Message to First Year Students

From: Ag. Registrar, ASA To:    All First Year Students Congratulations for being admitted at Meru University of Science and Technology.  This is to inform you that lectures start on Monday, 9th November, 2020. The timetable can be viewed here. However, you are...

Reporting for All First Year Students

This is to remind you that the reporting dates for first year 2020 intake is 5th November, 2020. No student will be admitted without clearing fee for the first semester of the Academic year 2020/2021.  You are also reminded to bring with you the following admission...

Students Letters Oct 2020

The students whose names appear below should pick their letters from the office of the Dean of their Schools.   S/N Name of Student Department Type of Appeal 1. BS207/0050/18 Business management Deregistration 2. BC555-0538/12 Accounting Deregistration 3....

Clearance of Fees

To: – Third years 2017 intake – Second years 2018 intake – Post-graduate, Diploma & Certificate students (All Intakes) In reference to the Memo dated October 12th, 2020 Ref: MU/1/03/03/vol. 7(182) you are notified that end of semester...

Hostel Allocation List

1 SC208/101905/20 Male MKC
2 SC208/101913/20 Male MKC
3 SC208/101931/20 Male MKC
4 SC208/101937/20 Male MKC
5 SC209/103128/20 Male MKC
6 SC209/103133/20 Male MKC