Meru University of Science and Technology Family

Meru University of Science and Technology (MUST) is happy and honored to welcome all of the 1,499 students set to join our MUST Community. You are the reason this University is in existence; to offer you Quality Education.

Congratulations! Yes, we applaud you for working hard and getting to this point of entry into the University. We recognize the years of hard work and commitment. Meru University of Science and Technology is the University you want to be a part of. As a student in this institution, be assured that each and every day, you will be presented with the most suitable and effective environment for you to study and thrive in.

A MUST student is offered quality education in form of in-depth theoretical lectures blended with a hands-on training. We strive to ensure our graduates are ready for and relevant in the global market industry. As our graduate, you will have the skill set, nuance and commitment to furnish the world with lasting solutions to the challenges faced in line with your career.

The holistic approach is what this University believes in. Success should be achieved in and out of class. Nurturing talents is also one of our fortes. Sports, arts and STEM innovations are part of the various clubs, sports and societies you will have a chance to be a part of.

The University is currently celebrating our MUST Performing Arts and Film Association who shone our star bright during this year’s Kenya Universities Performance Arts and Film Association (KUPAA) festivals. The MUST Sports scene is vibrant and full of success stories. You will have the opportunity to join the roll-ball, baseball, hockey, swimming or any other sports team you are interested in. For the innovative minds, Meru University of Science and Technology is here for you. Our Chancellor, Dr. James Mwangi, in support of enabling the youth be innovators and entrepreneurs destined to take over the world, donated the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre to the University. This great facility offers room for students with innovative ideas to work on the prototypes and scale up the ideas to reality. Take a minute and visit our social media pages to learn more of what your future colleagues have been achieving.

As a University, our core values are embedded into the characters of our students. Yes, we already have expectations set for you. As you join Meru University of Science and Technology, we will nurture you to be professional, competitive and innovative with a keen emphasis on ensuring you uphold quality and integrity in all you do. A MUST student does not only get work done; he/she ensures that the work embodies quality and integrity.

We recognize that you and your parent or guardian have toiled to support you through the educational journey. Meru University of Science and Technology is ready to share your dream and more importantly, empower you to transcend the dream. Welcome to the MUST Family.