How to Study Effectively


Studying at University is undoubtedly a unique experience in comparison to the academic journey that led you here. This phase of your academic and personal path requires you to assume more responsibility.

We offer you quality education through theoretical, practical and blended learning. As promised, we believe and support your dream to achieve academic excellence. As a member of the MUST family, you are constantly reminded to embody determination in order to fulfill the dream. Studying effectively is without a doubt what you need to do.

Here are 6 tips you MUST follow to study effectively:

I.  Take Good Notes

Signing the class attendance list is not enough. You need to put in more effort while attending lectures. Take a second and think of the moment when a lecturer announces a date for a Continuous Assessment Test (CAT) or examination. What is the first thing that comes to mind?

‘Do I have all the notes?’

Notes serve as a navigation tool as you chart a path to adequately prepare for examinations. It’s the simplest things in life that are the most extraordinary ~ Paulo Coelho.

Your handwriting, sitting posture and attitude define the quality of notes you end up drafting. Note taking will improve your listening habits and understanding of the topics. This applies for virtual lessons as well.

Be the person people go to for clarification on notes.


II.  Personal Study

Do you have a weekly schedule and study plan? Time allocated for personal study should be a fundamental aspect of your daily routine. Set out a few hours each day to go through what you studied or what tomorrow’s lecture will touch on.

Personal study offers guidance into the parts you may not have a clear understanding on. This will in turn, aid in structuring the topics you should lay more focus on.

Unlike the lectures, you get to decide what time to conduct this activity. Identify whether you are a night owl or early bird. This basically means understanding your optimum time for studying.

Personal study will help you develop strong study skills.


III.  Do not study for exams

Yes, you read that right.

Do not wait for examination periods to finally pick up the books. Studies have proven that cramming causes extreme stress to the brain. This leads to fatigue, anxiety and confusion.

You can cultivate unwavering confidence to sit examinations by constantly studying and revising through the semester. For instance, revising past papers will help in overcoming examination anxiety. You do not have to feel anxious when the invigilator places the exam on your desk. Start off by creating a well-structured study timetable.

Studying through the semester will improve your understanding of the content therefore boosting your confidence and knowledge.

If you face challenges studying continuously, here is an assignment; research on the 21 Day Habit Theory by Maxwell Maltz and give it a shot. Remember to comment below on your experience.


IV.  Take a breather

Effective studying can only take place if we think clearly. Our brain’s performance is dependent on the energy we have. The body is re-energized when we rest. It is therefore vital for you to strike a balance between studying and downtime.

Healthy sleep patterns protect our immune system and help in avoiding illnesses, fatigue, mood swings and memory loss.

If you study at Meru University of Science and Technology there is a tranquil environment fit for a refreshing walk. It is perfectly okay and in fact healthy to take study breaks. Allowing your brain to rest will boost your productivity levels. Play that new album, call your best friend or grab a healthy snack. This leads to the next point.


V.  Watch what you eat

Eating healthy meals has been linked to higher cognitive performance and grades. You should eat foods that are rich in protein, healthy fats and fiber. Vegetables and fruits should be incorporated in your diet to improve brain function.

Avoid foods with high-sugar and high-salt concentration which lead to increased blood pressure. This can lead to lifestyle diseases such as diabetes.

A healthy diet will nourish your brain and protect it from the waste created when the body uses oxygen. Meru University of Science and Technology is a research hub. Since you are a member of the MUST family, we welcome you to research on “oxidative stress”.

Unhealthy eating habits lead to loss of sleep and mental illnesses. Healthy meals lead to high mental alertness. Eat right.

Comment below if you would like a guide to healthy diet for students. (Healthy snack options).


VI.  Exercise

We understand that you have to juggle through lectures, assignments, personal study and your social life. That is no mean feat. However, it is essential for you to establish a healthy lifestyle.

How many hours in a day do you spend sitting, what posture do you maintain and how much physical activity is involved in your daily routine? These are some of the questions you should always have at the back of your mind as you study. Tech-neck and fatigue must be avoided. Regular exercise helps in production of endorphins which are chemicals that reduce your perception of pain and trigger a positive feeling in the body.

Meru University of Science and Technology; the home of sports champions, does offer a variety of sports activities for effective student development. You may as well sign up for any of the numerous clubs and societies. Due to the on-going global pandemic, we have to stop the spread therefore these options may not be viable at the moment. However, there are plenty of online home work-out videos from certified sports professionals and organizations available.

Exercise improves your physical health. You MUST exercise.

Ultimately, in order for a student to attain success in University, you MUST have goals. Take time to access why you are in University and what you would like to achieve from this journey. This will help you realize your purpose and inform the decisions you make. Always remember that every choice has its consequence. The choices you make will lead you closer to or further away from your goals.

All the best as you master the 6 tips on how to study effectively.

Remember to #StaySafe

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