To be the best in the provision of high quality accommodation services that meets and exceeds the expectations of our clients.

To provide cost effective, efficient and friendly accommodation services to all our clients. To respond quickly with innovative answers to our clients needs, aiming at achieving the highest possible efficiency in care and comfort by ensuring high standards of cleanliness and maintenance of all accommodation facilities in the University.
Hostels and accommodation department goal is to provide comprehensive, competent and
responsible hostels and accommodation system, which enable MUST students and non-student customers pursue their objectives in the most employable manner possible.

The main objectives are:

  • To consider MUST students as number one customers and to be responsive to their needs.
  • To provide accommodation to as many students as possible in an effort to provide a conducive and secure environment of learning for all.
  • To provide high class accommodation services to students and other groups at affordable rates.
  • To constantly add value to the quality of service delivery and stand out as reliable, stable and dependable service provider.
  • To provide parental supervision and guidance in both academic and social aspects and help create a sense of ‘family’ atmosphere.
  • To oversee room allocation and general cleanliness in the hostels.
  • To help develop a sense of identity, belonging and community life within the hostels.
  • To help maintain discipline and create friendly atmosphere in the hostels.

Private Hostels