Curriculum Review Workshop to Embed Competence Based Teaching in Teacher Education

MUST Holds Curriculum Review Workshop to Embed Competence-Based Teaching in Teacher Education

In a proactive stride toward educational innovation, Meru University of Science and Technology (MUST) on 18th and 19th January 2024 conducted a dynamic curriculum review workshop aimed at aligning the Teacher Education curriculum with the contemporary paradigm of Competence-Based Education (CBE).

In response to the evolving landscape of education and requirements by the Commission for University Education (CUE), MUST recognized the need to revamp the University’s Teacher Education curriculum. The curriculum review workshop emerged as a strategic initiative to infuse the latest pedagogical advancements into teacher training, ensuring graduates are well-prepared for the demands of modern CBC classrooms. The workshop drew participants from various Schools in the University with the focus on realigning courses to CBC requirements. There was an emphasis on revisiting and refining learning outcomes to reflect a competency-driven approach. Participants collaboratively came up with curricula that encompass a broader spectrum of skills, knowledge and attitudes aligned with the philosophy of Competence-Based Education.

A highlight of the workshop was the integration of real-world applications into Course outlines. Participants engaged in discussions and practical exercises to weave authentic, hands-on experiences into the fabric of the curriculum. This shift towards practical application aims to equip future educators with the tools to bridge theory and real-world challenges seamlessly.

The workshop delved into re-evaluating assessment strategies, placing a premium on formative assessments. This brings in a novel approach to teaching where assessment is not only of learning, but also as learning as well as for learning; ensuring ongoing feedback for students thus fostering a culture of continuous improvement and adaptive learning.

The curriculum review workshop marks a transformative milestone for our University. By embedding Competence-Based Education principles, MUST is proactively shaping a new generation of educators capable of navigating the complexities of modern classrooms with dexterity and insight. This commitment underscores MUST’s dedication to providing a cutting-edge education that prepares teachers to excel in an ever-changing educational landscape, both locally and internationally.

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