should expect long delays.

Please note that Kenya Commercial Bank (A/C No.  1117775919) and National Bank of Kenya (A/C No. 01242039008700) have failed to implement our requirements to enable daily updating of students’ accounts. Consequently, the accounts for students who bank in KCB A/C No.  1117775919 and NBK A/C No. 01242039008700 will be updated after several days.


  • Before leaving the banking hall, ensure that the bank has captured correctly your NAME and REGISTRATION NUMBER.
  • When making enquiries about fees, students are reminded to ALWAYS include their name, registration number, date of transaction, amount, name of the bank, scanned copy of the letter from CDF (for CDF matters), etc.

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