Kenya peace ambassadors visit aina children home

Let there be Peace in Kenya and Let It Begin with Me! This is the slogan adopted by members of the Kenya Peace Ambassadors who visited Aina Children Home – Meru County, in an event dubbed ‘Chapati Forum’ on Sunday, 18th November 2018.

The team under Kenya Ambassadors Integration Organization (PAMBIO) comprised of students from Meru University of Science and Technology (MUST) Chapter, The Nutrition Club (MUST) and Chuka University Chapter. This noble cause aimed at supporting and interacting with the vulnerable in society.

From a distance, laughter and the sound of children playing was evident while approaching the beautiful center that is home to over one hundred and thirty (130) children. The kitchen is where most of the peace ambassadors had set up camp. Indeed, the forum did live up to its name; Chapati…

The members of Kenya Peace Ambassadors cooked, cleaned, played with the children, conducted health check-ups and sat with the eager children on matters LIFE.

Here’s a look into the day’s events:

Meru University visits AINA This is not just any gate; it’s the entrance to a second chance in life.

Meru University visits AINA

The pre-production stage began; A journey of 1000 miles begins with one step

Meru University Visits AINA

Every journey has its challenges

All work and no play…

All work and no play…

Peace Ambassadors of Kenya – Patron (MUST) Mr. Amos Chege attempts a free throw. Do you think he scored?

As the day came to an end, it was time to rally the troop and discuss a few key issues

While they were at it, why not help clean the home?