Community Service

Since inception, the presence of the University has transformed the local economy, with land around the University appreciating daily.

Nchiru Market, which had a few shops in 2009, when the University opened its doors, is now growing at a fast rate with high storey buildings and residential estates mushrooming in the neighborhood to provide accommodation for University Students.

The University conducts regular communal clean up exercises around Nchiru and other Market Centres such as Kianjai and Miathene.

Environmental conservation has become a major concern of the University and already factored as an indicator in the performance contract. The University has been planting thousands of trees each year and continues to address poverty, soil erosion and deforestation challenges facing the community.

Due to poor rainfall patterns and lack of Permanent River, water supply has been the greatest challenge on campus, which has since been addressed by piping water from the forest and erecting a Mega Water Reservoir on Campus.

Already, work is in progress to complete a sewerage system with a capacity to service the University and the neighborhood.

The community has also benefited from regular extension services and clinics organized by the University in conjunction with student and stakeholders.

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