– Third years 2017 intake
– Second years 2018 intake
– Post-graduate, Diploma & Certificate students (All Intakes)

In reference to the Memo dated October 12th, 2020 Ref: MU/1/03/03/vol. 7(182) you are notified that end of semester examinations starts on Monday 26th, October – Friday 6th November, 2020. Only registered students who have cleared fees are eligible to sit for the examinations.

In the past. some students have been waiting until a day before the start of the exam to pay fees. Students are required to clear fee balances on or before Thursday 22nd October,2020. A list of students eligible to sit for examinations will be uploaded on the University website on the same day.

Any students with fee enquiries to immediately sort it out with the Student Finance before commencement of the examinations.
Please note that NO STUDENT will be allowed to sit for examinations without clearing fee.
Thank you.

From: Registrar. ASA