Guidance & Counselling


To provide excellent advisory, counseling and guidance services that will enable students to achieve their academic goals and aspirations.


To promote and facilitate students’ personality, social and intellectual development to bring up a holistic person in a student in order to become responsible, accountable and of good character in future undertakings.
Guidance and counseling office basically helps the students to make mental, physical and emotional adjustments in the university and life. To provide knowledge, understanding and skills that are essential and help students to develop competences necessary in life.

The specific objectives are;

  1. To continue improving services given to the students.
  2. Bring up a holistic person in a student.
  3. Identify and assist students with different needs.
  4. Help students understand themselves in regard to social problems.
  5. Provide guidance and counseling on personal life in-order to become a well- organized and purposeful individual within and outside the university.
  6. Developing comprehensive guidance programs.
  7. Games and Sports

To climb and remain at the top in the provision of sports and games modern,
scientifically refined techniques through science and Technology as a centre of innovation.

To be a world class provider of scientifically refined techniques to students, staff and community in order to become world class sportsmen and sportswomen.

Main Objectives

  • To identify and tap talents in various disciplines both from the students and the community.
  • To technically refine in the way of training and coaching the already identified talents, with an intention of becoming national or even world class sportsmen/women.
  • To promote peace and unity among students, staff and community as they interact in sports.
  • Students, staff and community will be able to learn how to use the numerous sports facilities availed by M.U.S.T