Directorate of Income Generation Units

  1. Functions of the department
    1. Planning, establishment and development of all income generating activities in the University.
    2. Management of University commercial facilities and all income generation activities.
    3. Preparation of concept plans and business plans for all income generation activities in the University for Approval by University Management Board and Council.
    4. Provision of strategic direction on improvement of performance of University income generating activities.
    5. Formulation of operating and financial policies and guidelines for all income generating units in the University and presentation of the said guidelines for approval by University Management Board and Council.
    6. Review of recommendations from departments regarding the optimum utilization of production units based in departments for training, research and production activities.
    7. Preparation of quarterly reports from all income generation activities and production units, and based upon these reports make recommendations regarding the operations of units.
    8. To deal with any other matters referred to it by the Council, University Management Board, the Vice Chancellor or any other University Committee.
    9. To mobilize resources to build the University revenue base.
    10. Commercializing innovations
    11. Performing any other function assigned by the Vice Chancellor
  1. Profile/biography

The idea of establishing the directorate of income generation unit was precipitated by diminishing capitation to public universities by the government of Kenya. Meru University of Science & Technology (MUST) continued to receive lesser capitation from the Government than its estimated expenditure, a trend which was expected to persist in the foreseeable future. This has made it necessary for MUST to consolidate income generating activities under the Directorate of Income Generation. The directorate employs various strategies in order to mobilize the funds required to supplement the running of its programs and activities. The strategies include: enterprising departments, commercializing underutilized sections eg Hospital & Farm, commercializing innovations and creating strategic partnerships with local and national government for symbiotic relationships. The university management provides leadership in income generation stewardship and establishment of partnerships with commercial organizations, international funding agencies and donors to mobilize funds.