THE 2020/2021 SAMU TEAM Join us in congratulating the 2020/2021 newly elected Student Association of Meru University (SAMU) leadership. The team led by the Chairperson, Amos Rugut (School of Nursing) and Vice-Chair, Maurine Wambui (School of Pure and Applied Sciences) was

The students whose names appear below should pick their letters from the office of the Dean of their Schools.   S/N Name of Student Department Type of Appeal 1. BS207/0050/18 Business management Deregistration 2. BC555-0538/12 Accounting Deregistration 3. BS104/6219/17 Business Management Deregistration 4. HS201/2011/14 Public Health Deregistration 5. CT202/0013/16 Information Technology Deregistration 6. AG206/0022/14 Agriculture External Repeat 7. AG210/0020/17 Agriculture Deregistration 8. AG202/0033/16 Agriculture Deregistration 9. AG209/0001/15 Agriculture Deregistration 10. AG208/0021/15 Animal health Deregistration 11. CT202/0019/17 Information Technology Deregistration 12. SC206/0126/14 Biological Deregistration 13. BS101/1241/16 Accounting Discontinuation 14. BS104/0016/18 Business management Suspension 15. EG209/0021/14Rp2 Electrical and Electronics Discontinuation 16. AG206/0029/17 Food science Suspension 17. BS207/0034/15 Business Management Deregistration 18. AG210/0012/17 Food Science Deregistration 19. SC203/0048/18 Mathematics Deregistration 20. CT202/0013/18 Information  Technology Deregistration 21. CT201/0047/15 Computer Science Deregistration 22. CT201/0040/16 Computer Science Deregistration

To: - Third years 2017 intake - Second years 2018 intake - Post-graduate, Diploma & Certificate students (All Intakes) In reference to the Memo dated October 12th, 2020 Ref: MU/1/03/03/vol. 7(182) you are notified that end of semester examinations starts on Monday 26th, October

The caption details the following information: Name of the hostel Location Contact Type of rooms available Charges Available Amenities Listed below are the private hostel residences: A. HOSTELS AVAILABLE FOR STUDENTS AT THE MAIN CAMPUS Marimba house   Marimba House Location Approx. distance to the