Horticulture is the fastest growing sub-sector in Kenya. It contributes significantly to poverty reduction and overall food security. With high demand of skilled workers, trained supervisors and professional managers, it is a labour-intensive industry.

Meru University of Science and Technology is pleased to partner with Wageningen University & Research, Aeres University of Applied Sciences, Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences, HAS University of Applied Sciences and Agriculture Food Authority in creating a consortium focused on empowering the horticulture industry.

There is need to strengthen the capacity of the TVTs through a strong collaboration between education institutions and the private sector. Practical learning and innovations in the horticulture sector are crucial for the horticultural sector to be competitive, sustainable and inclusive.  

This project aims to fill the gaps in the educational system and improve the linkages between the private sector and vocational institutions.

By having skilled staff in the agricultural colleges and vocational centres, professional graduates will be able to address the challenges in regards to food and nutrition security, finding solutions to increase productivity, improve post-harvest practices and be able to meet stricter regulations in terms of traceability, quality and food safety. At the same time, professionals will be able to have hands-on practical experience to work on strategies for sustainable water use and climate smart agriculture through new educational lessons and interactive teaching methods tailored to the needs of the horticultural sector.

Meru University of Science and Technology is committed to offering quality education and training, nurturing graduates who fit seamlessly into the global market, aiming to effect lasting solutions to the challenges faced in our world. Our School of Agriculture and Food Science (SAFS) offers a variety of courses from certificate to PhD programmes. For more information, follow the link:

Marianne Van Dorp, Manager Business Development, Wageningen Center for Development Innovation and Prof. Romanus Odhiambo Vice-Chancellor Meru University of Science and Technology serve as the project directors.

Our September 2019 Intake is on-going. Visit for more information on the courses available. Come study in Meru University of Science and Technology: be part of a University of Excellence.


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