Campus/Inter/Intra Schools/ Departmental Transfers

This is to inform you that the application for intra/inter-school transfers is open from Tuesday 5th September 2023 to Tuesday 12th September, 2023.

Students wishing to transfer to other programmes can do so by:
(i) Obtaining the Campus/inter/intra school/departmental transfer form (F-1-50-04)
from the office of the Dean of the school where you are admitted.
(ii) Filling the form
(iii) Submitting the filled form together with a copy of KCSE result slip to the same office.

You can only apply to transfer to one programme among the listed programmes  on offer during September 2023 РDecember 2023 semester.
Acceptance will be based on KUCCPS admission criteria and the availability of space in the programme requested.

You are therefore advised to consult with the respective Dean of the school on the qualification of the programme you intend to transfer. See your cluster points on KUCCPS portal.

You will receive communication about your request from Registrar (ASA) by Tuesday 17th September, 2023; but meanwhile continue attending classes in the programme you were admitted in.

Thank you.


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