A Week of Academic Exchange and Cultural Experiences: A Level Up in Inter-University Exchange

In a display of global engagement and academic synergy, Meru University of Science and Technology (MUST) recently hosted five postgraduate students from Utsunomiya University (UU), Japan as part of an enriching Utsunomiya University-Africa (UU-A) Inter-exchange project titled; Programme for Developing Human Resource to Contribute to SDGs by Merging African Potential and Japanese Scientific Technology.” Over the course of one captivating week, these international scholars engaged on a fulfilling venture that seamlessly combined academic pursuits with unforgettable cultural experiences.


The week began with a formal courtesy call to the Vice Chancellor’s office, where the visiting students were warmly welcomed and introduced to the University’s leadership. This meeting set the tone for a week filled with meaningful engagements and collaborative efforts. Thereafter, the visiting students met with their host supervisors Prof. Joshua Arimi, Dr. Alfred Mariga, Dr. George Mugambi, Mr. Benson Mutuma, Dr. Eric Mworia and Dr. Cynthia Mugo, establishing the framework for a week of academic mentorship through fieldwork and laboratory activities.

Academic Exchange and Cultural Experiences

Professor Charity Gichuki [Representing the Vice Chancellor-MUST], to her right Mio Kudo (UU), Islam MD Rashedul (UU), Issei Keino (UU), Emmah Mwende (MSc. Student MUST), to the left Keiji Yoshida (UU), Dr. Cynthia Mugo [Lecturer and Technical Coordinator UU-A-MUST], back row from right, Dr. George Mugambi [Senior Lecturer MUST], Kennedy Angila [MSc. Student MUST], Dr. Alfred Mariga [Senior Lecturer MUST], Dr. Dorothy Kagendo [Lecturer MUST], and Prof. Joshua Arimi [MUST] in front of the Administration Block 1.

A comprehensive tour of the university’s facilities provided the visiting students with a holistic view of the university’s academic landscape.

Central to the week’s activities was a dynamic session where the visiting students had the chance to disseminate their research results to fellow students and faculty members.

Academic Exchange and Cultural Experience

As the week came to a close, the visiting students were whisked away to the tranquil enclave of Kisimani Eco Resort and Spa, where they savored in local cuisine, including the renowned nyama choma, and went on nature walks that showed the region’s stunning surroundings. They engaged in a variety of enjoyable activities such as nature trails and zip lining surrounded by laughter, creating lasting memories that crossed cultural barriers.

In the spirit of global collaboration and cultural exchange, the inter-exchange project ended on a high note, leaving an indelible impression on everyone who took part. As the visiting students said their goodbyes to their hosts and returned home, they took with them not just fresh knowledge and academic insights, but also fond memories of a week filled with learning and cultural immersion.

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