Dean of Students

Message from Dean of Students

It is my privilege and honour to serve as your Dean of Students, and provide leadership to several offices and services that have an impact on students experience at Meru University of science and Technology.

The Dean of Students Office acts as a key link between students and other areas of university life, as well as family members and the university experience. In addition, our office acts as an advocate for students who may be experiencing crisis, need assistance navigating the college experience, or seek advice regarding avenues to resolve some urgent issues. It is our goal to work closely with faculty, staff, and student leaders to enhance the quality of the university experience for students –Many students through consultations have helped this office to have a better understanding on how to assist and do more to make life more comfortable to many students.

During your time as a students in this university, I hope that you have taken the opportunity to experience as many things as possible, including joining (or forming) a student organization, participating in an intramural or club sport, getting involved in the Student Government Association, becoming a student leader, or taking advantage of the many academic, athletic, and cultural events that Meru university of science and technology had to offer. Now that you have completed   your university experience as a journey – not just a destination that has results in a certificate, diploma or a degree, but you have also explored and found your passions academically, socially, and recreationally, and left your legacy behind after having walked across the hills, valleys, streams of academic fields while overcoming many challenges that comes with higher education institutions in various stages.

I believe you have more in-depth information about the programs and services offered by Meru University of science and technology. I am so proud to have been with you as a member of Meru University and look forward to have you as a member of Alumni of Meru University of Science and Technology.

I now encourage you to face the world not as a student the way you started in this university but as Kenya citizens, full of knowledge and relevant skill that are of great importance in joining other Kenyans to build this great nation, Kenya. One Kenya, one Nation, one people. Let the Kenyan people as a nation; receive you with gratitude and thanks giving. Well done my good students.

Jacob Ikiara Msc. UK

Dean of Students and student Affairs.


To foster excellence in the provision of equitable welfare services to students.

To provide efficient and quality students’ welfare services, create an environment that proactively anticipates and meets the diverse students’ needs effectively and in a timely manner.

Dean of students office is primarily concerned with students’ welfare. The students’ welfare department plays a vital role in the sustenance of the University. The department, therefore, has a major responsibility to ensure stability of the institution through delivery of the necessary welfare services to students. The office coordinates all activities that affect student welfare, handling all matters related to Meru University  Students Organization, students conduct and discipline.

Administration and the students

The specific objectives are to:

  • Maintain a high level of discipline and inculcate good habits among students by cultivating proper discipline and correct attitude that will be useful for the development of the nation.
  • Offer and strengthen the counseling services.
  • Strengthen students’ governance structures.
  • Continue improving the resources and services given to students.
  • Facilitate students’ participation in co-curricular activities
  • Liaise with the health unit on the progress of sick students, and inform management and the parents as need arises.
  • Identify and assist students with different needs.
  • Facilitate and monitor operations of professional clubs and welfare associations in the student community