Certificate in Patient Centred Care for Health Professionals

Patient Centred Care for Healthcare Professionals is a 10-week course that aims to enhance the cultural self-understanding and intercultural competencies of learners to function effectively and efficiently in diverse Healthcare settings. Upon completion of the programme, successful learners will be able to effectively communicate with patients and peers in diverse healthcare contexts. The programme places emphasis on cultural fluency in healthcare paradigms and intercultural interactions, enabling learners to apply various culturally acceptable theories to achieve greater cultural competencies and avoid misunderstandings with clients and patients from diverse backgrounds. The course is delivered through a combination of online and face-to-face classes. The online delivery format allows learners to appreciate and acquire knowledge, competencies and skill at their own pace and convenience, while the face-to-face delivery provides them with hands-on learning opportunities to practice the key competencies in their area of training as they develop better communication skills.

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