Alumni Association Visits the Vice Chancellor

The Alumni Association led by Dr. (Arch) James Kimathi (Chair- MUST Alumni Association) and Dr. Ibuathu C. Njati (Chair- Alumni Committee flanked by members: Dr. Mwenda Eustace; Mrs. Ann Ntoiti and Ms. Lucy Itonga) visited the Vice Chancellor of Meru University of Science and Technology (MUST).

The officials welcomed Prof. Romanus Odhiambo to MUST and assured him of their unwavering support. The Alumni officials presented an elephant curving as a gift to the Vice chancellor. Dr. Kimathi explained that the curving signified strength, tenacity, honor and the ability to lead intellectuals. He reiterated that one of the major activities the Alumni Association would have is ‘Alumni Sports Day’ slated for March 2019, while other activities would follow in the near future.

With utmost delight, the Vice Chancellor reassured the team of the university’s unwavering support. He stated MUST will continue to be a haven linking graduates with the industry and the community at large.

To mark this day, the alumni association together with the Vice Chancellor planted trees.