Meru University of Science & Technology Innovators Club holds Tech Talk on Google Digital Skills and Innovation

Meru University of Science & Technology Innovators Club held a Tech Talk on Google Digital Skills and Innovation. The event was graced by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic, Research, and Student Affairs), Prof. Gitonga Mburugu, and the Ag. Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Administration, Finance, and Planning) Dr. Guyo S. Huka.
Dr. Guyo, who is also the Director, Research, Development, and Extension, emphasized the importance of critical thinking and how to come up with Innovative ideas based on the four economic pillars of Kenya. He notified the students that the University had set aside funds to support innovative projects of the students at the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center. Dr. Guyo further informed the students that the University is ready to take their ideas to the next level through lobbying for external investors to invest in the students’ innovations.
The patron of the Science Innovators club Mr. Amos Chege was among the speakers of the tech talk who also shared the importance of creating strong networks.
One of the highlighted topics in the day touched on Women in Technology. Mrs. Dorothy Chege, a Lecturer from Kenya Methodist University (KeMU), gave a talk on the world’s view of women involvement in the field of technology. She mentioned a number of opportunities that are available for women. Mrs. Chege encouraged the ladies to embrace technology as there are numerous opportunities awaiting them.
In attendance, was a Google Digital Skills Trainer, Mr. Timothy M., who trained over 308 students on the digital skills. Students were taken through a wide array of distinguished ways to market or make money online through some of Google technologies and platforms such as YouTube, AdWords, and other internationally trending marketing skills. The Google Digital Skills Training awards students with a digital certificate.
During the closing ceremony, Prof. Gitonga Mburugu thanked all the facilitators for their wise counsel and students for participating in the event. He urged the students to seize the opportunities presented by coming up with innovative ideas and projects and promised of the University’s support towards innovations.