Guide on How to Use the Learning Management System

While on the Meru University website under Must Campus Menu click the ODeL button as shown below:

Learning Management Login

After that click on the Login button located on the top right side of the screen as described below:

UniversityLearning Management System Login

A login window will appear, Use your (Student portal) credentials to login, i.e. the Reg No number as the username and the same password used to access the staff/student portal.

Meru University Login Screen

After a successful login, you will see your Dashboard as shown on the picture below:

University Learning Management Dashboard

Profile Editing (Optional)

To edit your profile, click on a dropdown menu next to the image on the top right of your screen.

Learning Management System Profile

Then under User Details click on Edit profile link

Learning Management System Edit Profile

A Form will be displayed where you are supposed to key in your details and upload the profile picture too.

Expand each button to view more fields to enter details.

Note the Fields with Red exclamation mark cannot be edited.

Learning Management Information System Update Profile

Scroll at the bottom of the page and click Update Profile.

Accessing Units

While on the dashboard, scroll down to Course overview which is under recently accessed courses.

In this case, only the units you have registered on the student portal will be available here.

learning management system course overview

To get the materials of a certain unit, just click on that specific unit to open it.

Then the materials uploaded will be visible as shown in the picture below, click on each topic to get access to the materials. You can decided to download, read online or print direct from the system.

learning management system my courses

Signing online Class attendance

Click to open the unit you want to take attendance on, locate the online attendance as shown below:

learning management system topic

A new page appears with sessions where you are supposed to take the attendance,

Click on the submit attendance button.

Learning management system online attendance


Afterwards, tick on the present checkbox and Press Save changes.

In case you get a question mark instead of Submit attendance button, kindly liaise with your lecturer.

Learning management system attendance

For the chat conversation, once the lecturer has initiated a chat forum, you’ll be able to view it as shown on the picture below. All this will be visible when you are that particular unit.

Learning Management System Chat

Click on the button written (Click here to enter the chat now), a new dialog box will appear as shown below:

Learning Management System Assignment

To reply, click on Talk below the lectures name, type your response and click send.

Using the Kenet Web Conference

On a new topic where the lecturer will be needed to use a live face to face class, a new topic will be visible on your side for you to join the class using the Kenet web conference platform.

The picture below shows how it will appear. Click on the face to face class to open.

learning management system week

After opening, a new window will come up with the class link and the room password.

Learning management system virtual class

After clicking the link, you will be prompted to produce the Full Names and the passcode for the meeting.

Full Names is the name that that will be seen by the lecturer and other students during the class.

Thereafter, provide the password given, click on the am not a robot check box then Join Meeting


How to take Online Assignment, Cats or the Exam.

1. Assignments.

When an Assignment has been set for you to do, it appears as shown below.
Click on the Assignment link as indicated to open it.

Online learning assingment

After answering the questions given, click on the Add submission button to submit your assignment.

You can submit by typing within the system or by file submission type depending on the setup.

online learning exam


When a cat or Exam has been set for you to truckle, click on the specific topic with it to open, then a page will appear as shown below.
Click on Attempt quiz now.

online CAT

A new window with the Question and the multiple answers will appear. Choose the correct answer the click Next page to view the next question.

online questions

Upon reaching on the last question, click on Finish attempt.

online quiz

Depending on the lecture’s Exam setup, you may be privileged to view the previous question for modification or not.

For questions which need to be typed in within the system, a blank text box is available for giving out the answer.

online questions

Remember you need to install save exam browser (SEB) in your computer for you to take the online exam.

This is a proctoring tool for academic integrity. Use the links below to download.


Safe exam Browser for Windows

Safe exam Browser for macOS

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