MUST Prayer Day Service

MUST Management, Faculty, Staff and Students assembled at the Graduation Gardens hosted by the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Romanus Odhiambo and led by Fr. Dr. Elias Kinoti for the annual Prayer Day Service.

Meru University Prayers Day

The inter-faith service brings together all MUST family members with a common goal to honor every religion and start off the semester with a unified vision.

Students during prayers day

“One of the most beautiful characteristics of Meru University of Science and Technology is the diversity we have as a family. This sets the stage for the inter-faith prayer day we have today. We are blessed to live in a country that offers us freedom of worship. Honoring our diversity in religious beliefs speaks to the core principals of human kind; Equality. I am grateful to lead an institution founded on Unity. The last two years have been full of unprecedented moments. We had to adapt and keep pushing.  There were tough moments but working in unison turned those challenging moments into life lessons….

Prof Romanus Odhiambo during prayers day

To our students, I would like to thank you very much for the maturity you exude. You have had to readjust due to the global pandemic and change, as good as it may be can be challenging. I commend you for embracing blended learning and more so for not giving up; that can never be an option in life. I urge you to never forget your dreams. They are attainable. You are here for a season. This period sets the pace of your future. We talk about quality of life; you have the chance to shape what your life may look like in the future. Give it your all. Above all, lead with grace, kindness, professionalism and respect.” MUST Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Romanus Odhiambo.

The Catholic Action, Christian Union, Seventh Day Adventist and SAMU leadership led the family in praise and worship.

Choir presentation during prayers day

Fr. Dr. Elias Kinoti emphasized on the importance of peace and unity while delivering a sermon from the 1st Samuel 16: 1-13, Pslams 23: 1-6, Ephesians 5:8-14 and John 9:1-41.

Father leads prayers during prayers day

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Administration, Finance & Planning), Prof. Charity Gichuki encouraged congregants to learn the importance and practice of covering oneself in prayer, stating that it is the best way to live a meaningful life.

Prof Charity Gichuki during prayers day

Speaking at the prayer day, the SAMU Chairperson, Mr. Hannington Oguk shared the student leadership’s resolve to always have the student’s best interests at heart while serving them. He also stated the current leadership does enjoy working together with management in maintaining an effective environment to learn and grow.

Student leaders during prayers day

The Meru University community through intercessory prayer, took time to pray for students, staff, families and the Great Nation of Kenya.

University staff during prayers day

Welcome to a united family with a vision to provide Quality Education and Holistic Development.

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