The office of the Registrar, Academic and Student Affairs (Registrar, ASA) in Meru University of Science and Technology operates in the Academic Division, and is headed by Registrar, ASA. The division deals with two main matters, i.e. Academics and Student Affairs.

Staff working in the office of Registrar, ASA

  1. Stephen Karanja, PhD (Ag. Registrar, ASA)
  2. Lucy King’au (Administrative Assistant)
  3. Doris Kendi (Secretary)
  4. Japheth Karithi (Clerk)

Duties and Responsibilities of Registrar, ASA   

According to the Meru University of Science and Technology statutes the Registrar ASA coordinates the following functions and activities;

  • Academic planning and development.
  • Academic policies and procedures.
  • Teaching and training which includes planning for academic programmes, preparation of syllabi and their regulations, timetables, examinations, certificates, transcripts and graduation, library services, student attachment and training of academic staff.
  • Students affairs which include admissions and records, students’ welfare (recreational, sports and games), counselling and discipline.
  • Academic support services which include library services, co-ordination of the allocation of resources for academic purposes and safety in teaching areas.
  • Academic quality assurance that shall include issues such academic staff and programme appraisals.
  • Allocation of academic facilities such buildings, rooms and offices in the university as well as the formulation of the rules governing their allocation and utilization.
  • Provision and management of student health care services.
  • Provision of catering and accommodation services.
  • Providing secretariat to committees of Senate and other committees chaired by the Deputy Vice Chancellor, ASA.

The Registrar also performs other duties delegated or assigned by DVC, ASA and the Vice Chancellor.

In carrying out the above mentioned functions and activities the Registrar, works closely with the following units that fall under the supervision of Registrar, ASA.


Student Admissions

Student admission is headed by an Assistant Registrar, Admissions. Responsibilities of admissions office are outlined as follows;

Managerial Responsibilities:

  • Academic planning and development.
  • Draft policies, procedures and regulations regarding admissions of students in line with the university regulations to facilitate smooth activities.
  • Manage admission of new students every academic year by ensuring that all admission requirements are met to ensure admission of students in programs they are qualified for.
  • Develop and manage marketing of the University’s academic programs through media advertisements, attending shows and exhibitions, development and distribution of brochures, website posting, career days and open days to create awareness.
  • Coordinate Deans committee meetings through organizing, preparing and compiling the necessary documents needed for the meetings to facilitate good decision making
  • Prepare departmental work plans by assessing the work load and in line with the existing job descriptions to ensure all tasks are executed in time and as planned.

Operational Responsibilities:

  • Manage the registration process of both new and continuing students at the beginning of every semester by ensuring update of the nominal roll to get correct students statistics.
  • Ensure update of students’ records in the student management system by regular analysis of the students’ data for monitoring students’ progression.
  • Liaise with KUCCPS for required data by ensuring capacity declarations, and provision of students’ statistics for optimal placement.
  • Manage filing, movement, storage and archiving of student files by formulating student file management procedures and practices to account for students’ progression.
  • Ensure prompt and accurate communication to all stakeholders through emails, letters, telephone calls and face to face discussions to provide timely feedback.
  • Liaise with the higher education loans board in regard to student’s loans and bursary awards in collaboration with the dean of students’ office through correspondence with the HELB office to facilitate timely disbursement of loans.
  • Secretariat to the University senate by organizing, preparing and compiling the necessary documents needed for the meetings to facilitate good decision making.
  • Participate in the preparation of annual procurement plan and budgets through needs analysis to ensure adequate resources planning and allocation.

To Note:

Applications for new intakes are done in January, May and September each year. However, the intake for government sponsored students (KUCCPS) is usually in September.

Application forms can also be downloaded from



This examinations office is headed by an Assistant Registrar, Examinations. Responsibilities of examinations office are outlined below;

Managerial Responsibilities:

  • Develop policies in line with University statutes, Higher education legislations and international quality standards to ensure the integrity examinations.
  • Develop departmental work plans in line with the University calendar of events to conform with academic programs.
  • Develop departmental budgets through needs analysis to facilitate adequate allocation of resources
  • Develop procurement plans in line with the University resource allocation to facilitate timely procurement of examination materials and equipment.
  • Provide guidance to Senate Board on examination matters in line with the curricula requirements and examination regulations for good decision making.
  • Facilitate safe processing of certificates and transcripts through results verification to ensure correct awards and guard the integrity of University examinations.
  • Coordinate exam dispatch to examination centers by appointment of dispatch teams to ensure exams are issued at the scheduled time.

Operational Responsibilities:

  • Oversee proof reading and corrections of examinations in line with examination regulations to ensure error free examinations.
  • Participate in preparation examination tables in line with the university calendar to enable adherence to timeline.
  • Provide secretariat to the university academic disciplinary committee.
  • Attend deans’ committee, senate and graduation preparation meetings in line with the set regulations to facilitate decision making.
  • Provide input to the departmental budgeting process through needs assessment to ensure adequate resource allocation.

To note:

Conduction of examinations is guided by examination rules and guidelines which are availed to all students upon admission.


Contact for Registrar, ASA is as follows;

Registrar – Academic and Students Affairs

P.O. Box 972 – 60200, MERU

Cell Phone: 0712-524 293, 0799-529 958

Website: Email:,