Step1: Login to your student’s Portal

Login to your students Portal

Step 2:  Navigate to View bundles info on the student portal


Step 3: If a student has already been bundled, bundling information (Date of bundling, Phone Number bundled and bundling comments) should be displayed on the screen. If no information is displayed, click on the “Query Status” button. This should redirect you to another page showing the status as at the time of querying. Pay attention to the comment at the far left end of the bundling report.



  1. Student Not Registered to Current Semester or Student Units not
    1. Semester Registration – To confirm if you have been registered for the current semester, Navigate to the Units registration page on your student portal. You should be able to see all your registration information on the page including the stage and the respective semester. If a registration line for the current semester does not exist, contact admissions office for assistance via
    2. Unit Registration – Ensure you register for units as per the unit registration guide available on the students portal (Help Section)
  2. Bundling Attempt:
    1. Bundling Attempt on Date Specified. Results: Operation successfully. – Bundling was successful on the date listed
    2. Bundling Attempt on Date Specified. Results: Subscriber XXXXXXXX does not exist. – The provided mobile number has not been registered or the mobile number is
    3. Bundling Attempt on Date Specified. Results: Authentication failure. – It means that the line is not registered or it has a wrong
  3. ***SCHEDULED*** – Means that the student has qualified at they are scheduled to be bundled and have/are yet to be submitted to the service provider. Numbers are forwarded every Mondays and
  4. Student has not paid the minimum fees of XXXX for Government Sponsored Students/ Self Sponsored Students. – Means that the student has not paid the minimum required fee amount for
  5. Physical learning for PROG STAGE ongoing : For the specified programme and stage, Physical learning is ongoing as per the 15TH PRESIDENTIAL ADDRESS
  6. Invalid Phone Number Length XX Value XXXXXXXXX. – The provided phone number is invalid. Please log in to your portal and update your phone number accordingly

Link on Student Portal: