Welcome MUST Class of 2026

Join us in welcoming the MUST Class of 2026.

The MUST family held a matriculation ceremony for 1st Year Students to engage with management, faculty and staff. The ceremony, led by MUST Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Romanus Odhiambo was held at the Graduation Square. The venue speaks to the mission of the event; to effectively prepare and encourage first year students to maintain the diligence required in order to assemble at the same venue to receive their academic achievement.

Academic Staff During Matriculation of 2022

The matriculation ceremony is held after a week-long orientation process guiding the students in order to ensure seamless transition into MUST. This event presents an opportunity for all first-year students to engage with management, faculty, staff and fellow students.

Prayers during matriculation

Fr. Dr. Elias Kinoti challenged our students to start off the journey by owning their space, believing in themselves and by respecting each other. Fr. Kinoti’s teaching informed students on the significance of flexibility as a student. He informed all students on the importance of respecting leadership, self and each other’s rights.

First Year Students During Matriculation

“The greatest accomplishments in life are derived away from your comfort zone. You have to push yourself beyond what is simply required of you. Put more effort into your existence as a University student. Each and every student here has a talent or skill. Serve the world and empower yourself by investing in it. We have a variety of nationally and internationally decorated clubs, societies and sporting activities, they lead the charts in their respective categories. Tap into your talents and create healthy and lasting friendships while at it. This will require personal initiative.” MUST Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Romanus Odhiambo.

Prof fGichuki During Matriculation

” Your first allegiance should be to your creator. Purpose to present your best gifts and enjoy your journey through University. Manage your freedom; you are now part of a community. Live in peace. Your relationship with the community is solely up to you. We expect you to be responsible and great ambassadors of MUST.” Deputy Vice-Chancellor, (Administration, Finance and Planning) Prof. Chairy Gichuki shared with the students.

Student Leaders During Matriculation

The Students Association of Meru University (SAMU) Leadership, led by the Chairman, Mr. Oguk Hannington Oluoch encouraged the first year students to prioritize their academics and take up space within sports and student-led societies. Mr. Oguk asked the students to always remember the student leadership exists to serve them.

students sitted during matriculation

MUST is committed to nurturing competitive, innovative and professional graduates, equipped with the knowledge and skills to enhance positive change in the global market. The university achieves this by offering quality education, training and research. MUST invests greatly on dedicated faculty, ultra-modern equipment, global research and advanced technology, with a purpose to edify our students into goal-oriented and self-reliant graduates.

Prof Thuranira during matriculation

The Ag. Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Simon Thuranira urged the first year students to adhere to the rules and regulations of the University and implored them to remain steadfast in their pursuit for academic excellence.

Prof Romanus Odhiambo During Matriculation

The Vice-Chancellor assured The MUST Class of 2026 of the University’s commitment to providing holistic development. “MUST has created the most enriching environment possible for you. We can only choose to live in unity and peace. There is no other option available at Meru University. We are a home of love. This can only be maintained by honoring each other. You will meet people from all walks of life. That is who Meru University is; a home for all. Our diversity is our beauty. I call upon each and every student to ensure that your thoughts, words and actions honor each other’s cultural diversity.” Prof. Romanus Odhiambo.

Jeniffer Muthoni During Matriculation Davis Caleb During Matriculation

The first year students represented by Ms. Jennifer Muthoni (School of Business and Economics) and Mr. Davis Caleb (School of Health Science) thanked the University management for the warm welcome. They promised to work hard and uphold the University as the Centre of Excellence.

2022 Matriculation

To the MUST Class of 2026, Welcome to the family. Let us work together to achieve your academic and life goals. We believe in you.


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