Irene Wambui - Student Testimonial

MUST Student Testimonial – Irene Wambui. (B.Sc. Information Technology – 3rd Yr)

“It has been almost a month now since our University released a notice guided by a directive by the Government of Kenya for us to head home due to the global pandemic (COVID-19) outbreak.  I have been spending most of my time at home and it has been fairly okay.  Well, I may not be entirely okay with the fact that I can no longer walk around like I used to, attend events and interact with my friends as I would wish.

However, this period has not been completely unhealthy. I made up my mind to set apart some hours to work on my programming and graphic design skills. I choose to focus on taking up activities I enjoy such as music and article writing.

This is a tough period. I had planned to do so much simply because the luxury of time is in plenty. However, I have realized that it is challenging to be fully productive all through the day. This pandemic is not only affecting our daily activities but also our mental health. I keep worrying about what might happen and how long this outbreak is going to last. This deprives me of the peace to engage in my daily activities as I normally would. When I feel anxious or confused, I turn to healthy activities that make me calm down. Music is a huge part of my calming process. Be cautious of your mental health

I am appreciative of the fact that we have our lecturers keeping us updated on our syllabus so that we do not lag behind as far as our academics are concerned. I believe all will be well and long for the day when we will be back to our normal lives.

Please stay safe and let us keep playing our part in ending this global pandemic.

Here is a reason you should join the MUST Family:

Meru University of Science and Technology is dedicated to research. We have several ground breaking research projects presenting output that is relevant to the society, especially in meeting Kenya’s Big 4 Agenda.

Some examples are: the research on effective management of human faecal waste in a manner that promotes the agenda of good health. We also have the sensor based irrigation system as well as innovations in smart farming technology that lead to achievement of the agenda on food sustainability. On Manufacturing, students are trained in Computer Assembly, Software installation, Backend programming, Printed Circuit Board Programming, fabrication and programing of FABL, flip mouse devices and Camera Mouse for use in the collaborating Institutions for persons with disability. These are just but a few examples of our research output, there are many more that are on-going.  We also continue to allocate funds for supporting internal researchers. MUST has won funds for research both locally and internationally. We are also well aware of the push towards the Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) and have put in place measures to have our faculty work towards creating the courses tailored for the same.

Welcome to the MUST family: an institution that is committed to making the world a better place through Quality Education, Research, Innovations and Technology.