MUST Innovators Go Global

The MUST family has researchers and innovators pushing the boundaries in a variety of fields. Our Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center serves as a home for the upcoming and established innovators as they show astounding ingenuity in solving global challenges.

Hope Tech Plus is an assistive technology company focused on solving the mobility challenge for visually impaired people globally. This innovation led by Mr. Brian Mwenda, has in the past year, been incubated and supported to commercialize their innovation by Meru University of Science and Technology (MUST). The Kenya National Innovation Agency, awarded them a commercialization grant.

Hope Tech Plus and MUST alongside several partners are collaborating to, through technology such as Injection Moulding, 3D printing and laser cutting, set up a production line for re-usable N-95 masks for hospitals and other industrial applications.

Hope Tech Plus believes in the power of technology to bring positive change to society. They have been using 3D printing technology for various applications, among them creating learning materials for students with visual impairment. They have partnered with MUST to support the adoption of 3d printing technology which will support innovation through prototyping and production of various materials such as learning models for medical students.

The MUST Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre now has a fabrication space at the with three printers and a vacuum forming machine. This will accelerate the innovation process of products coming from the centre.

Hope Tech Plus during the courtesy visit, donated the following items:

  1. Creality ender 3D printers (3)
  2. Mayku Formbox Vacuum former
  3. Von Vacuum Cleaner
  4. 35Kgs PLA and Relflex Assorted 3D printing filament

The MUST Family thanks Hope Tech Plus for investing in innovation: The Future.

Speaking during the courtesy visit, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Administration, Finance and Planning), Prof. Charity Gichuki congratulated Hope Tech Plus for causing lasting and positive change through innovation and technology. Prof. Gichuki assured the team of our University’s commitment to support innovators in attaining global excellence.

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic and Student Affairs), Prof. Simon Thuranira applauded Hope Tech Plus for donating the ultra-modern equipment, terming it as a great honor to fellow innovators and the MUST Chancellor who gifted the University the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center.

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