Change of Course

Change of Course User Manual

Deadline for course transfer has been extended to 18th September,2020.

  1. Navigate to the student portal via
  2. Login to your student portal using your registration number and your password (Your national ID number/birth certificate number is the default password)

NOTE: Only duly admitted students have access to the student portal.

Change of Course

3. Once logged in, navigate to the academic requisitions section on the left hand side menu

registered units

4. Select New requisition from the requisitions page

Academic Requisition List

5. Select “Course change” as the requisition type and duly fill the form provided. Make sure you capture all your details correctly then submit.

Academic Request Form

Once you submit, the application will be subjected to an approval process. You can track your applications from the academic requisitions list page.

Academic Requisitions

Possible Errors that may be encountered

The above error means that no cut-off points have been set. You can write to indicating the programme you are trying to transfer into for setup of the cutoff points.

The above error means that you have already applied for the course transfer. Kindly check the already applied course transfer under the academic requisitions page for more information.

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