Quality Assurance

Message from the Director

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Directorate of Quality Assurance. Our goal is to ensure provision of quality education in all aspects and eventually produce quality products (graduates) to the job market.

The mandate of Quality Assurance office includes;

  • Overseeing and monitoring the implementation of quality assurance policies and mechanisms
  • Ensuring the institution responds to initiatives and requirements of bodies concerned with quality assurance
  • Overseeing monitoring and evaluation of teaching processes and also review of academic programmes
  • Promoting high standards and quality enhancement within the university

Meru University of Science and Technology is committed to creating a culture of quality in its service delivery to the stakeholders.

Objectives of the Directorate

The objectives of the directorate include the following:

  1. To carry out evaluation of teaching processes of various course units at the end of each semester.
  2. To assess the performance of graduates of Meru University of Science and Technology in the job market.
  3. To carry out self assessment of other academic programmes offered at Meru University of Science and Technology

Milestones in the Directorate

The Directorate has successfully carried out self assessment of one of the programmes being offered, that is Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. This exercise involved assessment of various aspects from the requirements of stakeholders in curriculum development to the performance of the graduates in the job market after completion of their studies. During this assessment the department has been able to identify its weaknesses and strengths. This programme assessment has also been peer reviewed by experts in the area of Information Technology through the Commission for University Education.