This is to inform you that University Examinations will be administered from Thursday 15th  October to Thursday 29th October 2020 as per the Time Table. All students will be required to observe Covid-19 protocols according to MOH guidelines. In this regard, hand washing facilities have been provided at the entrance of each Examination room.  In addition, the seating area has been marked as per guidelines. Temperature checks for students will be done at the  University entrance as per requirements.

This is therefore to request each student to;

  1. Wash hands as per requirement before accessing the Examination Room.
  2. Identify her/himself using the University Student Card or National Identity No Examination Cards will be issued, instead, pre-printed list will be used to show students who have paid fees.
  3. Only students whose names appear in the fees cleared list  (provided)   will be allowed to sit examinations.
  4. That student will sign on the pre-printed  Examination Attendance Register provided as evidence of Examination   Attendance.

Note:  In addition to  Covid-19  protocols.  you are requested to observe all other  Examination processes and any anomalies will be reported to the Registrar (ASA) for action.


Prof.  Simon Thuranira. Ph.D

Ag. Deputy Vice-Chancellor  (ASA)