Registry Management

Registry management is a process that ensures that the operations of a registry are well managed and coordinated. It is concerned with the management of all types of records

irrespective of their physical formats.


Registry (Administrative)

The term registry can be used to refer to;

An administrative unit (Centre) within an organization/University which is established for the purpose of controlling all records and documents which are required for continuity official business transactions, with particular regard to efficiency, economy, systematic control and retrieval.


Functions of the Department

  1. Opening and indexing files
  2. Classification and filing correspondences in their appropriate files
  3. Passing files immediately to action officers
  4. Provides records storage and reference services
  5. Controls and traces file movement within an organization
  6. .Maintains security and confidentiality of information in all records in the registry
  7. Prepares, maintains, and updates an approved and well planned filing classification scheme
  8. Reviews and disposes all non-current records
  9. Weeding ephemeral records
  10. Gives advisory services on issues pertaining records keeping