We have come to the end of September-December 2015 semester. I wish to thank all the students for continued co-operation within the semester. Kindly note the following:

  1. That the semester break begins on 9th December,2015 to 10th January,2016
  2. That the new SSP students report to the University on Monday, 11th January, 2016
  3. That the Continuing students (both Jab and SSP) report to the University on Wednesady,13th January,2016
  4. That lectures commence on Monday 18th January ,2016 at 8:00 a.m. for all students
  5. That attached schedule is the detail of the respective groups on session during the January-April 2016 Semester.
  6. Time table for the next semester will be posted on the University Website by 15th December,2015

Schedule of the groups in session during January-April, 2016 Semester

1 MASTERS All new and continuing groups
2 BACHELORS All groups except those on Internal/Field or Industrial Attachment
5 DIPLOMA All new and continuing groups
6 CERTIFICATE All new and continuing groups

Students interested in the University Accommodation should check with the Halls Officer. Accommodation will be allocated on the first come, first served basis subject to clearance of full fees and adherence to prevailing accommodation rates and regulations. NOTE: Students who have completed their course may clear with departments other than Finance, Admissions, Examinations and Dean of Students Office. Clearance with these departments will be done after examination results are out or while clearing to graduate.

Payment of Fees

Students are adviced to pay fees only in banks and not agents