Orientation of first year students and the first semester of the 2020/2021 academic year will be conducted online. Before commencement of the online learning, students will be trained on the use of the University Learning Management System, access of online library services, online registration of units and use of the student’s portal.

The University will provide admitted students with internet bundles to facilitate them access the online services. The bundles will only be used to browse sites allowed by the University.

In this regard, students are required to;

  1. Download the admission letter and fee structure for the respective course from the University website.
  2. Pay full fee for the 1st Semester to any of the University accounts given in the admission letter. The registration number and name of the student should be indicated on the deposit slip. Once the fee is paid, the bank will immediately send a notification to the University. The student will be admitted online and become a bonafide student of the University. A student portal and a corporate email address will be created for the student. Through the portal, the student can update the telephone contacts, access the off-campus library services, apply for course transfer and access the Learning Management System for online learning among other services.
  3. Acquire appropriate digital devices for scheduled online activities.

Find schedule of activities on the link below:

Schedule of Acvtivities