Biostatistics (SMF 3264)  [45 LH]

Prerequisites: SMF 3111: Mathematics


To give the student of Agriculture a good grounding in the basics of Probability and Statistics.


At the end of the course, the learner should be able to:

  1. Solve problems in probability
  2. Determine standard probability distributions of discrete and continuous variables
  3. Make inferences from samples with respect to confidence intervals and tests of hypotheses.


Importance of sampling. Sampling techniques; probabilistic, non-probabilistic. Data collection techniques. Data classification; nominal, ordinal, interval, scale. Exploratory data analysis, data screening and transformation techniques. Principles of data tabulation and graphic representation of data. Measure of central tendency for grouped and ungrouped data; average, median, mode. Measures of dispersion: spread, range, mean deviation, variance and standard deviation, quartiles, deciles and percentiles. Probability; Definitions, probability Axioms, compound events, conditional probability, independent and mutually exclusive events, tree diagrams. Simple linear regression.

Random variables. Discrete probability distributions and density function; Bernoulli, binomial and Poisson. Continuous probability distributions and density functions: normal, student’s t, Chi-square and F-distribution. Sampling distributions. Statistical inference. Estimation; Point estimates, interval estimation. Confidence intervals and goodness to fit.