Meru University of Science and Technology (MUST) has won a research grant from National Research Fund (NRF) entitled: Development of value-added camel milk products to enhance food security in arid and semi-arid areas of Northern Kenya. The research project has postgraduate training component that will support postgraduate research (6 PhD and 6 MSc) expenses excluding tuition fees.

Objectives of the project:

  1. To evaluate the effect of different camel feeds/fodder on alteration of milk yield, quality, nutritional composition and medicinal properties in Isiolo and Marsabit County, Kenya
  2. To develop various processed camel milk products including but not limited to pasteurized fresh milk products, fermented camel milk products, milk powder after and priors to fodder optimization.
  3. To mine bioactives from the camel milk obtained from camels fed on different fodders.
  4. To Develop various cosmetic products from camel milk byproducts from conventionally produced milk and after fodder/feed alteration and optimization.
  5. To evaluate value chain and socio-economic impact of altering camel feeding systems and development of value-added camel milk in Isiolo and Marsabit County, Kenya.


In relation to this, applications are invited from candidates pursuing postgraduate studies in the areas listed below which are aligned to the objectives listed above.

  1. Animal Nutrition (1 PhD, 1 MSc)
  2. Food Science (2 PhD, 2 MSc)
  3. Chemistry (2 PhD, 2 MSc)
  4. Entrepreneurship (1 PhD, 1 MSc)


a) For PhD applicants:

    • Must have a Master degree in related field from a recognized University
    • Must be a registered student for PhD in the advertised fields in collaborating universities namely; MUST, JKUAT or Tharaka University College/Chuka University.
    • Must have completed course work and embarking on research work.

b) For Masters applicants:

  • Must have a Bachelors degree (Upper Second class honors).
  • Must be a registered student for MSc in the advertised fields in collaborating universities namely; MUST, JKUAT or Chuka University.
  • Must have completed course work.


Interested candidates should send their application to:

Email: The subject of the email should be NRF Ph.D/MSc STUDENTSHIP. In the application, the applicants should include a cover letter, admission letter and CV including the names and contacts of three referees.


For more information, you can contact the following researchers:

Dr. Joshua Arimi (PI); MUST- Tel. 0717473736; Email:

Prof. Levi Musalia (Co-PI); TUC- Tel. 0722273792; Email:

Dr. Julius Maina (Co-PI); JKUAT; Tel. 0734919775; Email:


Application deadline is 16th August 2020.