Movement of Actuarial Students of Meru University (MASMU), is a club founded by Jeremiah Ng’ang’a and his colleagues in 2012. Its main goal is to enlighten student actuaries of Meru University to the corporate world. Since then, the club has natured many students and the results are seen in the role they play in the actuarial profession. MASMU usually hosts weekly meetings on Wednesday where members are taught different statistical and actuarial software in the market. Moreover, it organizes corporate events where actuaries and other professionals are invited to talk to students.

Mission: To enlighten members on matters related to their field of study, opportunities and responsibilities.

Vision: To model prospective actuaries of a world class recognition.

Annual events

  1. Orientation of First Year Actuarial Students
  2. Professional talk in mid-October
  3. Weekly meetings on Wednesdays.
  4. Giving advice to the Actuarial students.