Magallanes World Study Tour (MWST)” is a virtual collaborative study tour inspired by Ferdinand Magellan who was the first man in history to complete the world trip.

MWST is a virtual student mobility programme, which allows students all around the world to connect and experience the diversified culture, tradition and languages. MWST serves as a platform to not only enhance the international collaboration, but also promote the concept of Internationalization via virtual platforms.

Meru University of Science and Technology (MUST) is intentional in partnering with like-minded institutions to promote quality education and training. This professional learning opportunity will promote the concept of internationalization, enhancing the knowledge and connection amongst students across the globe.

Universities will present on diverse topics through 5 categories known as Stations.


Follow the links below to register to the respective Station:

Station 1:

Deadline: 19th May 2021


Station 2 & Station 3:


Station 2: 8th June 2021

Station 3: 10th June 2021

Station 4 & Station 5:


Station 4: before 21st June 2021

Station 5: before 25th June 2021


Meru University of Science and Technology is awakened and devoted to learning, embracing and celebrating all cultures, traditions and languages. Diversity enriches the educational experience. A healthy society is built on learning each other’s ways of life and ensuring unity triumphs.

Now more than ever, diversity is an important issue to teach, learn, share and grow in. The Magallanes World Study Tour (MWST) offers this profound experience. We highly urge our students to enroll for this programme, register before the deadline(s) and most importantly, have an open mind to experience networking with students from other Universities across the globe.

Meru University of Science and Technology (MUST) will present during Station 3 led by the moderator, Dr. Naomi Mutea. The speaker, Dr. Eunice Marete will present on a showcase of Kenya’s beauty and its rich cultural heritage.

As a University, we promised to nurture you into global ambassadors, equipped with the knowledge and skills to achieve your dreams while making our world a better place.

MUST has presented an opportunity; now play your part.