The pioneering engineering students who came up with the idea once initiated the club in 2015; however, the club was officially implemented on 25th August 2018 upon consensus among all students, club patron and dean school of engineering. The membership of the club is not limited to engineering students. The reason of the idea of the formation of M.U.S.T.E.C
is captured in the objectives:-

  1. To use knowledge of mathematics and natural science gained by study, exposure and practice applied with judgment to develop ways to economically use the available materials and forces of nature for the benefits of university and the society at large.
  2. To enlighten its members on their roles opportunities and links through the academic, social and/ political area. To offer selfless services based solely on the public interest e.g. serving humanity and giving back to the community.
  3. To offer opportunities for fun and other activities for personal growth through club meetings, projects, hands-on learning,
    leadership opportunities, fairs, and activities.
  4. To impart members with knowledge concerning engineering and other related fields of science.

The main reason/ aim of the formation of MUSTEC was to help students gain practical skills by being engaged in construction works within the university and save the university in the additional cost incurred in employing the subordinates who aid in the above activities as they gain practical skills in engineering works.