Meru University of Science and Technology has well established Directorate of Research which focuses on co-ordination and provision of policy direction in conduction, management and utilisation of research for humanity and sustainable social-economic development.

The Directorate is a critical division of the University and has a wide mandate that includes overseeing and facilitations of extensions, collaborations, consultancy services, documentation, publications and dissemination of research findings through seminars and conferences.

Since its inception, the Directorate has actively developed processes, procedures and programmes to fulfil University Vision and Mission to strengthen research in education and training.

The Directorate promotes and supports research and training through activities on broad thematic areas including but not limited to: Agriculture, Natural& Biological Sciences, Engineering, Energy, Mining, Health, Information technology, Business and Social Sciences.

Objectives of the Directorate are aligned to University vision and Kenya’s Vision 2030 including improvement of basic infrastructure and structures for increased research capacity and performance and design of effective regulatory and quality assurance systems that encourages excellence in research.

Through the Directorate, the University has invested heavily in research by establishing local and international partnerships and collaborations; initiated internally and externally funded projects, exchange programmes and participated in conferences and seminars to share research findings.

In the three years of its operations the Directorate has funded over 20 internal research projects some of which have been completed, others are under implementation, developed a research policy, established tripartite research initiative with two local Universities (Chuka and Kimathi Universities), established research collaborations and partnershipswith international Universities; University of Michigan, USA, Hohenheim University and University of Ulm in Germany.

The Directorate believes in forums for the exchange of knowledge and expertise with other researchers. In partnership with other schools in the University or independently, the Directorate has organised for such forums in form of local and international seminars, workshops and conferences.

In November 2013, in partnership with School of Agriculture, the Directorate successfully organised for an internationalHorticultural Association of Kenya (HAK) conference. In June 2014 the Directorate teamed up with University of Michigan researchers to train staff, students, local and international audience on health issues and grant writing during a two day workshop held at Meru University, Meru town campus.


Meru University academic staff have also established themselves as researchers by competing for funding from local and international funding agencies. This shows that the research capacity is destined to greater heights.

Other than research institutions, the University and its research arm continue to engage local industries to implement the research ideas generated by the staff and students.

Among future plans by the Directorate is to establish innovation centre, organise for a National and International conferences, establish more linkages and start a University journal.


Raspberry Pi Project

Name of Staff Photo Research Project Title School
Mr. Syaywa John Paul john2  A study on academic performance of University students: Meru University of Science and Technology. School of Pure and Applied sciences
 Ms. Sarah Wandili sarah2 Prevalence, genetic  diversity and  antimicrobial  susceptibility patten of non typhoidal salmonella  isolates  from  Meru level 5  hospital, Kenya  School of Pure and Applied Sciences
 Ms. Mary Joy Kaimuri mary2  Epidemiology of hypertension and its associated risk factors among women of reproductive age on contraceptives in Meru County.  School of Pure and Applied sciences
 Mr. Robert Muriungi robert2 Evaluation of performance and cost analysis of low cost parabolic solar concentrators.  School of Pure and Applied Sciences
 Dr. Kennedy Gachoka gachoka2 Biological characterization of sweetpotato whitefly populations in Meru County, Kenya.  School of Pure and Applied Sciences
 Ms Caroline Karani caroline2  Effect of Lifestyle factors on prevalence of metabolic syndrome among adults in North Imenti constituency of Meru County.  School of Health Sciences
 Ms. Cecilia Wanjau  cecilia2 Insect pests and diseases of (Catha edulis) (miraa) in major growing   zones of Meru.  School of Agriculture and Food Sciences
 Mr. Bernard Mwai mwai2 Developing appropriate nutrient enriched substrate for greenhouse tomatoes  School of Agriculture and Food Sciences
 Ms. Rebecca Ebere rebecca2 The association between diet and the risk of diabetes in Amagoro Division, Busia County  School of Agriculture and Food Sciences
 Mr. Peter Biu Ngigi peter2  Assessment and optimization of dietary selenium intake in Mt. Kenya region exploration of bio fortification as a solution to the ‘hidden hunger’.  School of Agriculture and Food Sciences
 Dr. Eric Mworia Gituma mworia2  Identification of rootstock resistant to bacterial wilt.  School of Agriculture and Food Sciences
 Mr. Domenic Kiogora kiogora2  Inactivation and Repair Threat of  Enteric Pathogens Following UV Disinfection in Artificially Contaminated Water  School of Pure and Applied Sciences