MUST Hosts KIPPRA Mentorship Programme

The Kenya Institute of Public Policy and Research Analysis (KIPPRA) recently concluded a two-day mentorship programme at Meru University of Science and Technology (MUST), aimed at nurturing the next generation of leaders in policy-making decisions within the country.

At the helm of this initiative is Dr. Rose Ngugi, the Executive Director of KIPPRA, who emphasized the institute’s commitment to investing in the potential of University and Technical, Vocational, Education and Training (TVET) students. During these engaging sessions, Dr. Ngugi underscored the pivotal role students play in the policy-making process, stressing that their perspectives and involvement are valuable. “Students are stakeholders capable of shaping policy agendas,” she emphasized.

Professor Eustace Mwenda, representing Meru University of Science and Technology Vice Chancellor, Professor Romanus Odhiambo, echoed Dr. Ngugi’s sentiments, expressing the University’s enthusiasm in hosting such a transformative event. He emphasized the alignment between KIPPRA’s objectives and the University’s core functions of training, research, and community service.

In his speech, the Vice Chancellor emphasized the significance of fostering strong ties between academia and public policy-making. He highlighted the programme’s role in equipping students with essential skills to contribute meaningfully to national development agendas.

Professor Benson Ateng, the Chairman of KIPPRA’s Board, emphasized the institute’s aspiration for a robust partnership between Universities, TVETs, and KIPPRA. The mentorship program featured various enlightening sessions aimed at broadening participants’ understanding of the public policy-making process. Activities included presentations on national planning processes, panel discussions on youth transformation agendas, and insightful talks on professional development and career growth.

The event also provided a platform for engaging entertainment from the talented students of Meru University of Science and Technology, adding vibrancy to the intellectually stimulating atmosphere.

Through collaborative efforts between KIPPRA, academic institutions, and government agencies, the mentorship program strives to empower students to become effective agents of change in the complex landscape of public policy-making.

With a shared vision of a prosperous future driven by informed decision-making, this initiative marks a significant step towards nurturing a generation of leaders poised to steer Kenya towards greater heights of development and progress.

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