Notice to students taking the University common Units

Beginning this semester of Sept-Dec 2019, the university has started implementing Open Distance and eLearning (ODeL). Consequently, all common units are on offer via e-learning mode, to which end we have successfully rolled out a Learning Management System to manage your academia for the concerned units. This is a brief guide to help you get started on the MUST eCampus. In case you have any challenge, reach out for help from the ICT and OdeL departments. You can also submit a support ticket through the OdeL Helpdesk ( for quick detailed assistance online.

Accessing the Must eCampus

Using an Internet enable computing device (Desktop, laptop, tablet or a smartphone) open via a web-browser (e.g. Firefox, chrome or m.s.explorer). You can also download and configure the moodle mobile app from the Android play store. (use, as the “site address”)

Logging Into the MUST eCampus for the first time

First time Login Credentials.

Generate and provide your correct login credentials as follows:

  • user-name: a lowercase “ERP friendly” version of your student registration number, e.g. if your Reg Number is SC100/12000/19, your username is sc1001200019)
  • Password: The initial password is your full Registration Number e.g. for the above Number the default password is SC100/12000/19, Note: you are required to create and save a strong password upon the first login)

The eCampus Security policy requires that you change your password to a very strong one immediately after the first login.

After you successfully login and change your password, you should now be able to see your courses on offer displayed on the Dashboard, to view activity in any of your units simply click on the box labeled with your course.

You shall be required to download and install a “document reader” app e.g WPS Office so that you can view reading material posted in the LMS through your mobile device.


If you had already activated your account via “”, you will still use the login credentials you as you created, however, you have to update the site address of the eCampus  in the Moodle App to “”.

Updating the Moodle App


Press the “options” button

Select “change site” and delete the old site address

In the “site address” text box, enter the new address:, then click connect.


Login and continue enjoying the MUST eCampus from your phone.