MUST Road Safety Facts and Tips

Did you know that deaths from road transport exceed those from HIV, Tuberculosis or Malaria?? Sadly, injuries and pollution from vehicles contribute to six of the top 10 causes of death globally according to a World Bank report of 2014.


In Kenya, road crashes result to loss of over 3000 lives every year and they are the highest contributors to disability. These are our colleagues, parents, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters. These are teachers, students, doctors, businessmen, engineers, lecturers, religious leaders and other individuals in whom a lot of resources were invested by the government and family members. The above is just a conservative figure since many more people die as a result of road accident complications long after the actual accidents. Many more people are maimed and become dependent on others for their daily life activities as a result of these accidents.

Inset: Road Safety Mainstreaming Committee sensitize bodaboda operators on road safety.

The MUST family has a role to play in order to reduce the road carnage. Within the MUST campus grounds and out on the public roads our actions can go a long way in preventing accidents and road incidents. These actions are simple and have been proven to make roads safer. As the Road Safety Mainstreaming Committee, we invite all the members of the MUST community to be proactive in matters road safety. Simple actions such as speaking out against rogue drivers, motorcyclists and pedestrians will go a long way in making our roads safer. We encourage courtesy, patience and observation of the traffic code by all MUST community members. Every traffic crash is an individual as well as community loss, so let us all be our brothers’ keepers in road safety.

For any concerns regarding road safety, Please write to us Email:

Coming soon!!! MUST Workplace Road Safety Policy

Inset: RSMC members capture a moment at a workshop in Embu County.

Inset: RSMC members capture a moment at a workshop in Embu County.


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