Clearance of Fees

To: – Third years 2017 intake – Second years 2018 intake – Post-graduate, Diploma & Certificate students (All Intakes) In reference to the Memo dated October 12th, 2020 Ref: MU/1/03/03/vol. 7(182) you are notified that end of semester...

Hostel Allocation List

1 SC208/101905/20 Male MKC
2 SC208/101913/20 Male MKC
3 SC208/101931/20 Male MKC
4 SC208/101937/20 Male MKC
5 SC209/103128/20 Male MKC
6 SC209/103133/20 Male MKC


The caption details the following information: Name of the hostel Location Contact Type of rooms available Charges Available Amenities Listed below are the private hostel residences: A. HOSTELS AVAILABLE FOR STUDENTS AT THE MAIN CAMPUS Marimba house   Marimba...

October 2020 Examinations

This is to inform you that University Examinations will be administered from Thursday 15th  October to Thursday 29th October 2020 as per the Time Table. All students will be required to observe Covid-19 protocols according to MOH guidelines. In this regard, hand...

Students Eligible to Sit For Examinations

The following is a list of registered students who have cleared fee.  They are therefore eligible to sit for end of semester examinations that starts on Thursday15th October, 2020.  Students are supposed to present their Student Identification card for identification...

COVID-19 Protocols

COVID-19 protocols S/No. PREMISES PROTOCOLS ENFORCEMENT 1. University Gates Temperature checks using thermo guns 1.  Any person with temperature below 37.30C will be allowed in. 2. Any person with a temperature of 37.30C and above will be escorted to the University...