Prof. Simon Thuranira, Ph.D Deputy Vice-Chancellor, ASA

Prof. Simon Thuranira, Ph.D

Deputy Vice-Chancellor, ASA

The Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic and Student Affairs) is the head of the Academic Division and oversees all the academic programmes of the University.

Working under the general direction of the Vice-Chancellor, the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic and Student Affairs) job descriptions are;

  1. Have the overall responsibility of direction, organization and administration of learning programmes in the University.
  2. Ensures that the University Academic policies and procedures are well implemented.
  3. That teaching and training i.e. planning for academic programmes, preparation of curricula and their regulations, timetables, examinations, certificates and transcript, graduation preparedness, library services and progress on students’ attachment are as per the University policy.
  4. Ensures proper planning and coordination of appointment of Deans of School in good time and as per the University Statute.
  5. Oversees proper allocation of academic teaching workload in all the schools within the University.
  6. Ensures proper allocation of academic facilities such as buildings, rooms and offices in the University as well as the formulation of the rules governing their allocation and utilization.
  7. Ensures that Deans Committees, Students disciplinary committee and other committees headed by him are conducted as required by the University.
  8. Ensures proper and timely management in handling students cases such as disciplinary cases, industrial attachment and field trips for academic division.
  9. Facilitate proper academic planning and development.
  10. Ensures staff affairs i.e. admissions and records, recreational, sports and games, counselling and discipline, catering and accommodation.
  11. Facilitate academic support services like library services, co-ordination of the allocation of resources for academic purposes and safety in teaching areas;

The Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic and Student Affairs) is the Chairperson of;

  1. The Deans’ Committee
  2. The Library and Bookshop Committee
  3. Students’ Disciplinary Committee
  4. Research Committee
  5. Board of Post graduate Committee

The Academic Division is housed to (has) eight Schools and nine Directorates that are tasked to mentor proper knowledge, skills and positive attitude in the students. The Division is headed by the Office of Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic & Student Affairs) and composed of the following: