Smart Cards Ready for Collection

The students in the list shared on this post should collect their  KCB smart cards from the Dean of Students office as soon as possible:

S/NO. Names Registration No Course
1 MAINA M NDONGA AG101/101866/20 Dip In Agriculture
2 MICHAEL CHRIS MWENDWA AG101/101878/20 Dip In Agriculture
3 MUTUKU PANTIANCE WUMIISYO AG101/101884/20 Dip In Agriculture
4 CHERONO  LYDIA AG101/101892/20 Dip In Agriculture
5 CHERUIYOT  GODFREY AG101/101894/20 Dip In Agriculture
6 OUGO ELISHA ODONGO AG101/101901/20 Dip In Agriculture
7 ODERO ARNOLD ONYANGO AG101/101903/20 Dip In Agriculture
8 NYAMASYO STANLY NZIOKI AG101/102630/20 Dip In Agriculture
Bsc (Agricultural Education & Extension)
S/NO. Name Registration No. COURSE
1 CHERUIYOT  COLLINS AG202/101995/20 Bsc Agri Extension & Edu
2 MUNYI  GEOFFREY AG202/102229/20 Bsc Agri Extension & Edu
3 WANDERA NALIANYA KELAM AG202/102241/20 Bsc Agri Extension & Edu
4 DENIS KIPKORIR TOO AG202/102255/20 Bsc Agri Extension & Edu
5 LEONARD KIPKEMOI ROTICH AG202/102295/20 Bsc Agri Extension & Edu
6 MUENDO JOSHUA MUSILA AG202/103907/20 Bsc Agri Extension & Edu
7 SILAH EVERLINE MUENI AG202/103908/20 Bsc Agri Extension & Edu
8 MUSYOKA KARANI ADVIN AG202/103909/20 Bsc Agri Extension & Edu
9 NYAGA FRANCIS MWARABU AG202/103910/20 Bsc Agri Extension & Edu
10 MUTHENGI BENSON MATUMO AG202/103911/20 Bsc Agri Extension & Edu
11 TITUS  KIPKURUI AG202/103914/20 Bsc Agri Extension & Edu
12 CHEPKEMOI  ABIGAEL AG202/103915/20 Bsc Agri Extension & Edu
13 KIPNGENO AMOS KORIR AG202/103916/20 Bsc Agri Extension & Edu
14 OSIEMO OTWORI BONFACE AG202/103917/20 Bsc Agri Extension & Edu
15 NJENGA RICHARD NDUBA AG202/103918/20 Bsc Agri Extension & Edu
16 JULIET  CHEPKEMOI AG202/103919/20 Bsc Agri Extension & Edu
17 TIMOTHY MUTITU NJOROGE AG202/103920/20 Bsc Agri Extension & Edu
18 SIKUKU N ALEX AG202/103921/20 Bsc Agri Extension & Edu
19 OWINO  SETH AG202/103922/20 Bsc Agri Extension & Edu
20 BONFACE MAGARA OSUGO AG202/103924/20 Bsc Agri Extension & Edu
21 KEAGO KERUBO MILDRED AG202/103925/20 Bsc Agri Extension & Edu
22 ORIARO KENNEDY ODIWUOR AG202/103926/20 Bsc Agri Extension & Edu
23 COLLINS  OTIENO AG202/103927/20 Bsc Agri Extension & Edu
24 NYANGAU NYAKANGO MILSTON AG202/103928/20 Bsc Agri Extension & Edu
BSc (Food Science & Technology)
S/NO. NAME Registration No. COURSE
1 SHURUTY HAMIDA MOHAMED AG206/102350/20 Bsc In Food Science & Tech
2 WAMBUGU ELIZABETH MUTHONI AG206/102352/20 Bsc In Food Science & Tech
3 KIPRONO KIPLIMO FESTUS AG206/102358/20 Bsc In Food Science & Tech
4 MUSUNGU N MARBLE AG206/102361/20 Bsc In Food Science & Tech
BSc (Animal Health & Production)
S/NO. NAME Registration No. COURSE
1 DENIS GICHIRI KIBUI AG208/103590/20 Bsc In Animal Health & Prod
2 KURIA MARTIN MUMBURA AG208/103591/20 Bsc In Animal Health & Prod
3 MAINA HARUN KARIUKI AG208/103592/20 Bsc In Animal Health & Prod
4 MBUGUA JAMES KIARIE AG208/103594/20 Bsc In Animal Health & Prod
5 KANGOR K KENNETH AG208/103596/20 Bsc In Animal Health & Prod
6 JARED MBURA ONDUKO AG208/103598/20 Bsc In Animal Health & Prod
7 ODHIAMBO GRIFFINS ODONGO AG208/103599/20 Bsc In Animal Health & Prod
8 WAMBUI STEPHEN NJOROGE AG208/103942/20 Bsc In Animal Health & Prod
9 SYLVESTER  MWANGI AG208/104835/20 Bsc In Animal Health & Prod
BSc (Food Science & Management)
S/NO. NAME Registration No. COURSE
1 CHEGE MERCY WANGOI AG210/104642/20 Bsc In Food Science & Mgnt
Bachelor of Business Administration
S/NO. NAME Registration No. COURSE
1 WANJIKU K MWANGI BS201/100630/19 Bachelor Of Business Admin
2 MWANIKI MARY WANGECHI BS201/102981/20 Bachelor Of Business Admin
3 MWANGI KELVIN MWANGI BS201/102982/20 Bachelor Of Business Admin
4 WACHIRA PETER KIAMA BS201/102983/20 Bachelor Of Business Admin
5 WANJOHI SERINA MUMBI BS201/102984/20 Bachelor Of Business Admin
6 MWANGI ANNE MUTHONI BS201/102985/20 Bachelor Of Business Admin
7 KIRANGA ELIZABETH NJERI BS201/102986/20 Bachelor Of Business Admin
8 MUTHONI MARY WANJIRU BS201/102987/20 Bachelor Of Business Admin
9 GITHINJI PRISCAH WANJIRU BS201/102989/20 Bachelor Of Business Admin
10 KIBE ESTHER NYAMUNYA BS201/102990/20 Bachelor Of Business Admin
11 MUTHUI STEPHEN MWENDWA BS201/102996/20 Bachelor Of Business Admin
12 GITAHI DAVID MAINA BS201/102999/20 Bachelor Of Business Admin
13 NYAGA EMMA WANYAGA BS201/103000/20 Bachelor Of Business Admin
14 MUGAMBI JUSTIN MURIMI BS201/103001/20 Bachelor Of Business Admin
15 KENDI  DORCAS BS201/103003/20 Bachelor Of Business Admin
16 VICTOR  MUTALII BS201/103004/20 Bachelor Of Business Admin
17 MUTINDA NICHOLAS MBITHI BS201/103006/20 Bachelor Of Business Admin
18 WAHOME IAN MUREITHI BS201/103007/20 Bachelor Of Business Admin
19 MAGDALENE  JOAN BS201/103009/20 Bachelor Of Business Admin
20 KIMAASI TROON SIMEL BS201/103010/20 Bachelor Of Business Admin
21 WAVINYA DENNIS KIOKO BS201/103012/20 Bachelor Of Business Admin
22 VALARY  NANGUNDA BS201/103013/20 Bachelor Of Business Admin
23 MWANGI DANIEL GECHUKI BS201/103016/20 Bachelor Of Business Admin
24 KAMAU ESTHER NJERI BS201/103017/20 Bachelor Of Business Admin
25 WANJIKU BONFACE KINYANJUI BS201/103019/20 Bachelor Of Business Admin
26 MACHARIA KELVIN MAINA BS201/103020/20 Bachelor Of Business Admin
27 GITHIGIU  DENNIS BS201/103021/20 Bachelor Of Business Admin
28 WACHIRA MARGARET WAMBUI BS201/103022/20 Bachelor Of Business Admin
29 KARIUKI BRITON MUNYAO BS201/103026/20 Bachelor Of Business Admin
30 KARIUKI SAMSON NDEUTHI BS201/103027/20 Bachelor Of Business Admin
31 FRANKLINE IJAKAA OMUDEK BS201/103029/20 Bachelor Of Business Admin
32 MAKOKHA W DENNIS BS201/103031/20 Bachelor Of Business Admin
33 MATEKWA  PHILIP BS201/103032/20 Bachelor Of Business Admin
34 ONYANGO  ANTONY BS201/103035/20 Bachelor Of Business Admin
35 VAILET KWAMBOKA MAYEGA BS201/103036/20 Bachelor Of Business Admin
36 ONSARE KWAMBOKA VENNAH BS201/103038/20 Bachelor Of Business Admin
37 NGANDI JOAN MBITHE BS201/104311/20 Bachelor Of Business Admin
38 NJAGI SARAH JOY BS201/104573/20 Bachelor Of Business Admin
S/NO. NAME Registration No. COURSE
1 JACOB WAKABA MWANGI BS203/100232/19 Bachelor Of Commerce
2 JUDY KAMENE MUTIA BS203/100260/19 Bachelor Of Commerce
3 OEBA LILIAN KERUBO BS203/101615/19 Bachelor Of Commerce
4 FELIX WARINDA WERE BS203/101937/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
5 NYAMBURA NJOROGE DAVID BS203/102165/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
6 DICKSON  LOINGERUA BS203/102239/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
7 AKINYI RENICE OTIENO BS203/102327/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
8 HUSSEIN CHILUTE ISAAC BS203/102424/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
9 FOYO MISHI NJIRA BS203/102426/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
10 OMAR MWAMWERO JABU BS203/102428/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
11 DZUYA YUSUF JOHA BS203/102430/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
12 SETH  KARANI BS203/102432/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
13 ALUCHIO TRUPHENA OYOMBERA BS203/102436/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
14 ABDULLA SHOBE KONE BS203/102438/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
15 BAYA RAMADHAN NGOLO BS203/102440/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
16 MBUI MARIAM CHIZI BS203/102449/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
17 NIMBUI DOROTHY MWAVITA BS203/102450/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
18 PAUL MBATHA KILATYA BS203/102452/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
19 NDUMIA WAIGANJO DAVID BS203/102454/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
20 NJUGUNA WAIRIMU JACKLINE BS203/102456/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
21 WAWERU VERONICA NJOKI BS203/102458/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
22 THEURI NAFTALY WAGUCHA BS203/102460/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
23 WACHIRA BRIAN NGARI BS203/102462/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
24 CHEGE JANE NJERI BS203/102464/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
25 WAIRIMU MURIITHI VICTOR BS203/102470/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
26 THUO  MICHAEL BS203/102472/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
27 WAMBUGU ELIZABETH NJERI BS203/102474/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
28 WAHITO JANE MUTHONI BS203/102476/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
29 MWANGI BENSON IRUNGU BS203/102484/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
30 MWAI MILLICENT NJAMBI BS203/102486/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
31 MACHARIA MARGRET WAITHERERO BS203/102490/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
32 MWAURA JOSPHAT KAMAU BS203/102492/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
33 GICHUKI VIRGINIA WAMUYU BS203/102494/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
34 MURUGI JAMES KINYANJUI BS203/102496/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
35 KINYANJUI SAMUEL KURIA BS203/102498/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
36 KIMOTHO NAOMI NDUTA BS203/102502/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
37 WAIRIMU  MARY BS203/102509/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
38 KYALO MERCY MUTANU BS203/102517/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
39 MUENI C MWENDE BS203/102519/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
40 WILLY WINFRED MWENDE BS203/102526/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
41 MWANIA  FAITH BS203/102528/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
42 MULWA JONATHAN KIMANZI BS203/102534/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
43 MWEMA PIUS ITULI BS203/102536/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
44 MUSYOKA MICHAEL MUTUA BS203/102538/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
45 MULUNGA  MUNYWOKI BS203/102540/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
46 KIVINDU  DAVID BS203/102542/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
47 MUTUNE M ONESMUS BS203/102548/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
48 TELESIA  SAMUEL BS203/102550/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
49 NDITIVA DENNIS MUTUA BS203/102553/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
50 MUSYOKA IRENE MWIKALI BS203/102555/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
51 MUSYOKA E KIOKO BS203/102557/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
52 MUTANGA HARON MUSEMBI BS203/102559/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
53 MUSYOKA KASYOKA MERCY BS203/102561/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
54 MWANGE JULIAN MALI BS203/102564/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
55 MUGO PAULINE MWENDE BS203/102566/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
56 KAUME  DOUGLAS BS203/102570/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
57 MWENDWA  MIRIAM BS203/102574/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
58 MUKONENE  NAOMI BS203/102576/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
59 ARBE KOBOLE GUYO BS203/102578/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
60 KASYEMA PENINA MUMO BS203/102584/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
61 KUNGU ALEX MUENDO BS203/102588/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
62 NYAMASYO MERCY MUSENYA BS203/102590/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
63 GITONGA ESTHER MWENDE BS203/102600/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
64 EDHILI ABDI RASHID BS203/102606/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
65 ELSIE  CHEMTAI BS203/102608/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
66 NYAWANDA MISHELL ACHIENG BS203/102610/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
67 KIBIEGO KIBET JUDE BS203/102615/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
68 NGENO KIPLANGAT DENNIS BS203/102617/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
69 HESBON  KIPLANGAT BS203/102619/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
70 DIANA  CHEBET BS203/102623/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
71 DOOREN  CHEPKOECH BS203/102625/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
72 KIPKURUI  KEVIN BS203/102629/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
73 WAINANA NJERI PATIENCE BS203/102635/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
74 NYAMARI OMARI BRANDON BS203/102637/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
75 MWANIKI RICKSON KURUGA BS203/102644/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
76 NDUNGU JOHN NJENGA BS203/102646/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
77 NJAMBI TERESIA WANGARI BS203/102648/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
78 NAOMI JEPKEMEI TOROITICH BS203/102650/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
79 BYEGON  KIPLANGAT BS203/102652/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
80 GAKUBIA JANET WANJA BS203/102655/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
81 CHEPKOECH  HODRY BS203/102657/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
82 BRIAN  KIPTOO BS203/102659/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
83 EDWIN  KIPLANGAT BS203/102661/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
84 COLLINS  KIPKORIR BS203/102667/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
85 KIPKEMBOI  DANIEL BS203/102671/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
86 LIBAAN  DAHIR BS203/102673/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
87 KABUBA RACHAEL WAIRIMU BS203/102675/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
88 MACHARIA ISAAC GITHINJI BS203/102677/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
89 MBURU BENTA WAIRIMU BS203/102679/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
90 SIGIMAN FLORENCE NYANGUTHIE BS203/102681/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
91 AWINO NGADI MARY BS203/102687/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
92 KIPKOECH DENIS KORIR BS203/102691/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
93 KORIR JEPKOGEI NANCY BS203/102693/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
94 KIMOSOP EDWARD CHEBII BS203/102695/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
95 CLINTON LESAITON LENAIWETI BS203/102701/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
96 TOROITICH JERUTO PURITY BS203/102702/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
97 KIMATWAI BRIAN ALLAN BS203/102704/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
98 OTSIENO  KEVIN BS203/102708/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
99 OBWATO EDITH NAFULA BS203/102712/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
100 KHAEMBA  LVICTOR BS203/102714/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
101 JUMA LUNYOLO WILKISTA BS203/102716/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
102 KELVIN ANO KADO BS203/102717/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
103 MUKHWANA FESTUS NAMUKURU BS203/102718/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
104 IMINZA  HILTA BS203/102719/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
105 NYONGESA JOHN WAFULA BS203/102721/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
106 BOIT KWEMOI AMOS BS203/102722/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
107 GETRUDE  ADISA BS203/102723/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
108 MORANGA EUGENE BIKUNDO BS203/102725/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
109 EVERLYNE  ODINGA BS203/102727/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
110 NYARESO CALLEN MOGAKA BS203/102730/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
111 ODUOR DAVID JAMES BS203/102732/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
112 CHEPKOECH  SHIRLEEN BS203/102733/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
113 FRED OGERO MATARA BS203/102734/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
114 NTENGERI IAN MOCHAMA BS203/102735/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
115 OBWOGO KEVIN ONGONDI BS203/102736/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
116 DENNIS KIPROTICH KEMBOI BS203/102737/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
117 NICKSON KIPNGENO NGETICH BS203/102738/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
118 PETER ONSINYO SAMBA BS203/102739/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
119 OCHIENG JESCAH ATIENO BS203/102740/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
120 ODIWUOR FREDRICK OTIENO BS203/102741/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
121 NYARIBARI BRIAN ONDUSO BS203/102742/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
122 OCHIENG  EDWARD BS203/102743/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
123 APANDU BRIAN OCHIENG BS203/102744/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
124 OUMA JACKSON MITO BS203/102747/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
125 LAWRENCE  OKOTH BS203/102749/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
126 OWINO VALARY ATIENO BS203/102750/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
127 YAMO LINA ESCAH BS203/102751/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
128 ATIENO WINNIE ODUOR BS203/102752/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
129 TONY DALON OCHIENG BS203/102753/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
130 NDUKO JOB MANGARIA BS203/102756/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
131 RUTH GECHEMBA MATWERE BS203/102757/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
132 OUMA SHIRLYNE AKINYI BS203/102758/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
133 ELIAS NYAMWEYA MAGARE BS203/102759/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
134 OKENGO JEREMIAH ONGORI BS203/102760/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
135 OTIENO ADHIAMBO ISDORA BS203/102761/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
136 EMMANUEL OKOTH ODHIAMBO BS203/102762/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
137 KINYANJUI WANGARI SUSAN BS203/102959/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
138 COLLINS JUMA MUKOYA BS203/103197/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
139 JELIMO  RUTH BS203/103507/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
140 KARIUKI ERIC MUNDIA BS203/104309/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
141 NJERU KENDI ESTHER BS203/104313/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
142 GATOBU MURIMI BRIAN BS203/104805/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
143 MUSYOKA P KILETU BS203/104813/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
144 MWANGE AUSTIN WAMBUA BS203/104870/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
145 MULINGE FAITH MUENI BS203/104885/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
146 SANG KIPROTICH WILBON BS203/104919/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
147 KIMUTAI  SAMSON BS203/104952/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
148 MUCHIA DERRICK MBOGO BS203/105045/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
149 MURKOMEN KIPKOSGEI COLLINS BS203/105055/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
150 MBITI COLLINS MUTINDA BS203/105059/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
151 EVANS KIBARU CHEGE BS203/105075/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
152 BRIAN MOSES GITHOGORI BS203/105089/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
153 MUCHIRI COLLINS NJIHIA BS203/105096/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
154 NDIRITU MARY WANJIKU BS203/105118/20 Bachelor Of Commerce
S/NO. NAME Registration No. COURSE
1 NANCY WANJIKU KARANJA BS204/0049/18 Bachelor Of Purch & Supl. Mgnt
2 ROBERT MUTURI KARIUKI BS204/100929/19 Bachelor Of Purch & Supl. Mgnt
3 P SILAS GITHUA BS204/100932/19 Bachelor Of Purch & Supl. Mgnt
4 SHALOM WAIRIMU NDIRITU BS204/100933/19 Bachelor Of Purch & Supl. Mgnt
5 SARAH WANGECHI KARURI BS204/100937/19 Bachelor Of Purch & Supl. Mgnt
6 KASIRANI M NASRA BS204/103469/20 Bachelor Of Purch & Supl. Mgnt
7 MURIITHI JULIUS KANGETHE BS204/103470/20 Bachelor Of Purch & Supl. Mgnt
8 KARIRU LISPHA WANJERI BS204/103471/20 Bachelor Of Purch & Supl. Mgnt
9 KIBICHO BEATRICE WANGARI BS204/103472/20 Bachelor Of Purch & Supl. Mgnt
10 KARIUKI BRIAN MUNGE BS204/103475/20 Bachelor Of Purch & Supl. Mgnt
11 NZILANI PASCAL MWENDWA BS204/103476/20 Bachelor Of Purch & Supl. Mgnt
12 VAATI LINET WANZA BS204/103477/20 Bachelor Of Purch & Supl. Mgnt
13 MUSYOKA BRIAN KIOKO BS204/103478/20 Bachelor Of Purch & Supl. Mgnt
14 SILA I NDUNGE BS204/103479/20 Bachelor Of Purch & Supl. Mgnt
15 MUTHOKA ALICE MUENI BS204/103480/20 Bachelor Of Purch & Supl. Mgnt
16 FRANCIS MITAU BENRODGERS BS204/103481/20 Bachelor Of Purch & Supl. Mgnt
17 ELISHA SHANNO ALISO BS204/103484/20 Bachelor Of Purch & Supl. Mgnt
18 NYAGA TIMOTHY MWITWA BS204/103485/20 Bachelor Of Purch & Supl. Mgnt
19 WAMBUA IRENE NDUKU BS204/103486/20 Bachelor Of Purch & Supl. Mgnt
20 MUTHIANI SAMMY KIMU BS204/103488/20 Bachelor Of Purch & Supl. Mgnt
21 KIMATHI  DUNCAN BS204/103493/20 Bachelor Of Purch & Supl. Mgnt
22 KSANG R STEFANO BS204/103495/20 Bachelor Of Purch & Supl. Mgnt
23 HARON  KIPLANGAT BS204/103498/20 Bachelor Of Purch & Supl. Mgnt
24 KAGOTHO ANTHONY THIARI BS204/103500/20 Bachelor Of Purch & Supl. Mgnt
25 CHEROTICH  SHEILAH BS204/103502/20 Bachelor Of Purch & Supl. Mgnt
26 NICHOLAS  KIPROTICH BS204/103503/20 Bachelor Of Purch & Supl. Mgnt
27 MAYAKAH KWAMBOKA SHEILA BS204/103509/20 Bachelor Of Purch & Supl. Mgnt
28 ASHA MBODZE IHA BS204/103511/20 Bachelor Of Purch & Supl. Mgnt
29 BOYI VICTOR OUMA BS204/103513/20 Bachelor Of Purch & Supl. Mgnt
30 NYAGWA FAITHBENTER AKINYI BS204/103514/20 Bachelor Of Purch & Supl. Mgnt
31 ADHIAMBO  LILIAN BS204/103516/20 Bachelor Of Purch & Supl. Mgnt
32 MAGOMA JOSEPH GETABU BS204/103517/20 Bachelor Of Purch & Supl. Mgnt
33 OMAE FABIAN MAKORI BS204/103518/20 Bachelor Of Purch & Supl. Mgnt
34 ONYINKWA ELVIS NIXON BS204/103521/20 Bachelor Of Purch & Supl. Mgnt
35 ONYANGO AUSTINE JUNIOR BS204/103523/20 Bachelor Of Purch & Supl. Mgnt
36 MWAURA PURITY MUTHONI BS204/104316/20 Bachelor Of Purch & Supl. Mgnt
37 ZIANTET ABIGAIL TOTONA BS204/104996/20 Bachelor Of Purch & Supl. Mgnt
S/NO. NAME Registration No. COURSE
1 ANN KAVINI NZILANI BS207/100544/19 BSc. In Economics
2 EZEKIEL MULONGO KUNDU BS207/100592/19 BSc. In Economics
3 S.GIFT AKINYI ONYANGO BS207/100600/19 BSc. In Economics
S/NO. NAME Registration No. COURSE
1 KINGORI RUTH WANGUI CT103/102246/20 Diploma In Information Tech
2 MUTHOMI VINCENT MATHIU CT103/200849/19 Diploma In Information Tech
S/NO. NAME Registration No. COURSE
1 JOSEPH KARANJA NGAMA CT201/0044/18 BSc. Computer Science
2 JAMES KARUMA MORI CT201/100101/19 BSc. Computer Science
3 MAXWELL MUBASU ESISARI CT201/100119/19 BSc. Computer Science
4 RUITHANGA VERONICAH WANGECHI CT201/102044/20 BSc. Computer Science
5 KAMAU VICTOR KARIUKI CT201/102046/20 BSc. Computer Science
6 KARIUKI MERCY WAIRIMU CT201/102048/20 BSc. Computer Science
7 KIIRU BRIAN KARIRU CT201/102050/20 BSc. Computer Science
8 MWANGI SAMUEL MUTERO CT201/102052/20 BSc. Computer Science
9 GICHOVI DERICK KIMOTHO CT201/102054/20 BSc. Computer Science
10 MAGURU ALEX KIMANI CT201/102056/20 BSc. Computer Science
11 NGARI COLLINS MWANGI CT201/102058/20 BSc. Computer Science
12 KIMARU JOSEPH MWAI CT201/102060/20 BSc. Computer Science
13 RUCHU MICHAEL MWANGI CT201/102062/20 BSc. Computer Science
14 PAUL MICHAEL NGERE CT201/102068/20 BSc. Computer Science
15 WAWERU BENJAMIN MUGO CT201/102072/20 BSc. Computer Science
16 MWATHE JONATHAN KIOKO CT201/102074/20 BSc. Computer Science
17 NDUNDA J MWANZIA CT201/102080/20 BSc. Computer Science
18 MUTUA STELLA MBITHE CT201/102082/20 BSc. Computer Science
19 MWANDIKWA FLORENCE BAHATI CT201/102086/20 BSc. Computer Science
20 KYALO NIMROD TITUS CT201/102088/20 BSc. Computer Science
21 KYALO EVERLYNE KAMBUA CT201/102090/20 BSc. Computer Science
22 MWANIKI STEPHEN KYALO CT201/102094/20 BSc. Computer Science
23 WAMBUA CATHERINE MWONGELI CT201/102096/20 BSc. Computer Science
24 KISILU K MWANZA CT201/102098/20 BSc. Computer Science
25 MWANGOMBE HULDAH SOKO CT201/102100/20 BSc. Computer Science
26 NYAMAI ALBERTINA KAVATA CT201/102102/20 BSc. Computer Science
27 PASCHAEL MUTHIANI WAMBUA CT201/102104/20 BSc. Computer Science
28 JOHN PREXEDIS MUENI CT201/102106/20 BSc. Computer Science
29 GICHURU BRIAN KIMATHI CT201/102108/20 BSc. Computer Science
30 MURITHI  JOSEPH CT201/102110/20 BSc. Computer Science
31 IDAYA MOSES TSIAVULA CT201/102112/20 BSc. Computer Science
32 NEWTON  JUMA CT201/102114/20 BSc. Computer Science
33 KIPNGETICH BRIAN CHERUIYOT CT201/102118/20 BSc. Computer Science
34 BONYMARK  KIMUTAI CT201/102120/20 BSc. Computer Science
35 MAINA ESTHER WANJIRU CT201/102123/20 BSc. Computer Science
36 MICHENI CHARLES MUGAMBI CT201/102125/20 BSc. Computer Science
37 CHEPNGENO  JOYLINE CT201/102127/20 BSc. Computer Science
38 KAMAU PHYLIS WAMBUI CT201/102129/20 BSc. Computer Science
39 KINYUA EZRA MWANGI CT201/102131/20 BSc. Computer Science
40 BEYON TAMIA WAMBUI CT201/102135/20 BSc. Computer Science
41 OKINYI SHADRACK ONGERA CT201/102137/20 BSc. Computer Science
42 WAMBUA ANTONY MWANGANGI CT201/102139/20 BSc. Computer Science
43 OMACHARI NYONGESA AMMON CT201/102141/20 BSc. Computer Science
44 MORRIS MAGETO MOGUSU CT201/102143/20 BSc. Computer Science
45 FELIX BILLY ONYANGO CT201/102145/20 BSc. Computer Science
46 GETATE NYACHAE KEVIN CT201/102147/20 BSc. Computer Science
47 MIRERA RYAN OKEROSI CT201/102149/20 BSc. Computer Science
48 OIGARA ALBERT OMWERI CT201/102151/20 BSc. Computer Science
49 MWAMBIRE ZEPHANIA UWEZO CT201/102153/20 BSc. Computer Science
50 NYANARO BOAZ MARANGA CT201/102157/20 BSc. Computer Science
51 MALACH OSERO MORARA CT201/102159/20 BSc. Computer Science
52 DICKSON ABUGA OGWECHE CT201/102161/20 BSc. Computer Science
53 ODEKA FESTON OKELO CT201/102163/20 BSc. Computer Science
54 MUNGUTI IMMANUEL NGUMBAU CT201/102202/20 BSc. Computer Science
55 MANYEGA NYAKUNDI SAMWEL CT201/102335/20 BSc. Computer Science
56 OMUNE MATOKE ELIUD CT201/102337/20 BSc. Computer Science
57 KASAMU PETER MUTINDA CT201/102592/20 BSc. Computer Science
58 KYALO  JACOB CT201/102882/20 BSc. Computer Science
59 MACHIRA SYLVIAH MORAA CT201/103407/20 BSc. Computer Science
60 ONSARE KEMUNTO BRENDA CT201/103408/20 BSc. Computer Science
61 WAITHIRA GACHATHA JOHN CT201/103605/20 BSc. Computer Science
62 WANGARI JOHN KAGIRI CT201/104648/20 BSc. Computer Science
63 MOHAMED DEGOW ELMOGE CT201/104802/20 BSc. Computer Science
64 NDUNGU JAMES KARIUKI CT201/104810/20 BSc. Computer Science
65 NJOKI BRIAN MACHARIA CT201/104857/20 BSc. Computer Science
66 MULI COLLINS MUIRURI CT201/104868/20 BSc. Computer Science
67 BRIAN  KOOME CT201/104897/20 BSc. Computer Science
68 MUNAYI HANNINGTON AMAKOBE CT201/105026/20 BSc. Computer Science
69 MUTISO  VICTOR CT201/105046/20 BSc. Computer Science
70 KAMURUA DENIS KIMATHI CT201/105077/20 BSc. Computer Science
S/NO. NAME Registration No. COURSE
1 BRIGHT  BENJAMIN CT202/100796/19 BSc. In Computer Technology
2 NJUGUNA TITUS KAGINA CT202/102196/20 BSc. In Computer Technology
3 KOMBO KIGUZO BUGUTA CT202/103290/20 BSc. In Computer Technology
4 NGANGA ERICK NJOROGE CT202/103292/20 BSc. In Computer Technology
5 NDERITU JOHN MUNYI CT202/103293/20 BSc. In Computer Technology
6 MWANGI JOHN RUGARA CT202/103295/20 BSc. In Computer Technology
7 GATHUKIA RAYMOND MURAGE CT202/103297/20 BSc. In Computer Technology
8 IRUNGU BRIAN PETER CT202/103299/20 BSc. In Computer Technology
9 WAWERU ERASTUS MUTUGUTI CT202/103300/20 BSc. In Computer Technology
10 NDUNGU SAMUEL MAINA CT202/103301/20 BSc. In Computer Technology
11 SAMUEL MUINDI KAVUNGI CT202/103306/20 BSc. In Computer Technology
12 KALUTU KELVIN KYULE CT202/103307/20 BSc. In Computer Technology
13 KALULU ERICK KYENDE CT202/103308/20 BSc. In Computer Technology
14 MAINGI D MUSYOKI CT202/103309/20 BSc. In Computer Technology
15 ANJIKO FAITH MALALE CT202/103310/20 BSc. In Computer Technology
16 EZRA KIPLANGAT MUTAI CT202/103315/20 BSc. In Computer Technology
17 KIPKORIR  VINCENT CT202/103319/20 BSc. In Computer Technology
18 KIPLANGAT  ZENSAS CT202/103323/20 BSc. In Computer Technology
19 MUNGAI JOHN KAHIA CT202/103325/20 BSc. In Computer Technology
20 MAINA NJUGUNA JOHN CT202/103327/20 BSc. In Computer Technology
21 ABEL PAUL OTIENO CT202/103330/20 BSc. In Computer Technology
22 GEORGE  ODHIAMBO CT202/103332/20 BSc. In Computer Technology
23 CHEPYATOR KIPKOSGEI BENSON CT202/103334/20 BSc. In Computer Technology
24 OCHIENG MICHAEL LARRY CT202/103336/20 BSc. In Computer Technology
25 INDIAZI JOSHUA SILAS CT202/103338/20 BSc. In Computer Technology
26 OKOTH STEVE ONYANGO CT202/103339/20 BSc. In Computer Technology
27 ORWA BOOKER GLEINN CT202/103340/20 BSc. In Computer Technology
28 OMONDI DAVID WILLIS CT202/103341/20 BSc. In Computer Technology
29 BRIAN GICHEMBA OSORO CT202/103343/20 BSc. In Computer Technology
30 AGNES MWANGANGI AMBROSE CT202/104515/20 BSc. In Computer Technology
BSc (Information Technology)
S/NO. NAME Registration No. COURSE
1 MURUNGI ANTONY MWENDA CT203/100839/19 BSc. Information Technology
2 KALAMA JEFFA RASHID CT203/103349/20 BSc. Information Technology
3 HAKIMU THOYA KARISA CT203/103350/20 BSc. Information Technology
4 MWANGI PAUL KINGANGI CT203/103351/20 BSc. Information Technology
5 NJENGA JAMES MWANGI CT203/103352/20 BSc. Information Technology
6 KIBURU WANGUI ROSE CT203/103353/20 BSc. Information Technology
7 GATHOGO NICHOLAS GITAU CT203/103354/20 BSc. Information Technology
8 KIMOTE ALBANUS KIOKO CT203/103357/20 BSc. Information Technology
9 KARERU ROSEMARY NJOKI CT203/103358/20 BSc. Information Technology
10 CHEGE HENRY MWANGI CT203/103359/20 BSc. Information Technology
11 ONCHIRI BRIAN MOREKWA CT203/103361/20 BSc. Information Technology
12 NJIHIA MARTIN MBURU CT203/103363/20 BSc. Information Technology
13 MWOVE ELISHA MUTHENGI CT203/103366/20 BSc. Information Technology
14 KIMANI PAUL RIA CT203/103367/20 BSc. Information Technology
15 MUTHENGI CHARLES MUNYOKI CT203/103368/20 BSc. Information Technology
16 MWENDWA  MUASYA CT203/103370/20 BSc. Information Technology
17 DAVID BENSON WAMBUA CT203/103371/20 BSc. Information Technology
18 MBURU  CAROLINEWANJIRU CT203/103372/20 BSc. Information Technology
19 WAMBUA CHRISTINE MUTHEU CT203/103374/20 BSc. Information Technology
20 MUTUA FAITH NTHAMBI CT203/103375/20 BSc. Information Technology
21 MBUTHU CHRISTINE WAVINYA CT203/103376/20 BSc. Information Technology
22 JUMA  BRUCE CT203/103381/20 BSc. Information Technology
23 BIWOTT COLLINS CHESEREK CT203/103383/20 BSc. Information Technology
24 CLEMENT  KIPKORIR CT203/103384/20 BSc. Information Technology
25 COLLINS  KIPKEMBOI CT203/103386/20 BSc. Information Technology
26 WESLEY  KIPRONO CT203/103387/20 BSc. Information Technology
27 NGANGA MARTIN SAITAGA CT203/103389/20 BSc. Information Technology
28 MATHENGE JOHN IRUNGU CT203/103390/20 BSc. Information Technology
29 MAYENGA MICHEL KEMUNTO CT203/103391/20 BSc. Information Technology
30 MOGUSU KEVIN SIKWEYA CT203/103392/20 BSc. Information Technology
31 NDERU STEPHEN MOCHU CT203/103393/20 BSc. Information Technology
32 KIPLANGAT  COLLINS CT203/103394/20 BSc. Information Technology
33 TOMNO KIBOWEN EZRA CT203/103395/20 BSc. Information Technology
34 ENOCK KIPKURUI YEGON CT203/103396/20 BSc. Information Technology
35 OTIENO MICHAEL OUMA CT203/103397/20 BSc. Information Technology
36 MUNGOMA J WAFULA CT203/103399/20 BSc. Information Technology
37 GATENJWA ANNE MUGURE CT203/103403/20 BSc. Information Technology
38 TITUS KIPLAGAT MAIYO CT203/103404/20 BSc. Information Technology
39 NYANDIGA INNOCENT ODIWUOR CT203/103409/20 BSc. Information Technology
40 MOGAKA DIANA MORAA CT203/103410/20 BSc. Information Technology
41 MUTAI AMOS KIPLANGAT CT203/104950/20 BSc. Information Technology
42 WAFULA ALVIN HOLMES CT203/105041/20 BSc. Information Technology
43 WAGOCHO KAMAU JOSPHAT CT203/105102/20 BSc. Information Technology
BSc (Information Science)
S/NO. NAME Registration No. COURSE
1 MUTHUI HARON GAKUHA CT205/102941/20 BSc. Information Science
2 KAMAU TERESIAH WAMBUI CT205/102942/20 BSc. Information Science
3 MAINA IBRAHIM CHEGE CT205/102943/20 BSc. Information Science
4 NJOROGE ELIZABETH NJERI CT205/102944/20 BSc. Information Science
5 NDIRANGU KYALO GERALD CT205/102945/20 BSc. Information Science
6 THURANIRA  CLINTON CT205/102949/20 BSc. Information Science
7 MULEI BRANTON NDAMBUKI CT205/102950/20 BSc. Information Science
8 KINYUA FRED MAWIRA CT205/102951/20 BSc. Information Science
9 KEMUNTO  ALICE CT205/102952/20 BSc. Information Science
10 KIPRONO RONALD BETT CT205/102954/20 BSc. Information Science
11 KIPKURUI  HARRISON CT205/102955/20 BSc. Information Science
12 KOSGEI FAITH JEPKOGEI CT205/102956/20 BSc. Information Science
13 WANJIRU JOHN MARORO CT205/102960/20 BSc. Information Science
14 KIPRUTO KIPROTICH BRIAN CT205/102962/20 BSc. Information Science
15 WAMBUI SHANICE NYAMBURA CT205/102963/20 BSc. Information Science
16 KIMAIYO MERCY JERUIYOT CT205/102965/20 BSc. Information Science
17 SETH  ACHOKA CT205/102966/20 BSc. Information Science
18 OUMA FELIX JARED CT205/102968/20 BSc. Information Science
19 CHEROP VIGINIA KIPTUM CT205/102969/20 BSc. Information Science
20 ODHIAMBO MARLYN ACHIENG CT205/102970/20 BSc. Information Science
21 FAITH  MORAA CT205/102971/20 BSc. Information Science
22 MOKAYA KEMUNTO HINDRAH CT205/102973/20 BSc. Information Science
23 OWUOR JOSEPH OCHIENG CT205/102975/20 BSc. Information Science
24 ANYONA DOLPHINE NYABOKE CT205/102976/20 BSc. Information Science
25 OTIENO CELESTINO ONYANGO CT205/102978/20 BSc. Information Science
26 MURIUKI DERICK KARIUKI CT205/104966/20 BSc. Information Science
27 MUTHONI DENNIS THUKU CT205/105009/20 BSc. Information Science
28 AYELE FATUMA GIRO CT205/105111/20 BSc. Information Science
S/NO. NAME Registration No. COURSE
1 CHITECHI F MELVIN CT206/0039/18 BSc. In Comp Security & Forensics
2 OTIENO DIPHLEX OCHIENG CT206/101927/20 BSc. In Comp Security & Forensics
3 OUMA MICHAEL RANDIGA CT206/103314/20 BSc. In Comp Security & Forensics
4 MWAMUNGA  MWAHANJE CT206/104320/20 BSc. In Comp Security & Forensics
5 KINYUA BEATRICE WAKIURU CT206/104321/20 BSc. In Comp Security & Forensics
6 THUKU LIMOLINE WANJIRU CT206/104323/20 BSc. In Comp Security & Forensics
7 KARANJA EPHANTUS MUTURI CT206/104324/20 BSc. In Comp Security & Forensics
8 MBUGUA DENNIS MUIRURI CT206/104325/20 BSc. In Comp Security & Forensics
9 KANGETHE SAMUEL MAINA CT206/104326/20 BSc. In Comp Security & Forensics
10 MAINA RICHARD WAMBUGU CT206/104327/20 BSc. In Comp Security & Forensics
11 ANDAYE ALVIN OKIYA CT206/104329/20 BSc. In Comp Security & Forensics
12 MBEVI MAXWEL MATHEKA CT206/104331/20 BSc. In Comp Security & Forensics
13 KAMUSA JEFF MULEI CT206/104332/20 BSc. In Comp Security & Forensics
14 MUITHYA NAUMI KAVILI CT206/104333/20 BSc. In Comp Security & Forensics
15 NDUUNYO IRENE MUKUTA CT206/104334/20 BSc. In Comp Security & Forensics
16 MUSYOKA  NZENGULA CT206/104335/20 BSc. In Comp Security & Forensics
17 KASINYA JAPETH MUUSYA CT206/104336/20 BSc. In Comp Security & Forensics
18 NJIRU SHALOM MUMBI CT206/104337/20 BSc. In Comp Security & Forensics
19 PETER MUTUGI NYAGA CT206/104338/20 BSc. In Comp Security & Forensics
20 MUIA MULWA PAUL CT206/104339/20 BSc. In Comp Security & Forensics
21 NJURA GRACE OGUSINI CT206/104340/20 BSc. In Comp Security & Forensics
22 IAN TOROITICH KIBET CT206/104341/20 BSc. In Comp Security & Forensics
23 BRIAN KIPKIRUI CHERUIYOT CT206/104342/20 BSc. In Comp Security & Forensics
24 KIPNGENO  DOMINIC CT206/104343/20 BSc. In Comp Security & Forensics
25 HILLARY  CHERUIYOT CT206/104344/20 BSc. In Comp Security & Forensics
26 KIPROP K BRIAN CT206/104347/20 BSc. In Comp Security & Forensics
27 ALLAN  KIPRONO CT206/104349/20 BSc. In Comp Security & Forensics
28 KIPNGETICH  GEORGE CT206/104350/20 BSc. In Comp Security & Forensics
29 KIPTOO LABAN KEMOI CT206/104351/20 BSc. In Comp Security & Forensics
30 SHARON  JEPKOSGEI CT206/104352/20 BSc. In Comp Security & Forensics
31 KARIUKI KELVIN GICHIMU CT206/104353/20 BSc. In Comp Security & Forensics
32 NYAMBURA KELVIN WAINAINA CT206/104354/20 BSc. In Comp Security & Forensics
33 ZABLON OGENCHE JOEL CT206/104357/20 BSc. In Comp Security & Forensics
34 OMBUKWE ANGELA SHANI CT206/104358/20 BSc. In Comp Security & Forensics
35 KENNEDY MUTUGI JULIUS CT206/104693/20 BSc. In Comp Security & Forensics
36 KIPKIRUI BRIAN NGASURA CT206/104834/20 BSc. In Comp Security & Forensics
37 ANOSI LETIWA LEKWALE CT206/104930/20 BSc. In Comp Security & Forensics
38 DONALD KIMTAI KIPROTICH CT206/105061/20 BSc. In Comp Security & Forensics
39 KAMUGI AMOS MWANGI CT206/105101/20 BSc. In Comp Security & Forensics
40 MIGWI EZEKIEL MUCHERU CT206/105120/20 BSc. In Comp Security & Forensics
S/NO. NAME Registration No. COURSE
1 HELLEN WARWINU KAMAU CT207/0022/18 Bachelor Of Business Info Tech
2 ELVIS KUTHE OWILI CT207/100919/19 Bachelor Of Business Info Tech
3 OMULO ANTHONY OTIENO CT207/103215/20 Bachelor Of Business Info Tech
4 MUMBI BRITNEY WAMBUI CT207/103412/20 Bachelor Of Business Info Tech
5 MWITU BONIFACE MURIITHI CT207/103413/20 Bachelor Of Business Info Tech
6 MUNGAI MURAGURI BRIAN CT207/103414/20 Bachelor Of Business Info Tech
7 MUGAMBI YVONNE WAMUYU CT207/103415/20 Bachelor Of Business Info Tech
8 MURAGE BENSON MWANGI CT207/103416/20 Bachelor Of Business Info Tech
9 ROGERS MURIUKI MURIITHI CT207/103417/20 Bachelor Of Business Info Tech
10 WAINAINA JOSEPH MWANGI CT207/103418/20 Bachelor Of Business Info Tech
11 BIRURI ELIJAH MUTURI CT207/103419/20 Bachelor Of Business Info Tech
12 MWANGI NANCY WANGECHI CT207/103420/20 Bachelor Of Business Info Tech
13 IRUNGU ALFRED MACHARIA CT207/103422/20 Bachelor Of Business Info Tech
14 RUIGU MUTHONI TERESIA CT207/103425/20 Bachelor Of Business Info Tech
15 MBURU  ISAAC CT207/103426/20 Bachelor Of Business Info Tech
16 OYWECHA AGNES NYANGONGO CT207/103427/20 Bachelor Of Business Info Tech
17 AFANDI LEXY IDA CT207/103428/20 Bachelor Of Business Info Tech
18 MULWA JOEL NZOMBE CT207/103429/20 Bachelor Of Business Info Tech
19 DANIEL KYAMA MBYUKI CT207/103430/20 Bachelor Of Business Info Tech
20 MWENDWA HARON MAITHYA CT207/103432/20 Bachelor Of Business Info Tech
21 PATRICK GILBERT MUSEE CT207/103435/20 Bachelor Of Business Info Tech
22 IVY  LOINA CT207/103436/20 Bachelor Of Business Info Tech
23 MURITHI PIN PAUL CT207/103437/20 Bachelor Of Business Info Tech
24 WILLY VERONICAH MBULA CT207/103441/20 Bachelor Of Business Info Tech
25 KIMONGWE GEORGE KITHEKA CT207/103442/20 Bachelor Of Business Info Tech
26 NJENGA ANTHONY MUTHOKA CT207/103443/20 Bachelor Of Business Info Tech
27 KINEENE  MUTUA CT207/103444/20 Bachelor Of Business Info Tech
28 KINEENE  KYALO CT207/103445/20 Bachelor Of Business Info Tech
29 VINCENT ONDIEKI SIEBERI CT207/103446/20 Bachelor Of Business Info Tech
30 MAKINYA JULIA C CT207/103447/20 Bachelor Of Business Info Tech
31 KARANJA LILY WANJIKU CT207/103448/20 Bachelor Of Business Info Tech
32 DAPHINE LYAVULI CHUNZA CT207/103449/20 Bachelor Of Business Info Tech
33 GIDEON  KIBET CT207/103450/20 Bachelor Of Business Info Tech
34 ANDASTAS KIPLANGAT MUTAI CT207/103451/20 Bachelor Of Business Info Tech
35 KIPKOECH  COLLINS CT207/103452/20 Bachelor Of Business Info Tech
36 NJUNGE SYLVIA NJERI CT207/103455/20 Bachelor Of Business Info Tech
37 CHERUIYOT  VICTOR CT207/103457/20 Bachelor Of Business Info Tech
38 KIPROP  ABRAHAM CT207/103459/20 Bachelor Of Business Info Tech
39 MAINA JAMES WANDERI CT207/103460/20 Bachelor Of Business Info Tech
40 SIMIYU MUKHWANA LINDA CT207/103461/20 Bachelor Of Business Info Tech
41 OSIKE FINLEY MARANGA CT207/103463/20 Bachelor Of Business Info Tech
42 AWUOR ANNE P CT207/103464/20 Bachelor Of Business Info Tech
43 EMMANUEL SINGIRA MAISORI CT207/103465/20 Bachelor Of Business Info Tech
44 DENNIS  KIPROTICH CT207/104315/20 Bachelor Of Business Info Tech
45 WAWERU BANCY WANGUI CT207/104676/20 Bachelor Of Business Info Tech
46 MACHARIA JOSEPH KIBUI CT207/104814/20 Bachelor Of Business Info Tech
47 TABITHA  JEROP CT207/104816/20 Bachelor Of Business Info Tech
48 WANJIKU IAN WANJOHI CT207/105064/20 Bachelor Of Business Info Tech
Bachelor of Education Science
S/NO. NAME Registration No. COURSE
1 MICHAEL MUNYOKI CHARLES ED201/0014/17 Bachelor Of Education Science
2 IJAZA EVERLYNE LUMWACHI ED201/101747/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
3 MUNENE CHARLES KARIUKI ED201/101794/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
4 KAMALA JOSEPH ALLAMANO ED201/101838/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
5 KIBET  ENOCK ED201/101915/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
6 CLINTON OSORO NDUBI ED201/101943/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
7 WANJIKU ESTHER NYAMBURA ED201/101960/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
8 GILBERT  KIPKORIR ED201/101983/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
9 CHARLES VINCENT MUTISO ED201/102092/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
10 NYAMAI J MUNYOKI ED201/102212/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
11 KIPCHUMBA  HADSON ED201/102265/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
12 CHEPKEMOI  DOREEN ED201/102283/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
13 JEMUTAI  LAGAT ED201/102305/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
14 OMWONO AOKO DENNIS ED201/102341/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
15 HAMISI SOLOMON MBAURO ED201/102764/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
16 WAMBUI ELIJAH KINGORI ED201/102765/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
17 KAIRA SAMUEL MACHARIA ED201/102766/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
18 GATINU JESCA WANJIKU ED201/102767/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
19 MUNGAI EVALYNE RUGURU ED201/102771/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
20 MWANGI GLOLIAH NYAMBURA ED201/102772/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
21 MWANGI DENNIS MAINA ED201/102773/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
22 WANJIKU PHYLLIS NJERI ED201/102774/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
23 KIARIE MOSES NJAAGA ED201/102775/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
24 WAMBUI JAMES KIMANI ED201/102776/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
25 JULIUS KISINGU MUTINDA ED201/102778/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
26 MUEMA BONFACE MUTUA ED201/102779/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
27 KILONZO ALAN LUI ED201/102780/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
28 NJIRU MARYGORETTI WANJA ED201/102782/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
29 BRIAN  MUTEMBEI ED201/102783/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
30 KITHEKA FAITH MAKAA ED201/102784/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
31 NDARU KELLIE NJOKI ED201/102785/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
32 MBALI DENNIS MUTUKU ED201/102788/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
33 MUTUNGA MERCY MBINYA ED201/102789/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
34 KIMANTHI DIANA MWENDE ED201/102790/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
35 WAMBUA AGREY MUIA ED201/102791/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
36 SALVA MAINGI STEPHEN ED201/102792/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
37 JOY  MAKENA ED201/102794/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
38 KIRIMI BRIDGET NKIROTE ED201/102795/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
39 MUTEMBEI JACKLINE MAKENA ED201/102796/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
40 CHELANGAT  NUSRINE ED201/102801/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
41 KIPRONO  NAHASHON ED201/102802/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
42 KIPKEMBOI  EZRAH ED201/102803/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
43 MAINA DORCAS WANGOI ED201/102804/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
44 MWANGI MARK CHOMBA ED201/102806/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
45 ACHIENG PAULINE ATIENO ED201/102807/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
46 MWANGI ESTHER NDUTA ED201/102808/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
47 KIBET  VICTOR ED201/102809/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
48 NDIRANGU COLLINS WANJOHI ED201/102810/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
49 MERCY  CHEPNGENO ED201/102811/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
50 MBUGUA DAVID KIMANI ED201/102812/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
51 LAURINE  CHEPTOO ED201/102813/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
52 ABIGAEL  JEROP ED201/102814/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
53 KIBET FESTUS KOSKEY ED201/102815/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
54 TOWETT GIDEON KIPKIRUI ED201/102818/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
55 OLIVER KIPCHIRCHIR KIPLAGAT ED201/102820/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
56 WEKESA SAMUEL WABWILE ED201/102821/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
57 SIFUNA M ADRIAN ED201/102822/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
58 OSCAR EDOWANI KAITA ED201/102823/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
59 NYAMWAKA BASWETI LUCIAH ED201/102824/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
60 SHEM EMMANUEL OBWORA ED201/102828/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
61 JOB OSORO NYAEGA ED201/102829/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
62 AUTA AGARI CHARLES ED201/102830/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
63 SAMANTHA AWUOR MOI ED201/102833/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
64 KIPLANGAT VINCENT MUTAI ED201/102834/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
65 OMBABA NYANGWARA POLYCAP ED201/102836/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
66 NYAKOYO GEOFFREY MOREBU ED201/102838/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
67 MOSETI CLEOPHAS MANGERA ED201/102839/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
68 HESBON OTIENO OGUNGO ED201/102842/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
69 JAVAN OKONGO OUMA ED201/102843/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
70 MOGENI MARUBE CAVIN ED201/102844/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
71 NTHUKU  MATHINA ED201/102878/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
72 DENNIS  KIMUTAI ED201/102910/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
73 SAMUEL MAURICE MANTHI ED201/102995/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
74 WAINAINA GICHERU PATRICK ED201/103318/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
75 EMMANUEL KIPKOECH BARTORE ED201/103322/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
76 ONDIEKI VANICE KWAMBOKA ED201/103496/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
77 KIPKUNUR VICTORIA CHEPKORIR ED201/103597/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
78 WAGURA JANE WANGECHI ED201/103846/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
79 MAINA JOHN KANDO ED201/103932/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
80 KYALO BRIAN NDUVA ED201/103955/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
81 MWITHI  MAKAU ED201/103993/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
82 FELIX  KIPKOECH ED201/104147/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
83 KESIS  AMOS ED201/104392/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
84 MUTHEU DOMINIC KYALO ED201/104429/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
85 NGINA MAXMILLIAN WAMBUA ED201/104683/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
86 OCHIENG JOY BERYL ED201/104697/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
87 RUTH KWAMBOKA NYAMWAYA ED201/104758/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
88 BRIAN  OTIENO ED201/104770/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
89 CATHERINE BONARERI NYABWENGI ED201/104783/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
90 NYANGWECHI KAISER NICHOLAS ED201/104793/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
91 WELDON KIRUI CHEBUS ED201/104794/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
92 NYONGESA CHARITY NELIMA ED201/104804/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
93 KIRUJA KIBIA AMOS ED201/104812/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
94 KITHEKA MUSEE FREDRICK ED201/104856/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
95 MUTETHIA MARK SILAS ED201/104879/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
96 KIMEU MARTIN WAMBUA ED201/104881/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
97 MUNGE  MOSES ED201/104915/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
98 OMBONGI NANCY NYANCHERA ED201/104933/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
99 CHEPNGENO  IVY ED201/104951/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
100 LEVIS MURIITHI MWANGI ED201/104965/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
101 KIPCHIRCHIR  KENNETH ED201/104983/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
102 KIRIMI SHYLEEN KINANU ED201/104989/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
103 DENNIS  MOKAMBA ED201/105000/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
104 CHOICHOI CHEYECH SYLVIA ED201/105032/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
105 PHIONA KERUBO NYARIKI ED201/105043/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
106 OTIENO  HELLEN ED201/105104/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
107 KIRIIRI LINET GAKII ED201/105106/20 Bachelor Of Education Science
Bachelor of Education Arts
S/NO. NAME Registration No. COURSE
1 ROSEMARY MUTHONI WAGAKO ED203/100334/19 Bachelor of Education Arts
2 ADHIAMBO SELINE OGWENO ED203/100406/19 Bachelor of Education Arts
3 RUTH  KAMATHI ED203/101137/19 Bachelor of Education Arts
4 RAPHAEL MATHEKA MBINDYO ED203/101140/19 Bachelor of Education Arts
5 IRENE MBINYA MUTINDA ED203/101143/19 Bachelor of Education Arts
6 IVINE  CHEPKEMOI ED203/101162/19 Bachelor of Education Arts
7 NAFWA JUMA BRIAN ED203/101192/19 Bachelor of Education Arts
8 DOUGLAS  KATHURIMA ED203/101505/19 Bachelor of Education Arts
9 OCHIENG BIVON MOMANYI ED203/101763/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
10 NYACHOK WINNIE SYLVIA ED203/101767/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
11 NYAMU VIOLA KATHABU ED203/101846/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
12 NGUNJIRI JOYCE WAMBUI ED203/101891/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
13 KIPRONO RYSON KOSGEI ED203/101991/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
14 KENYAGA CLINTON MAINA ED203/102155/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
15 WAINAINA LEAH WANJIRU ED203/102188/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
16 ANNAH MIRRIAM SYOKAU ED203/102220/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
17 NGUSU  VAATI ED203/102232/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
18 ARADI FAITH NANGOYE ED203/102245/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
19 KIPNGENO  ENOS ED203/102257/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
20 KIPRONO MIKE ROP ED203/102259/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
21 SHIKUNDI CHIPWAYI HILLARY ED203/102319/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
22 ADHIAMBO  VIOLET ED203/102331/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
23 GICHERU BRENDA WANJIRU ED203/102478/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
24 MWANIA IRENE MBITHE ED203/102515/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
25 MBANDI VICTOR MBATHA ED203/102520/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
26 ABDALLA ODHA OMARA ED203/102602/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
27 MUKHWANA SHARON SELLAH ED203/102726/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
28 JUMA NAFUNA MOURINE ED203/102860/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
29 WANYOIKE SUSAN WANGUI ED203/102864/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
30 MUKULA MWENDE JACKLINE ED203/102881/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
31 MUTUA MONICAH MBETE ED203/102886/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
32 TALLAM JEPTOO PRISCA ED203/102921/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
33 KIBET SHARON JEPTOO ED203/102922/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
34 DOMO CHEPKURKAT IRINE ED203/102925/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
35 KIPLANGAT  AMOS ED203/102953/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
36 MUASYA ROSE NTHENYA ED203/102997/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
37 KELVIN MUTETHIA JAMES ED203/103011/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
38 KOBIA PETER MUREITHI ED203/103049/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
39 WARUIRU THORDASON MWANGI ED203/103050/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
40 RUTH MIOGE ASUMA ED203/103107/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
41 MUSYOKI DANIEL KIMONYI ED203/103129/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
42 GITHINJI LYDIAH WANGECHI ED203/103149/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
43 VIRGINIA WAKIURU MURIITHI ED203/103178/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
44 LANGAT KIPTOO EMMANUEL ED203/103224/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
45 KIPROP K OBADIAH ED203/103317/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
46 CHEROTICH  MERCY ED203/103494/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
47 EVANS KIPKORIR NGETICH ED203/103497/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
48 RAHAB  CHEPKIRUI ED203/103671/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
49 MANJARI MOSES THUO ED203/103797/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
50 ESAU M OBOTE ED203/103888/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
51 KALUGAH ACHIENG WINNIE ED203/103958/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
52 IAN KIMUGE KOMEN ED203/103985/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
53 MWAGAMBERE OMARI FATUMA ED203/103996/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
54 FOLLONZI DEBORA MUDZO ED203/103998/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
55 SAFARI OMAR KITHI ED203/103999/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
56 WAMBUI FLORENCE WANJIRU ED203/104000/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
57 CHEPTOO  MERCY ED203/104001/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
58 MUGOIYA AMOS NJAMA ED203/104003/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
59 WANJIRU MARYNELIUS WANGUI ED203/104004/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
60 MWANGI NAOMI WANJUGU ED203/104005/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
61 MWANGI WANJIKU FAITH ED203/104006/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
62 MACHARIA LAWRENCE GITAHI ED203/104007/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
63 MUTURA MUCHINA DAVID ED203/104010/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
64 MBUGUA SIMON KIRURI ED203/104012/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
65 MUIRU NYAMBURA ZIPORAH ED203/104013/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
66 MAINA CLAIRE MUTHONI ED203/104018/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
67 WAITHAKA EPHANTUS NJAU ED203/104019/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
68 MWANGI MICHAEL MUTHUI ED203/104020/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
69 WAMBUGU RUTH WANGARI ED203/104021/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
70 NDEGWA CASPER MUTAHI ED203/104023/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
71 ALICE W MWANGI ED203/104024/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
72 WAMBUI ANGELIN WANGUI ED203/104025/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
73 KAMAU ELIZABETH NYAGUTHII ED203/104026/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
74 WACHIRA ALICE WANGUI ED203/104029/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
75 WANJIRA DAISY KARIMI ED203/104030/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
76 GITAU MARY WANJIRU ED203/104032/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
77 NJAMBI EVERYNE WAIRIMU ED203/104034/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
78 GAKUYA PATRICK KAMAU ED203/104036/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
79 NGARI ARNOLD MURIMI ED203/104037/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
80 NYAMBURA MARY WAIRIMU ED203/104038/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
81 WAITHAKA BRENDA MILKA ED203/104039/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
82 MWANGI RACHEAL WANJIKU ED203/104040/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
83 KIIRU ZACHARY GAKURE ED203/104041/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
84 MUSYOKI FREDRICK MULE ED203/104043/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
85 MWANGI SIMON NGANGA ED203/104044/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
86 DAVID ITEGI NYAMBURA ED203/104047/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
87 NJERI PAULINE WAITHIRA ED203/104049/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
88 MUTUKU JAMES MWENDWA ED203/104050/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
89 MBAIKA CHARLES MUNYAO ED203/104052/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
90 WAMBUA ELIZABETH NDUNGWA ED203/104054/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
91 MUTINDA DIANA NDUKU ED203/104055/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
92 NYAMAI  MUTUA ED203/104056/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
93 NZUKI  MERCY ED203/104057/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
94 MUNGALA VINCENT MUSYOKA ED203/104058/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
95 JOSEPH KATUMI SALLY ED203/104059/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
96 KEA ALEX MUIMI ED203/104060/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
97 JEMIMAH  MARION ED203/104062/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
98 NGELENZI MOSES NZILU ED203/104063/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
99 MWIKALI DAISY MWENDE ED203/104064/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
100 MWANTHI ZIPPORAH MWIKALI ED203/104065/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
101 KOMU  MUTINDI ED203/104066/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
102 KARIUKI ROLYN MURUGI ED203/104068/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
103 NYAGA DOREEN WANJIRU ED203/104070/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
104 MUGENDI CONRAND KIMATHI ED203/104072/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
105 NJIRU KELVIN MURIITHI ED203/104073/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
106 NJUE WINCATE MURUGI ED203/104074/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
107 MUTHONI MAVIN MWANGI ED203/104075/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
108 NDAGARA MWIKALI SUSAN ED203/104076/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
109 MWIRARIA KELVIN KIRIINYA ED203/104079/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
110 NKUBI  LINUS ED203/104080/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
111 MUTHOMI  EDWIN ED203/104082/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
112 MUTETHIA  MISHECK ED203/104084/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
113 MURITHI  WASHINGTON ED203/104085/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
114 KURI GERADINE KATHAMBI ED203/104086/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
115 KIOKO ESTHER MUTHEU ED203/104088/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
116 WELE TRACY MUTINDI ED203/104089/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
117 BONFACE BARAKA KYALO ED203/104090/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
118 JOHN MAKUTHI MBINDYO ED203/104091/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
119 MUSYOKI CATHERINE MWELU ED203/104093/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
120 MUTINDA GEDION MATEI ED203/104094/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
121 NDOTHYA R MUTHIANI ED203/104096/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
122 EMMACULATE NTHENYA MUTIWA ED203/104097/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
123 MUTYANDIA KENNEDY KILONZO ED203/104098/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
124 GACHUMI RUTH NGENDO ED203/104099/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
125 MWAMATI PHANICE NDUNGWA ED203/104100/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
126 ESTHER  NDUKU ED203/104101/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
127 MATATA NICHOLAS MUSYOKA ED203/104104/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
128 MUTUKU PATRICIA NDUNGE ED203/104105/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
129 MATHEKA JACINTA WAUSI ED203/104106/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
130 THOMAS ANNAH MUTHEU ED203/104107/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
131 WAMBUA DORCAS MUTHEU ED203/104108/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
132 IRERI MURITHI KELVIN ED203/104109/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
133 KINYONI GLADYS KAWIRA ED203/104110/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
134 NJERU JOSEPH MURANGIRI ED203/104112/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
135 MURIUNGI KENNY MUTWIRI ED203/104115/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
136 MUNENE GITONGA MARTIN ED203/104116/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
137 NYAMU KAINYU DOREEN ED203/104117/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
138 NJERU JAMES KIRUKU ED203/104118/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
139 MUNENE GAKII LIZA ED203/104119/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
140 ITUMO S THYAKA ED203/104120/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
141 WANYONYI BARBRA FNAMUNGOMA ED203/104122/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
142 SHEILA  ALIVITSA ED203/104123/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
143 OPURU CYNTHIA MARION ED203/104124/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
144 NYONGESA VICTOR MULUNDA ED203/104125/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
145 KEZIAH  CHEROTICH ED203/104126/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
146 MATUI KIPYEGO FESTUS ED203/104127/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
147 SIRMA P HARON ED203/104128/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
148 CHEPTUNYAR KROP ISAAC ED203/104129/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
149 LOKRA PKIACH EVANS ED203/104130/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
150 PYATICH LEVIS RUTTO ED203/104132/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
151 LOMADOO RUTTO BENJAMIN ED203/104133/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
152 FRANCLINE KIPKOECH BETT ED203/104135/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
153 DEBRA  CHEPKOECH ED203/104136/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
154 FAITH  CHEPKOECH ED203/104137/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
155 TABITHA  CHEPKORIR ED203/104138/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
156 KIPRUTOH  RONY ED203/104139/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
157 DOMINIC  KIPKURUI ED203/104140/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
158 ALLAN  KIPROTICH ED203/104141/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
159 KIPRONOH YEGON DOMINIC ED203/104142/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
160 BETT KIPLANGAT EZRA ED203/104144/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
161 CHEPKOECH  JUDY ED203/104148/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
162 BENZON KIPROTICH KOSGEI ED203/104151/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
163 ELKIN KIPKIRUI YEGON ED203/104152/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
164 LYDIA  CHEPKOECH ED203/104153/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
165 ERNEST KIPNGETICH TONUI ED203/104154/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
166 NGENOH  ROBERT ED203/104155/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
167 KIRUI GIDEON KIPROTICH ED203/104156/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
168 KIPROB  ALBERT ED203/104157/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
169 KIPR0B LANGAT ISAACK ED203/104158/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
170 NOLARI  IVY ED203/104159/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
171 KIPRONO JAPHET KIRUI ED203/104160/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
172 JEPKEMEI  RUTH ED203/104161/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
173 JEPKOSGEI FAITH LIMO ED203/104163/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
174 YEGO KIPCHUMBA BRIAN ED203/104164/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
175 KIPLAGAT JEBET VIVIAN ED203/104167/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
176 KIMUTAI DORCAS JEBIWOT ED203/104168/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
177 PAMELA  JEMURGOR ED203/104169/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
178 MOSES  WAWERU ED203/104170/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
179 JEPKIRUI  BRIDGET ED203/104171/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
180 CHERONO  GLADYS ED203/104172/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
181 THUKU DENIS MUNGA ED203/104173/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
182 KARANJA NJOROGE SIMON ED203/104175/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
183 WANJIRU CHARLES WAITHAKA ED203/104176/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
184 MUNGAI SERAH MUTHONI ED203/104177/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
185 EMELDA  MWIHAKI ED203/104178/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
186 RUTTO EVANS AENGWO ED203/104179/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
187 KIPSANG  STANLEY ED203/104180/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
188 CHEROTICH  DAISY ED203/104181/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
189 MAINA WALLACE NJOROGE ED203/104182/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
190 KEMBOI JEPTOO PHOEBE ED203/104184/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
191 WAMBUI ALICE MUGURE ED203/104186/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
192 KIMANI FELISTER NJERI ED203/104187/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
193 CHEPKIRUI  SCANDY ED203/104188/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
194 MALON  KIBET ED203/104190/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
195 CHEPKEMOI  SHARON ED203/104191/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
196 MUTAI CHERONO EUDIAS ED203/104192/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
197 SOY CHEPNGETICH SHARON ED203/104194/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
198 NYAOSI NYAMBARE FELISTER ED203/104195/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
199 CHEPKEMOI  MAURINE ED203/104196/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
200 DAISY  CHEBET ED203/104197/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
201 KIPKIRUI  KEVIN ED203/104198/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
202 MERCY  CHEPTOO ED203/104199/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
203 SHARON  CHERONO ED203/104200/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
204 CHEPKURUI TOO JUDY ED203/104201/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
205 CHEPKURUI JOYCE KURENY ED203/104202/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
206 CAROLINE  WANJIKU ED203/104206/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
207 KURGAT KIPKOECH DENIS ED203/104207/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
208 HASNA FANUNA JEBET ED203/104208/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
209 CHEPTANUI  SHARON ED203/104210/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
210 KIPLAGAT  BETWEL ED203/104211/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
211 KIBET  MOSES ED203/104212/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
212 METET JOB KIPTOO ED203/104214/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
213 JERUTO  MARCY ED203/104215/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
214 MIIRI GATHONI LUCY ED203/104218/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
215 JUMBA IRENE MUMBI ED203/104219/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
216 WAMOCHA  KINSLEY ED203/104220/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
217 KENTA MERCY MWENDE ED203/104221/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
218 LUCY AKOYA MAKASU ED203/104222/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
219 CYLUS KIPKURUI KORIR ED203/104223/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
220 KIPKOECH KIRUI GIDEON ED203/104224/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
221 CHERONO NAOMY TOT ED203/104225/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
222 CHEPNGENO FAITH MUTAI ED203/104226/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
223 AMOS KIPYEGON RONO ED203/104227/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
224 MURSOI KIPKORIR ERIC ED203/104228/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
225 TITIKA ELIZABETH KAPILIL ED203/104229/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
226 KIMUTAI JERUTO CAREN ED203/104230/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
227 CHERUTICH KIMUTAI FELIX ED203/104231/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
228 KAPTUM JEPKEMEI NAOMI ED203/104232/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
229 KIBOWEN KIPCHUMBA RENSON ED203/104234/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
230 KIPKANGOR J FAITH ED203/104235/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
231 KANGOGO JERUTO FAITH ED203/104236/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
232 KIPTOO J NAOMI ED203/104239/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
233 KOECH KIPRUTO FESTUS ED203/104240/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
234 NGORIANGIRO PKEMOI BRUNO ED203/104241/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
235 KITUM JEPKOECH WINNY ED203/104242/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
236 SABWAMI VALARY BRIGHT ED203/104244/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
237 BARASA CALEB WANYAMA ED203/104246/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
238 KHWATENGE N MILTON ED203/104247/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
239 KITUI NANYAMA DAISY ED203/104250/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
240 OTSWERE MUTENYO BRIAN ED203/104251/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
241 NASHIMIYU VERONICA SIMON ED203/104253/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
242 KALEHA  VALARY ED203/104255/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
243 HODO  RAMZAN ED203/104257/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
244 OTIENO LOVINIA ADANA ED203/104259/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
245 WENDY  TRIZAH ED203/104260/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
246 ATIENO MARCILINE ODUOR ED203/104261/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
247 OMUNZI EDWIN LUVAI ED203/104262/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
248 ALIFAZI KENYANYA NYAKIRO ED203/104264/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
249 SIMION OMBOGO OKONDO ED203/104265/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
250 DEBRA  CHEPKEMOI ED203/104267/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
251 NANCY NYABOKE MICHIRA ED203/104268/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
252 OKEIGA KEMUMA SHARON ED203/104269/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
253 OBIKE SAMUEL MWANGI ED203/104271/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
254 NYANDIKA MOKOBI EUNICE ED203/104272/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
255 NDIEGE DAMARIS MONGINA ED203/104273/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
256 NYABUTI BARONGO SHEBA ED203/104274/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
257 NYABUTO MONGINA GLORIOUR ED203/104275/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
258 MOMANYI JAMES OMBATI ED203/104276/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
259 KERONCHE DISMAS CHOI ED203/104277/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
260 NKAMINEN LEMASHON ISAAC ED203/104279/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
261 OTIENO ATIENO LINET ED203/104280/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
262 ONYANGO  GEORGE ED203/104281/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
263 JOHN MARK OWUOR ED203/104282/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
264 PETER CHUMS ODOYO ED203/104285/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
265 OMONDI  RODGERS ED203/104286/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
266 WANDERA NEVIN SHADRACK ED203/104287/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
267 GRACE AWUOR ODHIAMBO ED203/104288/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
268 ANARI ESBORN MONGARE ED203/104289/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
269 MASIGA SYLIVIA MUKARA ED203/104290/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
270 BRUCE MOGAKA OCHOGO ED203/104291/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
271 BWANA MONICAH MORAA ED203/104292/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
272 ONKANGI NYANCHAMA MIRIAM ED203/104293/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
273 PETER OGERO MAKORI ED203/104294/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
274 KABURI MAKORI JOB ED203/104295/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
275 HESBON GARI NYERERE ED203/104297/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
276 GLADYS KEMUMA OBAIGWA ED203/104298/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
277 NYANDIKA SAMBAYE ERIC ED203/104299/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
278 ABUGA STEVE ONDIEKI ED203/104300/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
279 ABUYA GESARE FAITH ED203/104301/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
280 THAARA MARTIN MURIMI ED203/104302/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
281 BUNDI BENARD MOSE ED203/104303/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
282 NYAIMAGA GABRIEL MWITA ED203/104306/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
283 OGANDO APTON OKENYE ED203/104318/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
284 KIMEU DENIS MULILI ED203/104363/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
285 TITUS  MBEKI ED203/104564/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
286 EUPHRASIA  AKINYI ED203/104603/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
287 SIMIYU PETER NABIBIA ED203/104700/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
288 KIPNGETICH  RONALD ED203/104716/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
289 DENNIS KIPLANGAT MUTAI ED203/104717/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
290 MAINGE JOSEPH WAWERU ED203/104726/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
291 BOYANI  VIVIAN ED203/104738/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
292 MUIGAI ANTHONY KARANJA ED203/104773/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
293 CHEPCHUMBA  CYNTHIA ED203/104796/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
294 KOECH JOSEPH KIPCHUMBA ED203/104797/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
295 KITHINJI MELODY MUKAMI ED203/104798/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
296 MWENDE ANASTACIA CAROL ED203/104803/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
297 ATIENO ELVY ANYANGO ED203/104806/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
298 CHEPKEMOI  VALARY ED203/104809/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
299 KWEMOI LEONARD JUMA ED203/104819/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
300 OSIMBO NICHOLAS ODHIAMBO ED203/104821/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
301 ROTICH RENNY KIPNGENO ED203/104827/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
302 MUTUNGA ESTHER NTHAMBI ED203/104829/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
303 MWAJANJI KELVIN MUNDU ED203/104830/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
304 CHEROTICH  VIOLA ED203/104832/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
305 MAINA GEORGINA WANJIKU ED203/104833/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
306 GITHAE EUNICE WANJIRU ED203/104837/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
307 ABRAHAM KIMELI TOO ED203/104841/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
308 NDUNGI KENNEDY WAMBUA ED203/104844/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
309 IRINE  JELAGAT ED203/104846/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
310 STEPHEN OMONDI JUMA ED203/104849/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
311 BETHWEL WAFULA ABDU ED203/104851/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
312 VIRGINIA  WAITHERA ED203/104854/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
313 OSEKO WINFRED OMONI ED203/104860/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
314 MORAA LONAH KAUNDA ED203/104862/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
315 AMORO JOHN OSORO ED203/104864/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
316 CHEROTICH  VICKY ED203/104873/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
317 KORIR K COLINE ED203/104874/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
318 KAMALYA PURITY NDANU ED203/104888/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
319 SOPHIA  ACHIENG ED203/104890/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
320 KINYUA PHINEUS MAGARA ED203/104891/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
321 TITUS  KIPRONO ED203/104893/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
322 ROSELINE  NYANDUKO ED203/104894/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
323 OBOLLA AKINYI MOUREEN ED203/104902/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
324 ROSE  BONFACE ED203/104904/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
325 JEROP  EMMACULATE ED203/104908/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
326 MAINA NICOLAS WACHIRA ED203/104909/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
327 CHEPTOO  FIONA ED203/104911/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
328 BRIAN  KIPRONO ED203/104912/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
329 MAINA ANN MWIHAKI ED203/104913/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
330 MWASYA PENINA MUSAU ED203/104916/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
331 AMOS MBUTA KIOKO ED203/104918/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
332 NEHEMIA  KIPTOO ED203/104920/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
333 MWIRIGI  ROBERT ED203/104922/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
334 NAFULA  NAOMI ED203/104924/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
335 KINYUA GLORY GATWIRI ED203/104939/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
336 GATIRI MARTIN NJACU ED203/104942/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
337 MWIKALI STELLA KANINI ED203/104945/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
338 CLIF  OCHIENG ED203/104948/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
339 MWANGI PETER MBUTHIA ED203/104949/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
340 NJERU NATALIA WAWIRA ED203/104957/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
341 WAMBUA ALEX MUSYOKA ED203/104958/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
342 MUCHANGI SHEILA MURUGI ED203/104959/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
343 NTHEI NICHOLAS MUTUA ED203/104961/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
344 DAVIS  KIPKOECH ED203/104962/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
345 MWITI KATHURE WINSLET ED203/104964/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
346 NYANGAU M OBADIAH ED203/104968/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
347 WYCLIFF  KENGERE ED203/104973/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
348 NKIROTE  FRIDAH ED203/104974/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
349 CHESILYONG IAN NDIWA ED203/104975/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
350 GIKARA JENERICA WANJIRA ED203/104978/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
351 MWANGI WANGARI LUCY ED203/104979/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
352 NJERU JUDA MUGENDI ED203/104990/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
353 OMEGA  SCHOLACLIFF ED203/104991/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
354 MWENDE  WINFRED ED203/104993/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
355 IRUNGU JOSEPH MUCHIRUNGU ED203/104999/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
356 DENIS  KIPRONO ED203/105003/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
357 KARINGURI BRENDA KATHAMBI ED203/105004/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
358 MWANIKI DIANA NYAGUTHII ED203/105005/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
359 OTIENO VELMA ALOSI ED203/105006/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
360 PRUDENCE WANJIKU WAMAITHA ED203/105007/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
361 THIONGO LEE MURIMI ED203/105010/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
362 BENTA  ATIENO ED203/105011/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
363 MIRIAM  CHERONO ED203/105015/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
364 YEGON K CALEB ED203/105018/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
365 KIPROTICH  JONA ED203/105020/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
366 LOKORWARENG C SALOME ED203/105027/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
367 CHEROTICH  BILHA ED203/105030/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
368 MUNENE  LEWIS ED203/105031/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
369 BETT KIPNGETICH EMMANUEL ED203/105033/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
370 MBINDYO BETTY WACHEKE ED203/105040/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
371 BOSSO HASSAN ABDI ED203/105042/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
372 ZAKAYO EMILY KAIMURI ED203/105048/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
373 CLIFFORD  MWENDA ED203/105056/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
374 KIRAGU G WANJIRU ED203/105065/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
375 NJERU SIMON MACHARIA ED203/105068/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
376 MURITHI MERCY NKIROTE ED203/105079/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
377 SHEM ONSOMBI ANARI ED203/105088/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
378 KANINA JULIA MUTHONI ED203/105097/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
379 WAWERU VERONICAH MUKAMI ED203/105100/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
380 MARACHI LYNE JEPKURUI ED203/105105/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
381 CHELIMO JERUTO FLORENCE ED203/105112/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
382 BONFACE OCHIENG ADERA ED203/105122/20 Bachelor of Education Arts
Certificate In Elec Installations
S/NO. NAME Registration No. COURSE
1 FELIX MUTHANGA KIBAARA EG003/200721/19 Certificate In Elec Installations
2 GEDION  KIMATHI EG003/200868/19 Certificate In Elec Installations
3 KINOTI COLLINS MUTWIRI EG003/200874/19 Certificate In Elec Installations
Dip Mechanical Engineering
S/NO. NAME Registration No. COURSE
1 GATERE DAVID KIARIE EG102/200357/19 Dip Mechanical Eng
2 MACHARIA WILSON NJAOMBE EG102/200447/19 Dip Mechanical Eng
Dip Electrical & Electronics Engineering
S/NO. NAME Registration No. COURSE
1 MURIMI BORIS MUINDI EG103/0012/18 Dip Electrical & Electr. Eng
2 KISAMBIO D SHAMBA EG103/101626/20 Dip Electrical & Electr. Eng
3 JOHN BARAKA NAUNGA EG103/101662/20 Dip Electrical & Electr. Eng
4 KAMAU JOSEPH MERU EG103/101664/20 Dip Electrical & Electr. Eng
5 MUTHIKE CYRUS MURIITHI EG103/101666/20 Dip Electrical & Electr. Eng
6 MWANGI MERCY WANJIRU EG103/101668/20 Dip Electrical & Electr. Eng
7 GATAKA SAMUEL NGARUIYA EG103/101670/20 Dip Electrical & Electr. Eng
8 PETER SAMUEL MUSYOKA EG103/101674/20 Dip Electrical & Electr. Eng
9 MUNYOKI IMMANUEL MULAI EG103/101678/20 Dip Electrical & Electr. Eng
10 MUTHUKU VINCENT MUTUMA EG103/101680/20 Dip Electrical & Electr. Eng
11 MUASA ALFRED MALONZA EG103/101684/20 Dip Electrical & Electr. Eng
12 ALFRED  LEKAMARIO EG103/101688/20 Dip Electrical & Electr. Eng
13 KIYER MAYWA TITUS EG103/101693/20 Dip Electrical & Electr. Eng
14 HENRY KIPROP CHIRCHIR EG103/101695/20 Dip Electrical & Electr. Eng
15 JOHN MWANGI KINORU EG103/101697/20 Dip Electrical & Electr. Eng
16 MWATHI MARY WAIRIMU EG103/101703/20 Dip Electrical & Electr. Eng
17 CHOGO LEVY MUTIVA EG103/101707/20 Dip Electrical & Electr. Eng
18 SWEDI IDDRIS RASHID EG103/101711/20 Dip Electrical & Electr. Eng
19 KENNEDY OUMA EVANCE EG103/101715/20 Dip Electrical & Electr. Eng
20 BRIAN WAHOME MURIITHI EG103/101742/20 Dip Electrical & Electr. Eng
21 MWANJALA KELVIN LOMBO EG103/101964/20 Dip Electrical & Electr. Eng
22 KAMAU PHARIS KARIUKI EG103/101968/20 Dip Electrical & Electr. Eng
23 KINGORI IKINU JOEL EG103/101970/20 Dip Electrical & Electr. Eng
24 WANJIRU KELVIN MUNENE EG103/101974/20 Dip Electrical & Electr. Eng
25 NDUNGE  CYNTHIA EG103/101976/20 Dip Electrical & Electr. Eng
26 MULATYA FREDRICK MAIYU EG103/101978/20 Dip Electrical & Electr. Eng
27 EMMANUEL  KIPLANGAT EG103/101992/20 Dip Electrical & Electr. Eng
28 NICHOLAS KIPTUM KAPKIYAI EG103/101994/20 Dip Electrical & Electr. Eng
29 KAMAU NJOROGE ANTHONY EG103/102000/20 Dip Electrical & Electr. Eng
30 WANYAMA NAFULA JULIET EG103/102009/20 Dip Electrical & Electr. Eng
31 HOPE MCBEINS JUNIOR EG103/102011/20 Dip Electrical & Electr. Eng
32 NYANGARESI ONYANGO DUKE EG103/102013/20 Dip Electrical & Electr. Eng
33 TONY  OKOTH EG103/102017/20 Dip Electrical & Electr. Eng
34 OKOTH MARIAM AKINYI EG103/102019/20 Dip Electrical & Electr. Eng
35 ABDIHAKIM MOHAMED AHMED EG103/102219/20 Dip Electrical & Electr. Eng
36 GACHERU GITIRIA ROONEY EG103/104976/20 Dip Electrical & Electr. Eng
37 MUTUA JOHN KIMANTHI EG103/104980/20 Dip Electrical & Electr. Eng
38 HASSAN NZAI JUMA EG103/105012/20 Dip Electrical & Electr. Eng
39 NZILU  KIOKO EG103/105039/20 Dip Electrical & Electr. Eng
40 KARIUKI FRANCIS MUCHOKI EG103/105082/20 Dip Electrical & Electr. Eng
41 SONIAH HELLINE AKINYI EG103/105099/20 Dip Electrical & Electr. Eng
42 MARK NJUGUNA MWIRIGI EG103/200012/18 Dip Electrical & Electr. Eng
Diploma In Civil Engineering
S/NO. NAME Registration No. COURSE
1 MUNYALO BRIAN PAUL EG104/200678/19 Diploma In Civil Engineering
2 JARSO KARAYO ADAN EG104/200775/19 Diploma In Civil Engineering
3 KIPKOECH  DENIS EG104/200824/19 Diploma In Civil Engineering
Bachelor of Tec Mechanical Eng
S/NO. NAME Registration No. COURSE
1 EZEKIEL MUCHIRI KUNGU EG202/0003/18 Bachelor Of Tec Mechanical Eng
2 SAMBA KALOKI FIFI EG202/101340/19 Bachelor Of Tec Mechanical Eng
3 WASIKE MAXIUEL WEKESA EG202/101370/19 Bachelor Of Tec Mechanical Eng
4 JOSEPH NJOROGE KABUTU EG202/101519/19 Bachelor Of Tec Mechanical Eng
5 JOSEPH MARY HARUSI EG202/101621/20 Bachelor Of Tec Mechanical Eng
6 GAKUO MARGARET WANJIRU EG202/101739/20 Bachelor Of Tec Mechanical Eng
7 KIMANI ROBERT MIHINGO EG202/102194/20 Bachelor Of Tec Mechanical Eng
8 MUCHIRI PETER NDUNGU EG202/103120/20 Bachelor Of Tec Mechanical Eng
9 NYAUMA JOSHUA NYAKUNDI EG202/103145/20 Bachelor Of Tec Mechanical Eng
10 MARKDON  KIPTOO EG202/104394/20 Bachelor Of Tec Mechanical Eng
11 NGUWA RAMADHAN NZARO EG202/104455/20 Bachelor Of Tec Mechanical Eng
12 MWANGOMBE DANIEL MGHENDI EG202/104456/20 Bachelor Of Tec Mechanical Eng
13 MWANGI WILFRED NJUGUNA EG202/104457/20 Bachelor Of Tec Mechanical Eng
14 MURUNGI IAN JAY EG202/104459/20 Bachelor Of Tec Mechanical Eng
15 MUGENDI PATRICK NYAGA EG202/104460/20 Bachelor Of Tec Mechanical Eng
16 MURIITHI PATRICK MUNGAI EG202/104461/20 Bachelor Of Tec Mechanical Eng
17 MUGWE GEORGE MACHARIA EG202/104462/20 Bachelor Of Tec Mechanical Eng
18 MWANGI EPHANTUS MAINA EG202/104463/20 Bachelor Of Tec Mechanical Eng
19 BRIAN  MUGA EG202/104464/20 Bachelor Of Tec Mechanical Eng
20 MAINA CHARLSE NGUMI EG202/104465/20 Bachelor Of Tec Mechanical Eng
21 NJOROGE IAN MBURU EG202/104469/20 Bachelor Of Tec Mechanical Eng
22 IRUNGU JOHNSON NGAHU EG202/104470/20 Bachelor Of Tec Mechanical Eng
23 GITHINJI PHILIP MUTURI EG202/104471/20 Bachelor Of Tec Mechanical Eng
24 KARIUKI SIMON ELMIS EG202/104473/20 Bachelor Of Tec Mechanical Eng
25 MUGURE  MONICAH EG202/104474/20 Bachelor Of Tec Mechanical Eng
26 MUTUKU EVANS NGILA EG202/104477/20 Bachelor Of Tec Mechanical Eng
27 RUIRU ESTHER WANJIRU EG202/104478/20 Bachelor Of Tec Mechanical Eng
28 MUNYAO BERNARD VAATI EG202/104481/20 Bachelor Of Tec Mechanical Eng
29 WANZA LUCY MUTHEU EG202/104482/20 Bachelor Of Tec Mechanical Eng
30 CHRISPIN ERIC OCHIENG EG202/104484/20 Bachelor Of Tec Mechanical Eng
31 JESSE  KIPNGETICH EG202/104485/20 Bachelor Of Tec Mechanical Eng
32 LIKANYA  KELVIN EG202/104486/20 Bachelor Of Tec Mechanical Eng
33 CONCILIA  CHEROTICH EG202/104487/20 Bachelor Of Tec Mechanical Eng
34 MOGAKA  DENNIS EG202/104489/20 Bachelor Of Tec Mechanical Eng
35 IMBAI IAN KALEA EG202/104490/20 Bachelor Of Tec Mechanical Eng
36 OGWENO JOSEPH OTIENO EG202/104491/20 Bachelor Of Tec Mechanical Eng
37 BWOGA JOHN OGADA EG202/104492/20 Bachelor Of Tec Mechanical Eng
38 CHRISTORY  OKUKU EG202/104493/20 Bachelor Of Tec Mechanical Eng
39 AYAGA MESHACK MONGOINA EG202/104495/20 Bachelor Of Tec Mechanical Eng
40 ABDIBASID OSMAN HUSSEIN EG202/104496/20 Bachelor Of Tec Mechanical Eng
41 HIUHU IAN MAINA EG202/104842/20 Bachelor Of Tec Mechanical Eng
42 KIPRUTO CLIVE KIPKOECH EG202/104847/20 Bachelor Of Tec Mechanical Eng
43 KIPKORIR  WYCLIFFE EG202/104858/20 Bachelor Of Tec Mechanical Eng
44 MUNDIA DAVID NDUNGU EG202/104898/20 Bachelor Of Tec Mechanical Eng
45 MUSEMBI KIRIINYA ERIC EG202/105126/20 Bachelor Of Tec Mechanical Eng
Bachelor of Tech Civil Eng
S/NO. NAME Registration No. COURSE
1 NGALA CHOME EMMANUEL EG204/101305/19 Bachelor of Tech Civil Eng
2 KAARIA  ENOCH EG204/101309/19 Bachelor of Tech Civil Eng
3 ESTHER WANGECI MWANGI EG204/101321/19 Bachelor of Tech Civil Eng
4 PAULINE  ATIENO EG204/101335/19 Bachelor of Tech Civil Eng
5 CHEGE JOHN NDUNGU EG204/101575/19 Bachelor of Tech Civil Eng
6 MWANGI NAOMI GATHONI EG204/101598/19 Bachelor of Tech Civil Eng
7 MWANGI DAINA MUMBI EG204/101816/20 Bachelor of Tech Civil Eng
8 WAMBUGU KEVIN GACHUNJI EG204/102064/20 Bachelor of Tech Civil Eng
9 WANJIRU WARUI JAMES EG204/104414/20 Bachelor of Tech Civil Eng
10 CHRISPAL KIGWA MWANGI EG204/104415/20 Bachelor of Tech Civil Eng
11 KINGORI BURII GODFREY EG204/104416/20 Bachelor of Tech Civil Eng
12 NGENO BRIAN KIPROTICH EG204/104417/20 Bachelor of Tech Civil Eng
13 MUGUAMBA SAMUEL NJOGU EG204/104418/20 Bachelor of Tech Civil Eng
14 EDWIN WAHOME MWANGI EG204/104419/20 Bachelor of Tech Civil Eng
15 WACHIRA DANIEL NDUNGU EG204/104420/20 Bachelor of Tech Civil Eng
16 KIRAGU BEATRICE NJERI EG204/104421/20 Bachelor of Tech Civil Eng
17 GATERU G KIIRU EG204/104422/20 Bachelor of Tech Civil Eng
18 RAHAB WANGECHI KAGIRI EG204/104423/20 Bachelor of Tech Civil Eng
19 NGURE MARTIN KIHARA EG204/104424/20 Bachelor of Tech Civil Eng
20 WANGUI RUTH MUTHONI EG204/104425/20 Bachelor of Tech Civil Eng
21 CHEGE VICTOR NJUGUNA EG204/104426/20 Bachelor of Tech Civil Eng
22 ONGUSO BONFACE TUTI EG204/104427/20 Bachelor of Tech Civil Eng
23 KIOKO ENOCK MUNGUTI EG204/104428/20 Bachelor of Tech Civil Eng
24 MUTIE ALEX KIOKO EG204/104431/20 Bachelor of Tech Civil Eng
25 MUNYETI WANZA SERAH EG204/104432/20 Bachelor of Tech Civil Eng
26 NGALA FRANK WANJOHI EG204/104433/20 Bachelor of Tech Civil Eng
27 NJERU GEOVANNE MUMANTHI EG204/104434/20 Bachelor of Tech Civil Eng
28 NTHOME SHADRACK KIOKO EG204/104435/20 Bachelor of Tech Civil Eng
29 MIRITI DANIEL NDEGE EG204/104436/20 Bachelor of Tech Civil Eng
30 NGOTHO ISAAC MACHARIA EG204/104437/20 Bachelor of Tech Civil Eng
31 NJIHIA  MICHAEL EG204/104438/20 Bachelor of Tech Civil Eng
32 SHEILA  CHELANGAT EG204/104439/20 Bachelor of Tech Civil Eng
33 WANJOHI JAMES MURIITHI EG204/104440/20 Bachelor of Tech Civil Eng
34 ARUSEI KENNEDY KIPTANUI EG204/104443/20 Bachelor of Tech Civil Eng
35 MWANGI STEPHEN RUHIU EG204/104444/20 Bachelor of Tech Civil Eng
36 WAIGIRI KELVIN MUGEREKI EG204/104445/20 Bachelor of Tech Civil Eng
37 CHARLES BRIAN KIPROP EG204/104446/20 Bachelor of Tech Civil Eng
38 MURUNGA  ALLAN EG204/104447/20 Bachelor of Tech Civil Eng
39 MAGENA FRANKLIN MORANGA EG204/104449/20 Bachelor of Tech Civil Eng
40 ESBON ODHIAMBO NYAKIYA EG204/104452/20 Bachelor of Tech Civil Eng
41 NYABUTO FINLAY OSORO EG204/104454/20 Bachelor of Tech Civil Eng
42 KIBE MARTIN GICHANE EG204/104467/20 Bachelor of Tech Civil Eng
43 CHEBET  MERCY EG204/104800/20 Bachelor of Tech Civil Eng
44 KARONGO BRIAN KARANU EG204/104824/20 Bachelor of Tech Civil Eng
45 MBUGUA WILSON NGUGI EG204/104861/20 Bachelor of Tech Civil Eng
46 GITAU CHRISPUS WANYEKI EG204/104896/20 Bachelor of Tech Civil Eng
47 REAGAN OBAR ODHIAMBO EG204/104921/20 Bachelor of Tech Civil Eng
48 CHEGE PETER KIHOI EG204/104943/20 Bachelor of Tech Civil Eng
49 FLORENCE KELVIN MURIMI EG204/105028/20 Bachelor of Tech Civil Eng
50 MUTHONI ERICK KINGORI EG204/105034/20 Bachelor of Tech Civil Eng
51 GITONGA STANLEY CHARAGU EG204/105036/20 Bachelor of Tech Civil Eng
Bachelor of Tech Elect & Electronics Engineering
S/NO. NAME Registration No. COURSE
1 BEN  ACHOLA EG209/100801/19 Bachelor Of Tech Elect & Electronics
2 NDOLO MISHECK NDAMBUKI EG209/101267/19 Bachelor Of Tech Elect & Electronics
3 NASHON OTIENO OTIENO EG209/101294/19 Bachelor Of Tech Elect & Electronics
4 DOREEN VIRGINIA WANJIKU EG209/102917/20 Bachelor Of Tech Elect & Electronics
5 NYAGA IRERI LINCOLN EG209/103748/20 Bachelor Of Tech Elect & Electronics
6 WAIRIMU MARYLOUISE CHEGE EG209/104372/20 Bachelor Of Tech Elect & Electronics
7 CHIYONZO CHIGODI SAMSON EG209/104373/20 Bachelor Of Tech Elect & Electronics
8 ESTHER NAMSIFU NGUMBAO EG209/104376/20 Bachelor Of Tech Elect & Electronics
9 MURITHI JOHN MWANGI EG209/104377/20 Bachelor Of Tech Elect & Electronics
10 MWANGI GITAU GERALD EG209/104378/20 Bachelor Of Tech Elect & Electronics
11 KAMAU KELVIN KANYI EG209/104379/20 Bachelor Of Tech Elect & Electronics
12 WANJIRU VINCENT GICHUKI EG209/104380/20 Bachelor Of Tech Elect & Electronics
13 NDIRANGU DAVID MWANGI EG209/104382/20 Bachelor Of Tech Elect & Electronics
14 WANJIKU THOMAS KINYUA EG209/104383/20 Bachelor Of Tech Elect & Electronics
15 MWAURA DAVID MUNGAI EG209/104385/20 Bachelor Of Tech Elect & Electronics
16 MBOYA CELESTINE MUTHAA EG209/104386/20 Bachelor Of Tech Elect & Electronics
17 NZIOKI SAMUEL MUUO EG209/104387/20 Bachelor Of Tech Elect & Electronics
18 GARI KAI BRIAN EG209/104388/20 Bachelor Of Tech Elect & Electronics
19 WANJIRU ANN MUGURE EG209/104389/20 Bachelor Of Tech Elect & Electronics
20 COAST BERYL MBINYA EG209/104390/20 Bachelor Of Tech Elect & Electronics
21 NICODEMUS TABITHA MULEE EG209/104391/20 Bachelor Of Tech Elect & Electronics
22 KIPROTICH  PATRICK EG209/104393/20 Bachelor Of Tech Elect & Electronics
23 KOMEN EZRA CHEROGONY EG209/104395/20 Bachelor Of Tech Elect & Electronics
24 ROBIN  KIMUTAI EG209/104396/20 Bachelor Of Tech Elect & Electronics
25 CALEB MUSYOKA NGANGA EG209/104397/20 Bachelor Of Tech Elect & Electronics
26 GIDEON KIPLANGAT KIRUI EG209/104398/20 Bachelor Of Tech Elect & Electronics
27 KIPROTICH  VICTOR EG209/104399/20 Bachelor Of Tech Elect & Electronics
28 JELAGAT  DORIES EG209/104400/20 Bachelor Of Tech Elect & Electronics
29 VINCENT KIPTOO CHELAGAT EG209/104401/20 Bachelor Of Tech Elect & Electronics
30 JEBICHII  LEDISHA EG209/104402/20 Bachelor Of Tech Elect & Electronics
31 DOMINIC FRANCIS EGESSA EG209/104403/20 Bachelor Of Tech Elect & Electronics
32 TABANI W DEVIS EG209/104405/20 Bachelor Of Tech Elect & Electronics
33 WASONGA DARWIN CHARLES EG209/104406/20 Bachelor Of Tech Elect & Electronics
34 MILDRED KWAMBOKA NYABUTO EG209/104408/20 Bachelor Of Tech Elect & Electronics
35 FAUSTINE ONYANGO WATHULU EG209/104410/20 Bachelor Of Tech Elect & Electronics
36 PAULINE LUCY ADHIAMBO EG209/104411/20 Bachelor Of Tech Elect & Electronics
37 OUTA SHELDON ODHIAMBO EG209/104412/20 Bachelor Of Tech Elect & Electronics
38 NYARUNDA EMMANUEL MOMANYI EG209/104769/20 Bachelor Of Tech Elect & Electronics
39 NYAGWACHI CLINTON MORARA EG209/104785/20 Bachelor Of Tech Elect & Electronics
40 MURITHI KINOTI ALEX EG209/104878/20 Bachelor Of Tech Elect & Electronics
41 GIDEON  KIPNGETICH EG209/104923/20 Bachelor Of Tech Elect & Electronics
42 OKOTH PATIENCE JOSHUA EG209/104931/20 Bachelor Of Tech Elect & Electronics
43 BENSON  MURITHI EG209/104944/20 Bachelor Of Tech Elect & Electronics
44 CALEB  KIPKORIR EG209/104977/20 Bachelor Of Tech Elect & Electronics
45 WAIRIMU COLLINS MBURU EG209/105008/20 Bachelor Of Tech Elect & Electronics
46 HILARY KAIMENYI GIKUNDA EG209/200005/19 Bachelor Of Tech Elect & Electronics
47 SYLVESTER  KARIUKI EG209/200077/19 Bachelor Of Tech Elect & Electronics
48 MUTUMA CALEB MARANGU EG209/200443/19 Bachelor Of Tech Elect & Electronics
BSc. In Public Health
S/NO. NAME Registration No. COURSE
1 RAMAN KIMELI NANGUNYE HS201/103984/20 BSc. In Public Health
2 HATWABU YUSUF JOHN HS201/104092/20 BSc. In Public Health
3 CHRISPIN PUNGA JAWA HS201/104743/20 BSc. In Public Health
4 KIGUZA FRANCIS THOYA HS201/104744/20 BSc. In Public Health
5 MUIRURI ALEX MURIITHI HS201/104747/20 BSc. In Public Health
6 GICHUKI WANGUI W HS201/104748/20 BSc. In Public Health
7 MBUTHIA FAITH WAIRIMU HS201/104749/20 BSc. In Public Health
8 NJUGUNA PETER MUIGAI HS201/104752/20 BSc. In Public Health
9 WINFRED ONESMUS MUSYOKI HS201/104755/20 BSc. In Public Health
10 JILLO  WAKO HS201/104756/20 BSc. In Public Health
11 NDWIGA STELLA WAKIO HS201/104757/20 BSc. In Public Health
12 MUNGUTI ALICE MWELU HS201/104760/20 BSc. In Public Health
13 KITENGELE CONSOLATA NZEMBI HS201/104761/20 BSc. In Public Health
14 NTHIWA I MAKAU HS201/104762/20 BSc. In Public Health
15 MUTIRIA LOARAINE GACHERI HS201/104765/20 BSc. In Public Health
16 DENNIS  KIPROTICH HS201/104766/20 BSc. In Public Health
17 KOFA MILLICENT HALUBHA HS201/104768/20 BSc. In Public Health
18 MOKWANGA PRISCILLAH KEMUNTO HS201/104772/20 BSc. In Public Health
19 KIBET PROCHORUS ROTICH HS201/104774/20 BSc. In Public Health
20 MANYONGE  EUGENE HS201/104779/20 BSc. In Public Health
21 MULIMA SHONE SONGORO HS201/104780/20 BSc. In Public Health
22 MIRONGA SAMSON OMWENGA HS201/104784/20 BSc. In Public Health
23 ONYANGO SAMWEL ODHIAMBO HS201/104786/20 BSc. In Public Health
24 BRANDON  OCHIENG HS201/104787/20 BSc. In Public Health
25 ASHA OMONDI OTIENO HS201/104789/20 BSc. In Public Health
26 OCHIENG KEVIN OTIENO HS201/104790/20 BSc. In Public Health
27 ADINA PASCAL NYONGESA HS201/104791/20 BSc. In Public Health
28 MASIBO KIMTAI JONAH HS201/104866/20 BSc. In Public Health
29 MBOLE CHARITY MBITHE HS201/105001/20 BSc. In Public Health
30 KIPROTICH EMMANUEL KIRUI HS201/105057/20 BSc. In Public Health
31 KIPNGENO  AMOS HS201/105123/20 BSc. In Public Health
32 MAOSA DOLVIN BOSIBORI HS201/105124/20 BSc. In Public Health
Bsc in Comm Health & Dev
S/NO. NAME Registration No. COURSE
1 LUMUMBA CATHERINE AWINO HS202/103929/20 Bsc In Comm Health & Dev
2 WAITHAKA WANJAMA JOHN HS202/103930/20 Bsc In Comm Health & Dev
3 WANGOMBE BENSON MUIRU HS202/103937/20 Bsc In Comm Health & Dev
4 WAMBURA BRIAN MWANGI HS202/103940/20 Bsc In Comm Health & Dev
5 WANGOMBE ISAAC MUCHIRI HS202/103941/20 Bsc In Comm Health & Dev
6 KIMANTHI IVY SYOMBUA HS202/103947/20 Bsc In Comm Health & Dev
7 NTHIGAH RITA MURUGI HS202/103950/20 Bsc In Comm Health & Dev
8 STANLEY  MWIKA HS202/103952/20 Bsc In Comm Health & Dev
9 KOECH TIMOTHY KIPCHIRCHIR HS202/103962/20 Bsc In Comm Health & Dev
10 ELKANA KIPRONO LANGAT HS202/103963/20 Bsc In Comm Health & Dev
11 DEBORAH  CHEPKORIR HS202/103968/20 Bsc In Comm Health & Dev
12 KIPKEMOI  NICKSON HS202/103974/20 Bsc In Comm Health & Dev
13 WAITHERA GRACE WANJIKU HS202/103975/20 Bsc In Comm Health & Dev
14 KIBET GIDEON RONO HS202/103977/20 Bsc In Comm Health & Dev
15 KIPYEGON  ELIJAH HS202/103978/20 Bsc In Comm Health & Dev
16 PHILEMON  CHERUIYOT HS202/103979/20 Bsc In Comm Health & Dev
17 CHERUIYOT  JAN HS202/103980/20 Bsc In Comm Health & Dev
18 GIDEON  KIPRONO HS202/103981/20 Bsc In Comm Health & Dev
19 JERUTO  PRUDENCE HS202/103982/20 Bsc In Comm Health & Dev
20 KIPCHUMBA  KEVIN HS202/103983/20 Bsc In Comm Health & Dev
21 OWUOR HEPZIBER JOY HS202/103989/20 Bsc In Comm Health & Dev
22 MUHONJA  JESCA HS202/103990/20 Bsc In Comm Health & Dev
23 MWIRIGI PHYLLIS WANJIRU HS202/104867/20 Bsc In Comm Health & Dev
24 KOMEN KIMUTAI ERICK HS202/104998/20 Bsc In Comm Health & Dev
BSc. in Clinical Med & Comm Health
S/NO. NAME Registration No. COURSE
1 WAMBUI MAUREEN NYAGUTHII HS203/101571/19 BSc. In Clinical Med & Comm Health
2 KARIMI VICTOR KARIUKI HS203/104615/20 BSc. In Clinical Med & Comm Health
3 WAMBUCHI AMOS MURIUKI HS203/104617/20 BSc. In Clinical Med & Comm Health
4 KINYUA LORNAH NYAKIO HS203/104618/20 BSc. In Clinical Med & Comm Health
5 KIBUI ROBERT NGUGI HS203/104619/20 BSc. In Clinical Med & Comm Health
6 MWANIKI JANE WANJIKU HS203/104620/20 BSc. In Clinical Med & Comm Health
7 MUSILI KAREN MUTWA HS203/104621/20 BSc. In Clinical Med & Comm Health
8 MURULI MURENJEKHA CYNTHIA HS203/104622/20 BSc. In Clinical Med & Comm Health
9 NZOMO  MUTINDA HS203/104623/20 BSc. In Clinical Med & Comm Health
10 KIPNGENO  MAXWEL HS203/104625/20 BSc. In Clinical Med & Comm Health
11 MALON  KIPNGENOH HS203/104626/20 BSc. In Clinical Med & Comm Health
12 OBIRI DANIEL MUHUNJIA HS203/104628/20 BSc. In Clinical Med & Comm Health
13 SADIA  ROBA HS203/104629/20 BSc. In Clinical Med & Comm Health
14 FRANLY  KIPRUTO HS203/104630/20 BSc. In Clinical Med & Comm Health
15 CHEPCHIRCHIR WHITNEY KIRUI HS203/104631/20 BSc. In Clinical Med & Comm Health
16 PATRICK KIMURGOR TANUI HS203/104632/20 BSc. In Clinical Med & Comm Health
17 ESCRIVA LUKALE TENDWA HS203/104635/20 BSc. In Clinical Med & Comm Health
18 MAKALE  NEWTON HS203/104636/20 BSc. In Clinical Med & Comm Health
19 KIBET MELKISEDEK KUTERE HS203/104637/20 BSc. In Clinical Med & Comm Health
20 OTARA PENINAH NYABOKE HS203/104638/20 BSc. In Clinical Med & Comm Health
21 OTIENO SETH ODHIAMBO HS203/104639/20 BSc. In Clinical Med & Comm Health
22 KENNAN WEARD OMOGI HS203/104640/20 BSc. In Clinical Med & Comm Health
23 KITHINJI COLLINS MUNENE HS203/104799/20 BSc. In Clinical Med & Comm Health
24 NJIHIA PETER NGETHE HS203/104859/20 BSc. In Clinical Med & Comm Health
25 KIBET  PATRICK HS203/105080/20 BSc. In Clinical Med & Comm Health
26 YUSSUF MOHAMED KEINAN HS203/105083/20 BSc. In Clinical Med & Comm Health
27 ABDUBA KUBI BONAIYA HS203/105098/20 BSc. In Clinical Med & Comm Health
BSc. Health Records & Mgnt
S/NO. NAME Registration No. COURSE
1 JOSPHAT  KINOTI HS210/0042/16 BSc. Health Records & Mgnt
2 HAWO ABDIKADIR ABDULLAHI HS210/102930/20 BSc. Health Records & Mgnt
3 COQUELIN TISHO DENA HS210/104570/20 BSc. Health Records & Mgnt
4 WANYOIKE RUTH NGONYO HS210/104572/20 BSc. Health Records & Mgnt
5 KINYUA PATRICK K HS210/104574/20 BSc. Health Records & Mgnt
6 GAKUYA DENIS WACHIRA HS210/104575/20 BSc. Health Records & Mgnt
7 MURIUKI ANN MUTHONI HS210/104576/20 BSc. Health Records & Mgnt
8 MOHAMED KAME ALI HS210/104577/20 BSc. Health Records & Mgnt
9 MUKUNA EDWIN MWANGI HS210/104578/20 BSc. Health Records & Mgnt
10 KIOKO JACKLINE KASIVA HS210/104579/20 BSc. Health Records & Mgnt
11 FLORENCE NAISEKU KURAKI HS210/104581/20 BSc. Health Records & Mgnt
12 KIVUVA KELVIN MUEKE HS210/104582/20 BSc. Health Records & Mgnt
13 MUTUA VINCENT MUTHIANI HS210/104583/20 BSc. Health Records & Mgnt
14 MUTISYA JACINTA NDUKU HS210/104584/20 BSc. Health Records & Mgnt
15 MUENDO  MUSYOKI HS210/104585/20 BSc. Health Records & Mgnt
16 SITTI ALIYAH SARAH HS210/104588/20 BSc. Health Records & Mgnt
17 KOSGEI IAN KIMUTAI HS210/104590/20 BSc. Health Records & Mgnt
18 JEPKIRUI EGLINE TANUI HS210/104594/20 BSc. Health Records & Mgnt
19 MUTAI KIPKOGEI KEVIN HS210/104595/20 BSc. Health Records & Mgnt
20 LIMIN CHEPKOECH CYNTHIA HS210/104596/20 BSc. Health Records & Mgnt
21 CHESEREK JEPKEMOI NAOMY HS210/104598/20 BSc. Health Records & Mgnt
22 ONYANGO  FRANKLINE HS210/104602/20 BSc. Health Records & Mgnt
23 NYANGARESI MATINDE VERAH HS210/104604/20 BSc. Health Records & Mgnt
24 SILAS  BADE HS210/104606/20 BSc. Health Records & Mgnt
25 OGALLO JECTONE OTIENO HS210/104607/20 BSc. Health Records & Mgnt
26 ABUGA M BERTHA HS210/104610/20 BSc. Health Records & Mgnt
27 ZADOCK ODHIAMBO ONYANDO HS210/104611/20 BSc. Health Records & Mgnt
28 OMWERI  VICTOR HS210/104875/20 BSc. Health Records & Mgnt
29 KINYUA HARRIET MWENDI HS210/104887/20 BSc. Health Records & Mgnt
30 NELSON KONZOLO AMUGA HS210/105073/20 BSc. Health Records & Mgnt
Bsc. Nursing
S/NO. NAME Registration No. COURSE
1 EDWIN MOKAYA OMENTA NS201/100213/19 Bsc. Nursing
2 VERAH NYAMWALA EPPY NS201/100217/19 Bsc. Nursing
3 SUSAN NYAMBURA KIRAGU NS201/101573/19 Bsc. Nursing
4 OSEBE ANNAH ONGAU NS201/101574/19 Bsc. Nursing
5 MARY NDUKU MUSAU NS201/101577/19 Bsc. Nursing
6 SHEILA JEPKEMOI KOSGEI NS201/101592/19 Bsc. Nursing
7 FATMA MAHMUD SALIM NS201/102362/20 Bsc. Nursing
8 MWANGI PATRICK KIMANI NS201/102364/20 Bsc. Nursing
9 RUIRIE JOAN WAMBURA NS201/102366/20 Bsc. Nursing
10 WARAU ANNMOLLY WANJIRU NS201/102372/20 Bsc. Nursing
11 ELIAS  MURANGIRI NS201/102376/20 Bsc. Nursing
12 MUSYOKI AJELINAH MUMO NS201/102378/20 Bsc. Nursing
13 MUTAMA DARIUS BARASA NS201/102380/20 Bsc. Nursing
14 ROTICH CHERONO FANCY NS201/102384/20 Bsc. Nursing
15 JOYLINE  CHELANGAT NS201/102386/20 Bsc. Nursing
16 KABURUKA  RODAH NS201/102390/20 Bsc. Nursing
17 KIPKURUI  GILBERT NS201/102392/20 Bsc. Nursing
18 NDUNGU NGANGA JAMES NS201/102394/20 Bsc. Nursing
19 SHEILLA  CHEPKEMOI NS201/102396/20 Bsc. Nursing
20 EVANS KIPNGENO ROTICH NS201/102398/20 Bsc. Nursing
21 KIPRUTO KIPKORIR KELVIN NS201/102401/20 Bsc. Nursing
22 ELIUD OTIENO MULA NS201/102403/20 Bsc. Nursing
23 BUNYASI EVANS RAPHAEL NS201/102405/20 Bsc. Nursing
24 ARONI BIKANI DELLYFRED NS201/102409/20 Bsc. Nursing
25 HAPPYUT  MORAA NS201/102411/20 Bsc. Nursing
26 OGOLA PIUS MUIRU NS201/102413/20 Bsc. Nursing
27 NDAYA CALVINCE OKELLO NS201/102415/20 Bsc. Nursing
28 ATANDI MOREGE DUKE NS201/102419/20 Bsc. Nursing
29 DIANA OBONYO MACHONI NS201/102421/20 Bsc. Nursing
30 CHEPKUTO KITILIT FESTUS NS201/104775/20 Bsc. Nursing
31 DOMINIC  ISAAC NS201/104778/20 Bsc. Nursing
32 KULOVA NATHANEL BAHATI NS201/104826/20 Bsc. Nursing
33 BIWOTT SARAH JEPTOO NS201/104828/20 Bsc. Nursing
34 JEPKAZI  CELESTINE NS201/104838/20 Bsc. Nursing
35 OMARI AGREY CLINTON NS201/104839/20 Bsc. Nursing
36 ALI PATRICK KYAMIA NS201/104848/20 Bsc. Nursing
37 IMAANA GODFREY SAITOTI NS201/104877/20 Bsc. Nursing
38 ABUGA BETHRONILLA MORAA NS201/104886/20 Bsc. Nursing
39 KIMANI DAISY WAMUCII NS201/105021/20 Bsc. Nursing
40 MUGENDI GRACE WANGECI NS201/105037/20 Bsc. Nursing
41 OMOIT OMUNYIN AMOS NS201/105072/20 Bsc. Nursing
Bsc in Heath Systems Mgnt
S/NO. NAME Registration No. COURSE
1 WATHI WAMBUI DOREEN NS202/104644/20 Bsc In Heath Systems Mgnt
2 MWANGI JOSEPH WACHANGA NS202/104645/20 Bsc In Heath Systems Mgnt
3 VICTOR MUCHIRI GICHOBI NS202/104646/20 Bsc In Heath Systems Mgnt
4 KAUNDA JOHN AMWATA NS202/104647/20 Bsc In Heath Systems Mgnt
5 MUSILI MESHACK KITHEKA NS202/104649/20 Bsc In Heath Systems Mgnt
6 WEKESA DIANAH MULONGO NS202/104654/20 Bsc In Heath Systems Mgnt
7 CELESTINE CHEPKIRUI TERER NS202/104655/20 Bsc In Heath Systems Mgnt
8 CHEPKEMBOI  BRENDA NS202/104657/20 Bsc In Heath Systems Mgnt
9 TELENGECH CHEPCHUMBA CLARE NS202/104658/20 Bsc In Heath Systems Mgnt
10 MUNGAI SAMUEL KAURA NS202/104661/20 Bsc In Heath Systems Mgnt
11 WANGUI LUCY WAIRIMU NS202/104662/20 Bsc In Heath Systems Mgnt
12 MIJIDE  ENIKA NS202/104665/20 Bsc In Heath Systems Mgnt
13 CYNTHIA ILYNE ANYANGO NS202/104666/20 Bsc In Heath Systems Mgnt
14 MACHUKI MATURI CALEB NS202/104668/20 Bsc In Heath Systems Mgnt
15 MOKAYA PROCHORUS KEBABE NS202/104669/20 Bsc In Heath Systems Mgnt
Bachelor of Science in Statistics
S/NO. NAME Registration No. COURSE
1 DAVID CHERUIYOT KITIYO SC203/100714/19 Bachelor Of Science In Statistics
2 OGOLA AUSTINE COMFORT SC203/100744/19 Bachelor Of Science In Statistics
3 ESTHER NJOKI MAINA SC203/101599/19 Bachelor Of Science In Statistics
4 LENOSILALE  DANIEL SC203/101685/20 Bachelor Of Science In Statistics
5 ATHO ABUDO WARIO SC203/102580/20 Bachelor Of Science In Statistics
6 REGINA KAKUNYU WAMBUA SC203/103039/20 Bachelor Of Science In Statistics
7 GITHIAKA HANNAH NYANJIRU SC203/103042/20 Bachelor Of Science In Statistics
8 NDERITU NEWTON NDEGWA SC203/103044/20 Bachelor Of Science In Statistics
9 MAKENA D KINYA SC203/103045/20 Bachelor Of Science In Statistics
10 KAGENDO FRANCIS MUNYOROKU SC203/103046/20 Bachelor Of Science In Statistics
11 KINYUA JACKLINE NYAGUTHII SC203/103051/20 Bachelor Of Science In Statistics
12 GICHIBI NANCY GATHIRU SC203/103052/20 Bachelor Of Science In Statistics
13 KIMWELE SAMMY MWANGANGI SC203/103053/20 Bachelor Of Science In Statistics
14 NJOROGE MOSES WAIGI SC203/103054/20 Bachelor Of Science In Statistics
15 MURIGU ESTHER WANGARI SC203/103056/20 Bachelor Of Science In Statistics
16 KIHIA PETER MWATHI SC203/103057/20 Bachelor Of Science In Statistics
17 SOLOMON TABITHA NDEI SC203/103059/20 Bachelor Of Science In Statistics
18 PETER COSMAS MUNYWOKI SC203/103062/20 Bachelor Of Science In Statistics
19 MUASYA  JMUTHEU SC203/103063/20 Bachelor Of Science In Statistics
20 GIDEON GRIFFIN MUEMA SC203/103064/20 Bachelor Of Science In Statistics
21 MUTHUI AGNES KASYOKA SC203/103065/20 Bachelor Of Science In Statistics
22 RUTH ZIPPORAH MWENDE SC203/103066/20 Bachelor Of Science In Statistics
23 JOSEPH PENINAH KASYOKA SC203/103067/20 Bachelor Of Science In Statistics
24 NZANGI  MUNYIVA SC203/103068/20 Bachelor Of Science In Statistics
25 MBUVI RAPHAEL MUTHOKA SC203/103069/20 Bachelor Of Science In Statistics
26 MBITHI MERCY MUMO SC203/103070/20 Bachelor Of Science In Statistics
27 EMILY  KATHAMBI SC203/103071/20 Bachelor Of Science In Statistics
28 KYASYO F VAATI SC203/103072/20 Bachelor Of Science In Statistics
29 NZIOKI LUCKY MAMBO SC203/103073/20 Bachelor Of Science In Statistics
30 MUTIE JOSEPH MWANGANGI SC203/103074/20 Bachelor Of Science In Statistics
31 MUTUA PAUL MUSAU SC203/103075/20 Bachelor Of Science In Statistics
32 MUTHUI E MUENI SC203/103076/20 Bachelor Of Science In Statistics
33 MUSYIMI NICHOLUS MUSYOKA SC203/103077/20 Bachelor Of Science In Statistics
34 NDUNGE FIDELIS MUTUNGA SC203/103078/20 Bachelor Of Science In Statistics
35 MOREEN M MUTEMBEI SC203/103079/20 Bachelor Of Science In Statistics
36 KINYUA M MARTIN SC203/103080/20 Bachelor Of Science In Statistics
37 DELVIN  CHEPKOECH SC203/103082/20 Bachelor Of Science In Statistics
38 MWANGI GLADYS MUTHONI SC203/103083/20 Bachelor Of Science In Statistics
39 BETT KIPTOO CASTON SC203/103084/20 Bachelor Of Science In Statistics
40 KIPKOECH KEMBOI BRIAN SC203/103085/20 Bachelor Of Science In Statistics
41 NGUGI SULEIMAN KIMANI SC203/103087/20 Bachelor Of Science In Statistics
42 WANJOHI ANTHONY MAINA SC203/103088/20 Bachelor Of Science In Statistics
43 THIGA STEPHEN GAKURU SC203/103090/20 Bachelor Of Science In Statistics
44 PATRICK  MAINA SC203/103091/20 Bachelor Of Science In Statistics
45 KIPKORIR  ESCOPHER SC203/103093/20 Bachelor Of Science In Statistics
46 VICTOR  KIPCHIRCHIR SC203/103094/20 Bachelor Of Science In Statistics
47 ISAAC KIPLANGAT CHEPKWONY SC203/103095/20 Bachelor Of Science In Statistics
48 SAMMY  MUHIA SC203/103096/20 Bachelor Of Science In Statistics
49 BEN  MBOGUA SC203/103097/20 Bachelor Of Science In Statistics
50 DOMINIC KIMUTAI KOECH SC203/103098/20 Bachelor Of Science In Statistics
51 KURGAT MAXWEL KIPKIRUI SC203/103099/20 Bachelor Of Science In Statistics
52 DANDOLA WEKESA JUMA SC203/103102/20 Bachelor Of Science In Statistics
53 LOMADA CHEPOWON NANCY SC203/103103/20 Bachelor Of Science In Statistics
54 OMONDI BRANICE AWINO SC203/103104/20 Bachelor Of Science In Statistics
55 ONGONGA GRACE AWUOR SC203/103106/20 Bachelor Of Science In Statistics
56 OHURU JAMES NYAKWAYE SC203/103108/20 Bachelor Of Science In Statistics
57 HOSEA NYANGAU OSORO SC203/103109/20 Bachelor Of Science In Statistics
58 JOEL NYANGERI NYAMARI SC203/103110/20 Bachelor Of Science In Statistics
59 OCHIENG IAN LEAKY SC203/103111/20 Bachelor Of Science In Statistics
60 ODONGO LEAKEY OMONDI SC203/103112/20 Bachelor Of Science In Statistics
61 OLALA OLIVER OMONDI SC203/103114/20 Bachelor Of Science In Statistics
62 MOSES ALI OCHIENG SC203/103115/20 Bachelor Of Science In Statistics
63 ONEGE CHARLES CHIENG SC203/103116/20 Bachelor Of Science In Statistics
64 CLEOPHAS OMBATI FRANK SC203/103117/20 Bachelor Of Science In Statistics
65 OYUGA SAMWEL ODHIAMBO SC203/103118/20 Bachelor Of Science In Statistics
66 GUMATO WARIO TUYE SC203/103213/20 Bachelor Of Science In Statistics
67 WANGARI SUSAN MUMBI SC203/104509/20 Bachelor Of Science In Statistics
68 RUMADI SEDRICK OPILI SC203/104543/20 Bachelor Of Science In Statistics
69 KOGI ANN WAMBUI SC203/104853/20 Bachelor Of Science In Statistics
BSc. In Actuarial Science
S/NO. NAME Registration No. COURSE
1 G WAIRIMU GITHENDU SC204/0004/18 BSc. In Actuarial Science
2 JANET MWENDE KILONZO SC204/100026/19 BSc. In Actuarial Science
3 ABEDNEGO MWENDWA MWONGELA SC204/100038/19 BSc. In Actuarial Science
4 CAROLINE WAMBUI WANGECHI SC204/100055/19 BSc. In Actuarial Science
5 NJERU  PHINEAS SC204/101567/19 BSc. In Actuarial Science
6 KAMAU DENNIS MUIGAI SC204/101627/20 BSc. In Actuarial Science
7 NDIRITU JOHNPETER MWANGI SC204/101628/20 BSc. In Actuarial Science
8 GITHINJI DENNIS MUGO SC204/101632/20 BSc. In Actuarial Science
9 NJOROGE ISAAC KUNGU SC204/101638/20 BSc. In Actuarial Science
10 GICHURU ALPHAX MACHARIA SC204/101640/20 BSc. In Actuarial Science
11 NDOLO JOSEPH MUTISYA SC204/101642/20 BSc. In Actuarial Science
12 NGANGA STALLON NGUGI SC204/101646/20 BSc. In Actuarial Science
13 WAMBUI PETER NDUNGU SC204/101650/20 BSc. In Actuarial Science
14 MUIRURI CHARLES NDERI SC204/101652/20 BSc. In Actuarial Science
15 WAMBUA VIRGINIA MUTHEU SC204/101656/20 BSc. In Actuarial Science
16 MIKINYO PAUL MUOKA SC204/101658/20 BSc. In Actuarial Science
17 MUTUA DANIEL MUTUNGA SC204/101663/20 BSc. In Actuarial Science
18 KYALO DAVID NGUSYA SC204/101667/20 BSc. In Actuarial Science
19 MUINDE JOSEPH MBULI SC204/101673/20 BSc. In Actuarial Science
20 NDIGA JACK MURIMI SC204/101675/20 BSc. In Actuarial Science
21 KISILU FAITH MWONGELI SC204/101681/20 BSc. In Actuarial Science
22 OWEN KORIR GEOFREY SC204/101690/20 BSc. In Actuarial Science
23 DAN KIRIRU AMUGUNE SC204/101692/20 BSc. In Actuarial Science
24 DOREEN CHELANGAT KIRUI SC204/101694/20 BSc. In Actuarial Science
25 KIPKIRUI FESTUS WEIWEI SC204/101696/20 BSc. In Actuarial Science
26 NGETICH  KIMUTAI SC204/101698/20 BSc. In Actuarial Science
27 KANDIE CHEPKURUI ABIGAEL SC204/101700/20 BSc. In Actuarial Science
28 JEPCHIRCHIR  ELLEN SC204/101706/20 BSc. In Actuarial Science
29 KIPCHUMBA  CALTON SC204/101708/20 BSc. In Actuarial Science
30 NYAYIEMI KWAMBOKA FELISTUS SC204/101714/20 BSc. In Actuarial Science
31 OKABULO CHARLES BUTTA SC204/101718/20 BSc. In Actuarial Science
32 NYATORO ELIZABETH WAMBUI SC204/101721/20 BSc. In Actuarial Science
33 MERCY WANJIKU MWAURA SC204/101722/20 BSc. In Actuarial Science
34 CHERUIYOT  TITUS SC204/101724/20 BSc. In Actuarial Science
35 CHEROTICH  MERCY SC204/101729/20 BSc. In Actuarial Science
36 KIPROTICH FRANKLINE TONUI SC204/101731/20 BSc. In Actuarial Science
37 KIMUTAI GIDEON KIRUI SC204/101733/20 BSc. In Actuarial Science
38 NGENO KIPYEGON KEVIN SC204/101735/20 BSc. In Actuarial Science
39 WAFULA SITUMA EUSTACE SC204/101745/20 BSc. In Actuarial Science
40 NDIEGE DAVID ONKOBA SC204/101749/20 BSc. In Actuarial Science
41 ONGAYO  FLONICA SC204/101753/20 BSc. In Actuarial Science
42 MUGENYA  ISAAC SC204/101755/20 BSc. In Actuarial Science
43 NGOLI  JAMES SC204/101757/20 BSc. In Actuarial Science
44 MANGERA IMMACULATE KWAMBOKA SC204/101761/20 BSc. In Actuarial Science
45 NYAGAKA NCHORE DUNCAN SC204/101765/20 BSc. In Actuarial Science
46 OIRERE OGECHI TOBIAS SC204/101771/20 BSc. In Actuarial Science
47 KEVIN OTIENO SISO SC204/101773/20 BSc. In Actuarial Science
48 KEVIN OCHIENG AROGO SC204/101775/20 BSc. In Actuarial Science
49 JUMA BENARD ODHIAMBO SC204/101779/20 BSc. In Actuarial Science
50 MOMANYI ESTHER BANCHIRI SC204/101783/20 BSc. In Actuarial Science
51 KABINGA CLEOPHAS MONGARE SC204/101785/20 BSc. In Actuarial Science
52 SAWE JUDITH JERUTO SC204/102853/20 BSc. In Actuarial Science
53 IRUNGU SHARLENE KABURA SC204/103236/20 BSc. In Actuarial Science
54 PERIS  NYAMBURA SC204/103726/20 BSc. In Actuarial Science
55 OMONDI DERRICK OBUYA SC204/104934/20 BSc. In Actuarial Science
56 MAITEI J KIBELEKENYA SC204/105090/20 BSc. In Actuarial Science
BSc. in Maths & Comp Science
S/NO. NAME Registration No. COURSE
1 ROY  KIPLANGAT SC205/0028/17 BSc. In Maths & Comp Science
2 P. SUMARIA KANYOKIRI SC205/101063/19 BSc. In Maths & Comp Science
3 KIPKIRUI BETT AMOS SC205/101070/19 BSc. In Maths & Comp Science
4 GEORGE  OKONGO SC205/101094/19 BSc. In Maths & Comp Science
5 KARIUKI DORCAS WANGUI SC205/101630/20 BSc. In Maths & Comp Science
6 NJOROGE DANIEL WAIYA SC205/101710/20 BSc. In Maths & Comp Science
7 SONGOL KIPRUTO WILFRED SC205/101743/20 BSc. In Maths & Comp Science
8 WACHIRA JANE JECINTA SC205/101798/20 BSc. In Maths & Comp Science
9 KIMATHI DOMINIC MWANZIA SC205/101804/20 BSc. In Maths & Comp Science
10 KIMEMIA SERAH WAMBUI SC205/101814/20 BSc. In Maths & Comp Science
11 MAINGI KENNEDY MWANGI SC205/101958/20 BSc. In Maths & Comp Science
12 AGISO PETRONILA NDINYA SC205/102235/20 BSc. In Maths & Comp Science
13 MOGIRE GLADYS GESARE SC205/102307/20 BSc. In Maths & Comp Science
14 KIPTOO  ENOCK SC205/103326/20 BSc. In Maths & Comp Science
15 MAINA K KINYUA SC205/103606/20 BSc. In Maths & Comp Science
16 MAINA NICHOLAS NJOGU SC205/103613/20 BSc. In Maths & Comp Science
17 MAINA DAVID KARANJA SC205/103624/20 BSc. In Maths & Comp Science
18 THAIRU JONAH MBIGA SC205/103625/20 BSc. In Maths & Comp Science
19 WANGARI HIRAM KARANJA SC205/103626/20 BSc. In Maths & Comp Science
20 CHEGE PAUL MAINGI SC205/103627/20 BSc. In Maths & Comp Science
21 NYAMBURA MOURINE NJERI SC205/103628/20 BSc. In Maths & Comp Science
22 WAMBAKI TIMOTHY GAKURU SC205/103642/20 BSc. In Maths & Comp Science
23 NTINYARI  BETTY SC205/103644/20 BSc. In Maths & Comp Science
24 GICHOVI ALEX MUTWIRI SC205/103645/20 BSc. In Maths & Comp Science
25 MAINA BRIAN MUTHEE SC205/103646/20 BSc. In Maths & Comp Science
26 FRANKLIEN M KINYUA SC205/103648/20 BSc. In Maths & Comp Science
27 MULI JAPHETH MUSAA SC205/103649/20 BSc. In Maths & Comp Science
28 KIENDE  GLORY SC205/103651/20 BSc. In Maths & Comp Science
29 LEE  MURIUKI SC205/103652/20 BSc. In Maths & Comp Science
30 MACHARIA EZEKIEL MBUGUA SC205/103662/20 BSc. In Maths & Comp Science
31 OMARI  ALBERT SC205/103665/20 BSc. In Maths & Comp Science
32 KIGOTHO STEPHEN KIARIE SC205/103667/20 BSc. In Maths & Comp Science
33 KIPKOECH  ENOCK SC205/103670/20 BSc. In Maths & Comp Science
34 FAITH  TIOPO SC205/103676/20 BSc. In Maths & Comp Science
35 MORARA KEMUMA MELISA SC205/103681/20 BSc. In Maths & Comp Science
36 SHALLOM AQUILLA TENDWA SC205/103682/20 BSc. In Maths & Comp Science
37 LUKAO JEAVONS JOHN SC205/103683/20 BSc. In Maths & Comp Science
38 WEKULO MUKHANA YUSUF SC205/103684/20 BSc. In Maths & Comp Science
39 MUSEBE SILVANUS ONJALO SC205/103685/20 BSc. In Maths & Comp Science
40 OSEKO OYARO PETER SC205/103689/20 BSc. In Maths & Comp Science
41 EVANS MORANGA NYABUTO SC205/103692/20 BSc. In Maths & Comp Science
42 CYNTHIA JEPTOO KIBOROR SC205/103695/20 BSc. In Maths & Comp Science
43 NGESO RAPHAEL NYANGA SC205/103697/20 BSc. In Maths & Comp Science
44 KELVIN KIPKURUI SEREM SC205/103872/20 BSc. In Maths & Comp Science
45 OTIENO PHELIX OCHIENG SC205/103896/20 BSc. In Maths & Comp Science
46 OMONDI WILFRED OMWAGA SC205/103902/20 BSc. In Maths & Comp Science
47 GLENN MARK MAKHANDIA SC205/103957/20 BSc. In Maths & Comp Science
48 WAMBUGU WANJIKU SARAH SC205/104499/20 BSc. In Maths & Comp Science
49 AIKO MAETA TOM SC205/104558/20 BSc. In Maths & Comp Science
50 MERENGO CLEOPHAS MWITA SC205/104671/20 BSc. In Maths & Comp Science
51 WARUINGI KELVIN KIMOTHO SC205/104675/20 BSc. In Maths & Comp Science
52 NYAGA BRIAN MUTHAMI SC205/104690/20 BSc. In Maths & Comp Science
53 WAWERU IMMANUEL MURIMI SC205/104808/20 BSc. In Maths & Comp Science
54 KAMITI MARGARET WANGARI SC205/104825/20 BSc. In Maths & Comp Science
55 MOMANYI SHARON OTWORI SC205/104831/20 BSc. In Maths & Comp Science
56 OGEGA NYABUTO CRAIG SC205/104850/20 BSc. In Maths & Comp Science
57 KIPRONO ANDREW RONNY SC205/104941/20 BSc. In Maths & Comp Science
58 ODHIAMBO LOVIAN ATIENO SC205/105092/20 BSc. In Maths & Comp Science
Bachelor Of Science
S/NO. NAME Registration No. COURSE
1 GITONGA ANN MUTHONI SC206/102172/20 Bachelor Of Science
2 PASSEQUELINE MUMBI WANGARI SC206/102174/20 Bachelor Of Science
3 DENNIS WACHIRA MICERE SC206/102176/20 Bachelor Of Science
4 KARANJA DANIEL NDUNGU SC206/102178/20 Bachelor Of Science
5 KAMAU WYCLIFF MURIUKI SC206/102180/20 Bachelor Of Science
6 NGANGA SIMON MWAURA SC206/102186/20 Bachelor Of Science
7 MWAI JOSEPH WAWERU SC206/102198/20 Bachelor Of Science
8 NDAMBUKI  KIVINDYO SC206/102204/20 Bachelor Of Science
9 NZIOKI SHANDRACK MUNGUTI SC206/102206/20 Bachelor Of Science
10 MULWA GRACE MUENI SC206/102214/20 Bachelor Of Science
11 KYALO SHANDRACK MUTEMI SC206/102216/20 Bachelor Of Science
12 CHAMAAT ANTONY NDIEMA SC206/102230/20 Bachelor Of Science
13 TANUI KIPRONO ISAAC SC206/102261/20 Bachelor Of Science
14 NGUGI SIMON GACATHI SC206/102271/20 Bachelor Of Science
15 KIPTOO  ASARIA SC206/102279/20 Bachelor Of Science
16 DANIEL  KIPNGETICH SC206/102287/20 Bachelor Of Science
17 BARSEMOI KEMBOI VINCENT SC206/102297/20 Bachelor Of Science
18 KIPKOECH JEPTOO ANASTACIA SC206/102303/20 Bachelor Of Science
19 CLINTON  MURYASI SC206/102309/20 Bachelor Of Science
20 MUHINDI NAMASAKA MOSES SC206/102311/20 Bachelor Of Science
21 WANGILA  DENNIS SC206/102315/20 Bachelor Of Science
22 NYANGWESO  NICKSON SC206/102317/20 Bachelor Of Science
23 OGINGA KEVIN ONYANGO SC206/102323/20 Bachelor Of Science
24 MUGHA KEVIN ODHIAMBO SC206/102325/20 Bachelor Of Science
25 PAULINE AWINO AGALO SC206/102329/20 Bachelor Of Science
26 ZAMALEK  ONYANGO SC206/102343/20 Bachelor Of Science
27 OKOTH DERICK ODERO SC206/102345/20 Bachelor Of Science
28 EMMANUEL WEKESA MANDILA SC206/103345/20 Bachelor Of Science
29 KIPLIMO  SHELDON SC206/104346/20 Bachelor Of Science

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Additional Smart Cards Ready for Collection

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